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Christopher Melotti

Creative Director, Copywriting and Message Marketing Strategist

Christopher Melotti is a well-established and renowned Australian Content Marketing and Copywriting Professional who lives by the motto, "Continually challenge, consistently grow, constantly humbled, confidently show."

Christopher founded, manages and is the head Marketing Copywriter of Melotti Media Copywriting and Message Marketing Bureau, where he and his team work with a wide range of clients from Insurance, to Real Estate, Marketing, Creative Agency, Web Design, Logistics, HR, Finance, Education, Legal Firms, Government Agency and much more.

Chris’ goal is not just to write words, but to demonstrate the potential words offer businesses. Everything Melotti Media does is about evolving marketing practise by providing superior, relevant value (entertainment and education) through words.

Christopher has won many prestigious awards for his work, the most notable being the Australian Business Champion’s Copywriting Business Of The Year 2022, Australian Achiever Awards 2021 National Winner for Marketing Services and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the Year award in 2017 (Australian Marketing Institute), and teaches a range of professional classes across Australia.

Angela Melotti

Operations and Managing Director
Angela is Christopher's phenomenal sister.

Angela is responsible for ensuring Melotti Media runs smoothly – from managing new enquiries, coordinating the team and organising finances, all the way through to keeping Chris grounded (what are sisters for?!).

With over 10 years of experience as an Event Manager across a number of industries and large scale events, Angela ensures we are very organised here at Melotti Media.

Scott Melotti

Project and Finance Manager
Scott is our quiet achiever and sharp brain behind our company direction here at Melotti Content Media. Calm and collected, Scott is focused on finance operations and ensures that processes are completed and proofed, so our clients get the best level of service we are known for.

An Cayanan

Marketing Manager
An is an enthusiastic Marketing professional with over 5 years of hands-on experience across all forms of advertising and promotions, including social media. She also holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing Management.

As a Marketing Manager at Melotti Media, she is responsible for planning, development and execution of marketing campaigns while also supporting Chris with his day-to-day tasks and client management.

An is an outgoing person who loves exploring new things, especially when it comes to her career. When she isn't glued to Social Media and Marketing, she spends her free time cooking and baking pastries, and looking after her family.

Jake Winn

Content Copywriter and Wordsmith
Jake discovered his love for writing at a young age. After earning his Bachelor Degree in Creative Media, he spent years honing his craft and now has over 5 years of practical experience writing across a wide range of various sectors and disciplines. He has also spent time working within a number of industries including hospitality, tourism, construction, healthcare and marketing, making him a valuable and knowledgeable part of our copywriting team.

Away from writing, Jake has a huge passion for travelling (he is absolutely in love with Europe), personal self-development and basically undertaking anything creative that he can get his hands on. He even has a dream to one day write and produce a feature film.

Jake’s role at Melotti Media is to work on content projects for all of our clients to ensure their content delivers value and achieves great results.

William Eisenhuth

Content Copywriter
William has always been fascinated by the written word and loves to dedicate time to honing this craft. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in commerce, majoring in economics, he combines his aptitude for persuasive writing with a deep commercial understanding to generate optimal results for a wide variety of clients.

Outside of work, William is forever chasing outdoor experiences and especially loves days surfing at the beach. As an avid traveller, William is also somewhat of a digital nomad and loves to explore diverse locations all over the globe.

With value and effectiveness always at the top of his mind, William’s role at Melotti is to complete copywriting projects for clients in any industry.

Alona Mae Fuertes

Content Researcher and Producer
Alona has a Degree in English Studies and has a passion for promoting linguistic literacy. Her experience in Creative and Academic Writing along with her belief in the power that language holds when used well makes her a strong content creator. She is also passionate about research and believes that the smallest details are what allow each piece to connect with an audience.

As a Content Producer at Melotti Media, her responsibilities include supporting Chris and working together with the team across all of our content marketing services. Ultimately, her goal is to help clients realise the potential of message marketing.

Alona has the mind of an explorer and the heart of a teacher. So, she’s always open to new ideas and willing to help you turn these ideas into powerful messages. But most importantly, she’s enthusiastic and ready to share her excellent talents with you!

Nick Ainge Roy

Content Copywriter and Wordsmith
A freelance writer and copywriter with a passion for telling brand stories, Nick is a true believer in the benefits that the right words can bring to a business.

Growing up in the mountains of New Zealand, Nick holds a degree in English Literature and Politics from the University of Otago and has been writing professionally for the past 7 years in both the commercial and creative spaces.

After a few years stuck at home, Nick is currently living the digital nomad life with his girlfriend and lending his talents to a number of projects here at Melotti Media, including blogs, website content and Core Messaging Documents.

Christine Meigh Ocampo

Marketing and Operations Assistant
Christine is a Business Management graduate. She has previously worked in the Sales and Marketing industry in a direct selling company with a focus on implementing sales and marketing plans for revenue growth, recruitment, training and coaching of customers.

As a Marketing and Operations Assistant, her duties include supporting Angela, An and collaborating with the rest of the team on marketing strategies.

Christine has a positive and a super "can do" attitude, and she loves educating herself on everything she needs to learn in order to serve our clients better. She believes that "everything is a learning experience".

Olympia "Lympy" Melotti

The Mascot
Lympy gets us through the day with her beautiful presence and chilled nature!

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