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Core Messaging© Development Services

Beyond the colours, fonts and logos, a brand also needs a unique tone of voice to be utterly memorable. This is how your customers truly connect with you.

At Melotti Media, our unique Core Messaging Development Services articulate your value into sales scripts, a corporate identity and brand messaging guidelines for practical commercial applications that make customers choose you over others.

With marketing-backed copywriting expertise, we empower your business with the distinct language you need to succeed.

Our team of message marketing, communication and copywriting specialists develop the distinct language you need to succeed.

We write the approved messaging guidelines for all aspects of your business for your team to use.  

Let’s collaborate together to develop your business’ unique messaging and communications with you.

How to make your brand utterly memorable

Having a central messaging guidelines for all aspects of your business means your team can have the confidence, clarity and consistency to communicate with your customers so they choose you over others.

Here’s how messaging development all fits together for your business and your success.

After this, all of your marketing communications and business messages are ready to get the results your brand deserves.

Watch the video below to learn more or scroll down to see each type of Core Messaging Document we can develop for you.

What are Melotti Media's Core Messaging© Development Services?

The different types of Core Messaging Documents

Core Messaging©

Unite your team, your purpose and your direction

Core Messaging©

Define your brand’s position, identity, tone and personality

Product and Service
Core Messaging©

Educate customers and increase product appeal for individual items

Core Messaging©

Create a consistent sales methodology for your team

Core Messaging©

Generate ongoing loyalty after the successful sale

Corporate Core Messaging©

Build the messaging around your corporate values, enterprise identity, social responsibility, diversity and foundational purpose that your team can identify with and rally behind.

Brand Core Messaging©

A brand core messaging provides you with a whole suite of brand marketing messages, from hero statements and an elevator pitch, to personality traits, core messaging statements, brand vision and mission, values and differentiating factors.   

Product and Service Core Messaging©

Articulate your product or service’s core messaging and develop all of the language for your sales, marketing and customer service teams when it comes to presenting a product or service option to a target audience. 

Sales Core Messaging©

A sales core messaging document provides your team with a complete playbook from initial touch points to conversion that is aligned with your business, product/service, brand messaging and customer persona. 

Retention Core Messaging©

Articulate your retention core messaging and provide your team with the language to build ongoing connections with current customers so you’re always top of mind long after the first sale. 

We're human copywriters creating demand-generating content for your human audiences.

If you're a person looking to connect with people, then we're your people!

Achieve the results your business deserves with message marketing solutions and copywriting services by Melotti Media.

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