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Melotti Content Media are Sydney White Label Copywriters and Australian White Label Content Marketers offering virtual copywriting services at affordable agency rates to help you meet the entire suite of marketing services for your clients. 

If you’ve got a brief, we’ve got a team of expert Sydney copywriters ready to help your agency.

Melotti Media - Copywriting Agency Sydney

Let’s work together to execute all of your clients’ marketing content needs.

Profit from our years of copywriting experience for your client projects

Offer our agency white label copywriting services, as if we are part of your own team! 

Agencies we've worked with

Melotti Content Media partners with like-minded marketing agencies looking to boost their service offerings to their clients.

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You do the initial meeting with your client

We meet to discuss your client’s project

We’ll provide a proposal

You accept and we produce the content

We deliver the project to you

DONE! A win for you and your client!

Let us ask you a few questions…

Are you tired of working with unreliable freelancers who don’t understand what your clients need?

Have you wasted too much time trying to get AI to write client content with underwhelming results?

Do you struggle with the idea of hiring a full-time copywriter that will only increase costs and eat into your budget?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!

At Melotti Content Media, we solve all of these problems for you as your go-to content marketing agency partner.

Are you a Creative or Marketing Agency looking for reliable Copywriters and Message Marketers who just ‘get it’?

Copywriting is often one of the most overlooked elements of marketing, yet it forms the backbone of every great marketing strategy. You want a copywriter who can look at your brief, understand the direction and deliver the content you need to present to your client – all without dealing with the costs of a full-time internal resource.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you!

White label our copywriting and message marketing services whenever you need them.

At Melotti Content Media, our team works with marketing agencies all over the world!

These agencies trust us because we listen to their project goals, understand their clients and then create the marketing content, messaging guidelines and brand communications they need with our award-winning copywriting services. 

Let us show you how we can help complete your marketing service offering and work around your project needs to achieve a win (you), win (your clients) and win (us) situation. 

A forward-thinking and passionate agency like yours deserves to work ONLY with a professional and industry-recognised team of expert wordsmiths and marketing copywriters.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly who we are!


Our passion hasn't gone unnoticed!

Copywriting Agency Of The Year - 2024 & 2022 Winner | 2023 Finalist

Australian Business Champion Awards 2022/2023/2024

NSW State Winner

Australian Achiever Awards 2023
Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

Regional Finalist

Business NSW Sydney Metro Business Awards 2023

Sydney's #1 Content Marketing Agency

Top Experts Awards 2022


Sutherland Shire Local Business Awards 2023

National Winner

Australian Achiever Awards 2021

What content can you white-label for your clients?

The truth? Basically anything and everything that you can think of to ask us to create!
At Melotti Content Media, we have the perfect copywriting white-label content solution to match your needs:

Blogs, information and articles


Conceptual and tagline copywriting

Templates and marketing automation

Brochures and printed materials

eBooks and white papers

Website copy


And more!

Take the first step towards a great new copywriting/marketing agency partnership

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Melotti Content Media is
THE BEST Copywriting Agency for your marketing agency!

When you need a reliable, non-AI, non-freelancer copywriting partner that you can depend on, that just “gets it”, and that understands all the intricacies and nuances of your content marketing strategies, look no further than Melotti Content Media. 

We are your trusted Sydney copywriting and content marketing agency that can work with you and act as your virtual copywriting department to execute all the content components of your clients’ marketing strategies. 

Whether you need a few long-form blogs each month, or you’ve got multiple clients looking for strong, well-articulated brand messaging that gets results, you can be confident that that’s exactly what we do! 

How do we help your agency?

To engage your customer and achieve ongoing business success today, you need quality content and reliable copywriting agency partner.

We are your expert Sydney copywriting and content marketing partners in Australia

At Melotti Content Media, we’re always ready to meet your content marketing, strategic messaging and copywriting service needs to ensure unparalleled success for your agency and clients.

We work behind the scenes as your virtual copywriting department and work with your team around your project needs, so you never have to worry about the costs and hassle of hiring an internal copywriter. 

Our reliable team has 20+ years of experience and expertise offering highly specialised white-labelled copywriting and brand messaging services to marketing agencies just like you. 


Because when your business succeeds, so does ours – and that’s a really nice thought!

Why Melotti Content Media?

We’re content marketing and copywriting experts!

If you offer a range of copywriting or content marketing services to your clients, you need a team of expert Sydney white-label copywriters like Melotti Content Media to fulfil the writing components and make you look amazing to your clients. 

Led by award-winning copywriter, Christopher Melotti, our team ensures that the content needs of your clients are not only met but exceeded every time, using high-quality white-label content that truly resonates with the target audience. 

Bespoke Teaching Copywriting Agency Sydney

We understand your clients!

Our expertise in crafting compelling copywriting content for our own clients extends to the work we do for your clients as well. 

We understand the nuances of content marketing and we’re well-versed in meeting very specific client requests, enabling us to produce content that not only aligns with their needs but also complements the marketing campaigns you’ve designed for them to deliver measurable results and outstanding outcomes. 

But don’t just take our word for it…

We’ve worked with dozens of creative and marketing agencies of all shapes and sizes across Australia and around the globe. We’ve helped all of them create outstanding white-label written content specifically for their client projects as their virtual copywriting department behind the scenes. 

If that’s what you need, we’re ready to partner with you! 

Here’s what our agency partners have to say about us

“Our client is really happy with the whole experience…”

Melotti Content Media are your trusted Sydney copywriting and content marketing partner

Here to make you look great with outstanding white-label copy and written content to meet your clients’ needs.

Complete your service offering and achieve ongoing agency success today and into the future with white-label content copywriting services by Melotti Content Media.

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