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We helped Public Transport Association Australia New Zealand (PTAANZ), a public transport industry body and association, transform its 20-year old branding to modernise its approach.

Melotti Media worked alongside Australia’s biggest telecommunications provider, Telstra, to produce B2B TV video ads to promote some of their phenomenal services to the businesses who need them most. 

Our team scripted an animated video for the University of NSW to explain the importance of taking their Climate Risk Course.

Introduced Dettol into the laundries of Australians

We collaborated with SkinDoctors to educate people about healthy tips, tricks and hacks for daily skin beauty.

Our team worked together with Reeve Law to write their core brand messaging that better reflected their personality and then we completed the project with a full website with new messaging to match their values so that their audiences could relate to and understand them better.


Our team at Melotti Media helped Rapid Wireless write a script for a radio advert to promote their great deals and latest internet plans – targeted specifically to their local audiences.

We worked together with Monash University to transcribe and articulate articles based on interviews from alumni students who were excited to share their academic stories.

Our team helped launch Syla – the innovative Australian cryptocurrency tax platform – by expressing its true investor benefits across the entire website.

We developed Cadiz3‘s core brand messaging which helped them communicate the true value of their telecom technology services to B2B businesses.

We collaborated with RMIT University and B&T Magazine to educate business professionals about the importance of studying at any point in their career.

We worked together with Kudos Travel Technology to help them redefine their brand’s core messaging and communication style to three completely separate audiences.


We collaborated with Nexon to write a case study to showcase a prime example of their services.

We helped O’Brien Glass communicate the value of their services across Australia using creative story telling and relatable real-life scenarios.

We helped Aesthetic Edge revitalise their current website to convey their sincere approach to their craft and enabled them to exemplify what sets them apart in Sydney’s competitive plastic surgery industry.

Our team helped the Painters at SK Group OZ develop marketing collateral to give to their potential clients (and feel super proud doing it)

We helped CampusQ explain to educational institutions how important cyber security is.

We collaborated with Secret Bottle to revamp their brand’s quirky tone of voice and engaging core messaging to effectively communicate their passion about wine and the experience that comes along with every bottle.

We helped Nano Water build their brand messaging and write their website content to effectively communicate their oxygenated difference from regular bottled drinks and explain the health benefits that people can gain from each bottle.

We worked together with JRFS Construction to put into words how they artfully and meticulously revived a home originally built in 1915. 

Helped global medical device company, ResMed, educate Australians about snoring and improving their sleep health.

We helped The Modern Dog Emporium spread the word about their tasty chews to four-legged café customers around Australia.

Our team worked with IntelligenceBank and The Starlight Children’s Foundation to explain to the world the power of storytelling to raise much-needed funds.

Our team collaborated with Pixflix Productions to give their brand and website new life through the power of words, the right messaging and a tone of voice that aligned with their founder, Adam.

We worked together with Auzland to help them convey their passion, expertise and skills in transforming properties into great investments and optimum value. 

We brought funky brand MyMerch to life and gave it tonnes of personality!

We collaborated with McHugh’s Financial Services to communicate the value they offer for businesses across Australia.

Allowed people of all ages and fitness levels to discover the amazing results of Reformer Pilates Classes with KX Pilates.

Launched the revolutionary Modern Real Estate Agency, Lumsden.

We worked with Central Coast Council to help them clearly communicate and spread awareness about taking action when witnessing domestic violence.

Our team helped IGNITE HQ explain to customers that life’s too short to pay full price.

We helped Oxypac craft a compelling website targeting predominantly English-speaking markets such as Australia and Singapore.

We helped Australian software firm, NEXA, explain to hospitals and clinics the importance of evolving from paper-based medical forms to digital versions for better patient health outcomes.

We helped Berry Collective communicate the importance of mental health in younger generations by breaking the stigma around seeing a Psychologist.

Improved people’s grins with Sydney Smiles Centre in Maroubra.

We worked with Worth Property Investing to help them communicate their services and reach out to people who want to invest in property but don’t know where to start.

Inspired Healthcare GP Doctors to reinvigorate their careers with Fullerton Health Medical Centres.

We advised CT Accounting how to restructure their website around client-based solutions, rather than simple services – and then helped them write it!

We assisted VERTO CareerGate emphasise how their services can bring out every individual’s unique capabilities to help them land their dream job.

We collaborated with Rntr., a full-service rental and resale solution for brands, to help them introduce and communicate the value of re-commerce to their target market.

We helped Power Saving Solutions communicate how the use of renewable energy and cost-effective electricity solutions can help a wide range of businesses save energy and money, while being more green.

We helped Coach and Mentor platform, Coaciety, identify their target market, write their website messaging and communicate clearly with business professionals across Australia.

Worked with international financial business, ERO, to build a website which helps them reach their clients and improve financial returns.

Helped multinational cyber-security firm, Fortinet, usher in a new era of Privacy laws and legal regulations.

We wrote a script to help HIVERY explain the features and benefits of their revolutionary approach to retail AI optimisation.

Our team helped Global Pandemic Prevention communicate the power of active ozone when it comes to sterilising the environment from pathogens, mould, odours, COVID and more.

We helped Feel Better, Naturally spark interest in new forms of anxiety treatments to  effectively communicate the benefits to their audience.

We wrote a script for the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry to help the brand Strength To Give show how people can easily save a life through a precious bone marrow donation.

We collaborated with Red Rhombus to let businesses know they offer the new standard of Managed IT service through a best practise approach.

Guided O’Brien Glass to offer more value to people who have chips and cracks in their car windscreens.

Assisted the Australian Marketing Institute communicate their research data to the public and connect better with their members.

Showed Volare Recruitment how to use words to add more human to recruitment to best reflect their personality and style.

We helped WA grandmother, Marsha, get her sustainable toothpaste dispenser off the ground and onto Kickstarter!

We worked with Brightberry to win them the prestigious Good Design Australia Award 2021 by highlighting the merits of their silicone suction bowl and spoons.

Put start-up tech platforms, Openn Negotiation and BRICKX on the map.

We collaborated with the Ondeed team to write appealing and impactful website copy that captured the brand’s essence.

We worked alongside professional leadership coach, Claire Morgans, to ensure her digital presence portrays how powerful her coaching services are.

Offered animal lovers peace of mind alongside The Urban Herd.

Together with Colonial First State, we prepared a detailed step-by-step video guide to help clients fill out their Beneficiary Nomination Form faster, easier and error-free.

We helped Wayes communicate the beauty of their innovative designs and how their passion can make a dream home come to life.

Recommended ways to improve the look of women’s skin with Griffin+Row.

Educated property investors and real estate sellers on how to use the TUDI platform to build profitable portfolios.

We helped Network Building Supplies communicate its large range of hardware products to builders and home renovators alike.

We worked together with Adgility to show Marketers the revolutionary power of AI on their advertising ROI.

Empowered ISC Sport to find the right message to connect with sport fans, amateur league members and professional sport athletes to ensure they have the right uniforms and training gear to excel.

We worked together with Capital Finance to write an effective script helping them explain how they support business growth and operational costs through bespoke funding solutions.

United five organisations into one, under the brand, Azenko.

We helped international businesses understand the importance of scientifically-backed Quality of Work Life (QWL) employee engagement surveys for the benefit of everyone.

We helped Pave communicate to property professionals how their platform can transform the way they track and engage buyer enquiries in a more efficient and streamlined way.

Our team at Melotti Media worked together with O’Brien to help them write a video script about what it’s like to be part of their phenomenal team. Through the right words and messaging, we articulated how working with O’Brien transforms your career from average to fulfilling – which attracted a huge positive response from the public.

While we write the right, our customers talk the talk.

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