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Join professional and award-winning content copywriter, Christopher Melotti, from Melotti Media, as he discusses fresh and interesting topics about marketing, content creation, copywriting and business practise in general.

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Episode 129: 7 Ways To Leverage The Marketing Rule of 7

In a crowded market, standing out is everything. In this episode, Chris will uncover pivotal benefits that transform your marketing …

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Special Episode: Your Guide to Effective Branding

Have you ever wondered about the basics of branding? Join Christopher Melotti and Kady O Connell from Kady Creative as …

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Episode 128: The 10 “C’s Of A Strong Brand

Imagine if your brand was the first choice for customers.In today’s crowded market, making that happen can be a real …

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Episode 127: Why Every Business Needs Unique Brand Messaging

You’re in a world overflowing with digital noise and relentless brand competition. Worst, AI blurs the lines, and it all …

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Episode 126: Lost for Business Ideas? You Need an Innovation Consultant

Innovation is a buzzword in business, but it can be vague. In this podcast episode, Chris simplifies the concept of …

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Episode 125: How Artificial Intelligence Makes Human EQ More Important in Marketing

In a marketing world shaken by AI, one skill stands tall: Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Remember, your customers are humans, and …

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Episode 124 – The Art of Articles: The Difference Between Spam and Quality Content in a World of Average & AI

Wondering if people still read articles in today’s world of AI-generated content? The answer is a resounding YES! Tune in …

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Special Episode: AI’s Personalisation Paradox in Marketing

Are you wondering how AI is transforming the practise of marketing? In this insightful episode, Christopher Melotti and Dr Leanne …

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Episode 123 – How AI Makes The Balance Of Human EQ Vital In Copywriting And Content Marketing

With their promise to generate information and create content in just a few clicks, there’s no denying that AI tools …

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