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Melotti Media creates a positive impact for a better world.

At Melotti Media, we support our clients and our community.

Our service goes beyond just collaborating with businesses to achieve their content marketing and business goals.

It's also giving back to the community and the environment that we care so much about.

"Our team actively participate in charities, volunteer work and pro bono projects to do our part for the community that supports us."

- Christopher Melotti

Melotti Media's Give Back Initiatives

We've partnered and worked with different organisations

Koala Hospital

Our team adopted a koala from the Koala Hospital Port Macquarie named Zenani.

Her adorable and charming nature captured our hearts and we are right behind her rehabilitation program for the good of her future and that of the other koalas.

At Melotti Media, we love animals and adopting a koala was another way our team could contribute.

Visit the Koala Hospital's website and find out how to adopt a lovely koala like Zenani.

RSPCA New South Wales

Our team at Melotti Media continuously support the RSPCA New South Wales to extend our love and help to our dearest four-legged friends.

We have fostered over 200 puppies and kittens, and given them the care and warmth they deserve. Some have even been adopted and officially became part of our team, providing that little bit of extra joy to the office every day.

Check out the RSPCA website to learn more.

National Tree Day

We get our hands dirty to connect with nature and give back to the community!

The Melotti Media team participate in this tree-planting event that is celebrated in August every year.

Join our team in participating in this event - let's plant more trees and save our environment together.

O'Brien Glass and WWF Australia

Our team worked together with O'Brien Glass for their "Green Campaign" and come up with marketing strategies to promote their faster, cheaper and greener alternative to replacing a cracked windshield, in collaboration with World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF).

Environmental initiatives were proposed in this project to help preserve and protect our nature.

Visit their website to learn more or participate in this campaign.

Lokahi Foundation

We helped Lokahi Foundation communicate the importance of empowering women in today's diverse and challenging world.

Lokahi Foundation is an Australian charity focused on supporting women and children who are or have been victims of domestic or family abuse.

Reach out if you need help, or check their website if you want to get involved in helping women and children in our community.

Living My Way

We worked together with Living My Way to empower people living with disabilities to ensure they always have the support they need to live the highest quality of life.

We helped them create materials to spread awareness about their disability support services.

At Melotti Media, we believe that everyone has a right to equal opportunities in life.

Rainbow Families

We work with Rainbow Families on a pro bono basis to help them educate their LGBTQ+ audience around family and parenting topics.

Using the right words, we help them communicate their values effectively and support their audiences through supportive messaging and informative newsletters.

At Melotti Media, we believe that everyone deserves to have a family of their own, and so we work together with Rainbow Families to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Would you like to get involved? Visit their website to learn how.

At Melotti Media, we help brands succeed while building a better community.

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