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Marketing Consultancy Case Study: Falcone Hospitality

Falcone Hospitality is a multi-generational, family-owned business that has been operating successful hospitality venues for decades across Sydney.

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Brand Refresh Case Study: Eternal Group Services

Eternal Group Services (formerly known as Eternal Cleaning Services) remains one of the most trusted, sought-after and respected commercial cleaning service providers in Australia.

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Bradshaw Concrete Designs

Social Media Captions Case Study: Bradshaw Concrete Designs

Bradshaw Concrete Designs specialises in providing premium concrete finishes for both outdoor and indoor spaces through concrete grinding and concrete polishing.

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Website Copywriting Case Study: Aesthetic Edge

Aesthetic Edge is a trusted team of highly qualified Sydney plastic surgeons renowned in Australia and internationally for their outstanding work, customer-centric approach and high-calibre treatment options.

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Copywriting Case Study: Acredia Care

Acredia Care is an intuitive digital solutions platform designed to revolutionise aged care management. The complex nature of compliance requirements in healthcare can be intimidating, particularly in the provision of aged care.

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Core Brand Message Development Case Study: Kûdos Travel

Kûdos Travel is a seamless and comprehensive travel tech platform that brings together traveller profiles, booking tools, trip details, unused credits, travel alerts, real-time flight information and more – all in one place.

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Copywriting Case Study: Invigour

Our team at Melotti Media helped Matt Joy from Invigour and Paul Miller from Deutsch Miller rewrite their event description to make it more relevant to their target audience.

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Copywriting Case Study: O’Brien®

O’Brien® is a well-known Australian company with over 95 years of experience in vehicle glass repair, home glass replacement, electrical services and plumbing services.

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PR Copywriting Case Study: Milieu Labs

Milieu Labs is an Australian company that develops smart thermostat products using innovative technology to provide customers with more convenience, certainty and control over their internal living and working spaces. Their vision is to make indoor climate control and monitoring technology both inspiring and exciting to users.

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