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A well-thought-out resume is always the first step towards your first job, your dream job or the next level of your career is. In today’s digital world, an optimised LinkedIn profile helps too.

If you want a LinkedIn bio, cover letter and resume that will get you noticed by the right people in the competitive job market, our team of Sydney Resume Copywriters can take care of all your resume and bio writing needs.

As your Resume Copywriting partner, our goal is to progress you along your career trajectory with a resume and LinkedIn bio that truly reflects your skills and accomplishments.

Can we ask you a few questions?

Are you not sure what or how to write your cover letter?

Do you not really enjoy writing your resume?

Are you not earning results from your online LinkedIn bio?

Is it hard to find the time to write your cover letter?

At Melotti Media, we solve all 4 of these for you.

We make it super simple too.

Think of us as your local resume copywriters virtually next door.  
Let’s set the scene here – read on.

Have you seen
the dream job, but aren't confident about your resume or LinkedIn profile?

Do you hate writing about yourself?

To engage potential employers, you need quality Resume and Cover Letter Copywriting Sydney that makes a good impression, shows them your best qualities and ultimately gets you hired.  

Don’t forget your LinkedIn profile too! A well-written LinkedIn bio can also attract new opportunities and get you noticed. 

However, writing LinkedIn bios, resumes and cover letters is easier said than done.

You’re time poor and spread thin, and writing about yourself may seem daunting. So, focus on what really matters, while we take care of all of your Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn bio Writing needs. 

For more information or to speak to a quality copywriter to get the results you deserve, contact me now. We can sharpen your profile to achieve your goals today! 

What Chris Says

“Applying for a job? Trying to make a good impression on recruiters?

Your LinkedIn profile, cover letter and resume are all what get you noticed by the right people in the job market. So, it’s important to ensure they’re well-written and reflect your best qualities!

We can give you a hand here by helping you write your LinkedIn bio, resume and cover letters easily.”

Resume and LinkedIn Bio Writing Sydney

With thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles to sort through, employers usually just glance at every applicant.

By knowing what to include and what to highlight in your profile, we ensure that you stand out for all the right reasons. Our effective Sydney Resume Writing and LinkedIn bio copywriting services will help you demonstrate the potential benefits you can offer to the role.

What are Resume Writing Services?

Is your resume up to date and well written? Is your LinkedIn profile up-to-date?

Even the most qualified and experienced applicants can get passed over for positions they are perfect for because of a poorly written resume, cover letter or LinkedIn bio. After all, recruiters and hiring managers are bombarded and time-poor, which means that the average Curriculum Vitae (CV) is going to leave a bad impression and be discarded.  

Sydney Resume Copywriting services and LinkedIn profile copywriting services are a vital step towards highlighting your skills and earning the dream job you want.

It’s a process that allows a candidate to correctly display their relevant achievements and experience that will attract the attention of an employer and help progress you along your career trajectory.

CV copywriters and LinkedIn profile copywriters take the information provided by a job seeker and convert it into well-crafted writing that helps you stand out to potential employers.

Christopher Melotti from Melotti Media can help you by conducting a comprehensive review of your experience and career goals to craft a resume and write a LinkedIn bio that reflects your unique value proposition and effectively highlights your skills and accomplishments.

Why do you need Resume Writing Services?

Most people hate writing about themselves. That’s normal!

It can be challenging trying to write your LinkedIn profile and cover letter explaining how amazing you are. If you are one of those people, it’s time to consider using a professional Sydney Resume Copywriter instead.

There is a lot of free advice available online in the way of resume guides and tips – and while they can help, you still need to gather your thoughts and write your resume. In the end, there really is no substitute for a professionally written LinkedIn profile and resume.

What are the benefits of Sydney Resume Writing Services?

Increase Sales

Quality content written by a copywriter can have a big impact on your personal branding and success because it's professional, consistent, well-targeted and effective in influencing recruiters and meeting their needs.

Drive Traffic

Recruiters are forever digitally interviewing you by searching for your LinkedIn bio online. This means that you need to present the best first impression with quality copywriting that makes a lasting impact amongst the noise.

Engage Your Audience

People are looking for content that piques their interest, answers their questions and nurtures genuine relationships. The right LinkedIn copywriting can entice them to learn more, which improves the value that you offers them.

Gain Authority

Producing thought leadership LinkedIn content with quality copywriting sets you apart as a key opinion leader (KOL) within your industry and establishes you as the person to go for the latest information, relevant updates and answers.

Gather More Leads

Strong LinkedIn copy that is optimised and catered specifically for your audience attracts a greater number of people to your LinkedIn profile, presenting more opportunities to raise brand awareness and reach more recruiters in multiple locations.

Strengthen Brands

Personal brands are powerful assets, however they don't attract attention without strong marketing, consistent messaging and excellent copy behind them to position them in the market. A quality copywriter can help you grow your personal brand.

How does a copywriter help you with LinkedIn bio writing

Copywriters are not just fancy wordsmiths.  

We also look at your audience (the recruitment manager) and the advert they placed (that is, the role’s requirements and expectations), and tweak your LinkedIn bio, resume and cover letter to be perfectly aligned. 

Copywriters can do this because we have lots of experience writing effective and high-quality profiles. Our capability for writing will help craft a well-written resume, which will then reflect on you as the applicant. 

Professional Sydney Resume and LinkedIn Copywriters are specialists in this field, and you can benefit from our expertise to get a resume that both stands out and reflects you. 

Get the job you deserve when you choose Christopher’s Resume and Cover Letter Copywriting Services. Now, you can be more confident about your chances for success!  

How do we help your business?

To engage your customer and achieve ongoing business success today, you need quality LinkedIn copywriting and consistent bio content.

How can Melotti Media help you?

To engage people and achieve ongoing success today, you need quality cover letter copywriting and consistent LinkedIn bio content. However, we understand that this is easier said than done. 

You’re time poor and spread thin, and writing may not be your expertise. So, focus on what really matters, while we take care of all your Resume Writing needs! 

For more information or to speak to a quality copywriter to get the results your business deserves, contact us today.

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Hear From A Client

“...he consistently delivers top quality work.”

"Christopher from Melotti Media is a professional, dedicated and talented copywriter who has worked on quite a significant number of different projects for a few of my brands and consistently delivers top quality work. His background in Marketing means that he brings not only writing skills to my projects, but also approaches with Marketing knowledge and expertise too. Highly recommended."

Aimee Engelmann - CEO of Beepo and Outsource Heroes

How we've helped our clients

Why choose Melotti Media?

We do Content Marketing and Copywriting right 

At Melotti Media Copywriting, we believe we are different... because we are different.

Because when your business succeeds, so does ours – and that’s a really nice thought! 

Christopher Melotti is a Sydney LinkedIn Copywriter, who can work locally or remotely to meet your content needs and support your success. 

Need content packages for your unique purpose?

Choose a 'just get it done' content marketing and copywriting package that aligns with your current business objectives.

Copywriting Services FAQs

Simple (and that’s because we make it simple for you).  

Copywriting is a strategic form of marketing that involves consolidating and articulating your messages to achieve business goals. 

Learn how our copywriting services work for your business right here!

Quality copywriting helps brands like yours articulate their marketing messages, build more demand for their products or services, make them relevant to more customers and so much more!  

It all depends on what content, what situation and the industry you’re in. 

However, with the right strategy (which we provide at Melotti Media) and high-quality writing (that we also provide), effective results can be seen in the form of more website visits, more enquiries, better marketing collateral, better business communications and more. 

The best part is that your content generates results for years – that’s why copywriting services are a smart business investment. 

If you want to effectively communicate with your customers and keep your brand relevant, then investing in quality copywriting is important.  

A professional copywriter will help you tell your brand’s story effectively, connect with your customers and produce content that your audiences will love. Read the 6 Practical Reasons Why You Should Invest In Quality Copywriting here. 

When it comes to how much a copywriter charges, it all depends on these six factors: 

  • The copywriting project scope 
  • The nature of your copywriting project 
  • Who the copywriter is 
  • The time frame for project delivery 
  • How many rounds of changes 
  • The copywriting value on offer 

To some extent, yes. With the right prompts, you can get AI Chatbots to do the initial research and create copy, messaging and content pieces such as social media posts, emails, newsletters and blogs for you.

But there are some limitations and challenges to using AI Copywriting tools like ChatGPT, Jasper and Bard. Because these tools are designed to create content out of the information they gather online, there is always a risk of getting copy from other businesses – thus making AI-written copy susceptible to legal issues and unsuitable for commercial purposes.

This means you need to take time to edit AI-generated content to personalise it and avoid plagiarism issues. So, yes, you can use ChatGPT to write your first draft faster, but you need to be extra cautious about publishing its material.

No problem! Choose your business goals here and we’ll show you the perfect copywriting service solutions that match to achieve those goals. 

Or, you can simply email us at or call 1800 M MEDIA (1800 663 342) and we can talk you through it. 

Absolutely! We love to chat. Email us at or call 1800 M MEDIA (1800 663 342) and we’ll explain things in the context of your business. 

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