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In Action: Capability Document Development

Let's talk about Capability Documents.

A Capability Document is an essential part of any business’ marketing and sales collateral. It covers the business in a nutshell: who you are, what you do and what value you can offer to your clients and customers.

With a strategic Capability Document, you can set your business apart from competitors and show them that your business is the BEST choice – especially in a competitive market.

Naturally, you want your Capability Document to show your business in the best light.

But there's a caveat to having a Capability Document that works for your business.


For the Capability Document to achieve its sales and marketing purpose, it has to be fully customised with your mission, vision and customer-valued point of difference. 

A meticulous approach to the development of a strategic Capability Document is necessary to ensure that you have a bespoke and impactful document rather than a generic marketing or sales collateral that potential clients will immediately dismiss as spam.

At Melotti Content Media, our team does Capability Document Development right.

Our Capability Document Development process is consultative and collaborative.

We craft Capability Documents that your team can be proud of and your potential clients will choose you for.

We do these in five collaborative steps:

Australian businesses of all shapes and sizes have achieved amazing results from this meticulous approach.

Let's put a spotlight on some of the business Capability Documents that we've worked on!

The team behind buildings that stand the test of time: Yakka Group.

Yakka Group is an Australian-run and owned company with over 30 years of combined building experience. With an extensive building portfolio and the commitment to exceptional quality work and construction service in the market, Yakka Group brings a lot of unique value offerings to the table.

All that’s needed is a comprehensive document that highlights all this. And that’s where Melotti Content Media comes in.

We closely collaborated with Yakka Group to understand the business, their value offering and the key differences that set them apart in their niche. From there, we worked on their very own Capability Document.

The result: a comprehensive, fully-customised Capability Document that Yakka Group utilises across all marketing and sales touchpoints.

Your technology success partner: Red Rhombus.

Red Rhombus is Sydney’s premier managed IT service for manufacturing, warehouse, construction & professional services. With a unique approach to Managed IT and a promise to resolve businesses’ IT challenges for good, Red Rhombus is a stand-out in their niche. 

Melotti Content Media closely collaborated with the Red Rhombus team to craft a document that encapsulates this brand promise and purpose.

From the initial consultation to the strategic discussion of Red Rhombus’ unique tone of voice, language and value offering, we closely coordinated with their team to make sure that the final output was something they could truly be proud of.

The result: a strategic Capability Document that Red Rhombus has confidently published and now leverages as a marketing and sales collateral.

Platinum Atlassian solution partner: Design Industries.

Design Industries is a high-performance team helping businesses set up Atlassian and get better ROI on their existing toolsets. With a strong focus on improving organisation’s mission-critical team collaboration systems, Design Industries is known for the amazing support they provide.

An innovative brand like Design Industries needs a strategic Capability Document for their sales and marketing efforts – which is why they reached out to Melotti Content Media.

We took the time to understand the brand and their value proposition. This way, we had a full view of the brand and their key difference as we worked on their bespoke document.

The result: a clear and concise Capability Statement that starts the customer journey right and supports Design Industries’ marketing and sales teams.

See our clients rave about our Capability Document Development service:

We’ve made a difference for these brands and yours could be the next!

From the strategic consultation to the design, Melotti Media has collaborated with promising brands like O’Brien Group Services, The Huddle, Yakka Group, Red Rhombus, Design Industries and a lot more.

Our promise: strategic and tailored Capability Documents that attract potential clients and warm leads – a document that works as hard as you do.

Your Capability Document Questions, Answered

Think of it as a “your business in a nutshell” document. It’s a comprehensive, fully-designed document that highlights who you are, what you do and the point of difference you have against competitors.

Use it anytime you need to introduce yourself and make a great impression!

It can be used as a marketing collateral to kickstart the customer journey or a sales collateral to warm leads and encourage them to work with you.

With a strategic Capability Document, the possibilities are endless.

Depending on the length of your Capability Document, the costs of the Capability Document Development service may vary. At Melotti Content Media, our service includes:

  • a strategy session,
  • expert-written copy and
  • two rounds of on-brief edits.

Since we have a bespoke approach to Capability Document Development, the costs are always dependent on your unique requirements.

Feel free to reach out if you need a quote!

To some extent, yes. With the right prompts, you can get AI Chatbots to do the initial research and create the copy for your Capability Document.

HOWEVER, there are some limitations and challenges to using AI Copywriting tools like ChatGPT, Jasper and Bard. Because these tools are designed to create content out of the information they gather online, there is always a risk of getting copy from other businesses – thus making AI-written copy susceptible to legal issues and unsuitable for commercial purposes.

This means you need to take time to edit AI-generated content to personalise it and avoid plagiarism issues. So, yes, you can use ChatGPT to write your first draft faster, but you need to be extra cautious about publishing its material.

Since a Capability Document needs to be published, working with a professional Capability Document Copywriter is the safest option. It’s also a way to ensure that your Capability Document is fully customised and tailored to your business’ unique needs.


A Capability Document is supposed to make a strong first impression for you. That said, having phenomenal copy needs to be highlighted by an equally phenomenal design so your clients can enjoy the document and see your brand as an ideal choice.

That’s why at Melotti Content Media, we offer the option to fully design your Capability Document too!

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