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Let's explain Brand Core Messaging© development

Here's how we build your brand’s complete framework for wording, messaging and communication style!

So, you're considering a
with Melotti Media

You’re making an excellent choice!

This is something we specialise in. 

We’ve helped so many brands develop their tone of voice, hero statements, identity, elevator pitch, core messages and more. 

This is all about bringing your
brand’s unique
voice to life!

A Brand Core Messaging Document© is your brand guidelines for words and messages, tone and style.

Imagine having a go-to brand language guide to use across all of your marketing and all of your channels!

A brand core messaging document gives you this!

It helps your business develop a distinct spoken personality through consistency which allows your customers to easily identify and relate to the communication style of your brand.

First: what IS a Core Brand Messaging Document© ?

Our core brand messaging document will help you solidify your brand through consistency.

It gives you a comprehensive foundation of messaging and words to use right across all of your channels by all of your team members.

“Think of it like your brand guidelines for words and messages.”

Chris will explain this more in this video.

Here's a quick breakdown of what's included:

Swipe RIGHT through each of the slides!

Second: how do you USE your Core Brand Messaging Document© ?

Our core brand messaging document is quite comprehensive. But that’s the point!

This document is to be used across everything. The goal is to take all of that messaging, share it around with your team and apply it as much as possible. 

“The use is limited only by your imagination.”

Watch Chris’ video to learn more!

See our Core Brand Messaging Document©
in real action with a client example!

Hero Statement

Ask Marketing Website

Hero Statement

Ask Marketing Website

Hero Statement

Ask Marketing LinkedIn

Hear from Ask Marketing

Their first-hand experience using Melotti Media’s Core Brand Messaging Document and how it revolutionised their marketing direction.

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