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Want to learn about copywriting and marketing?

​Christopher Melotti, from Melotti Media, teaches regular copywriting courses and marketing classes, which are always extremely popular, highly informative and enjoyed by many.

Christopher is highly praised for his enthusiasm, engagement and passion when speaking in front of a large audience, and thoroughly enjoys teaching to pass on his experience, expertise and knowledge to people who wish to master copywriting and marketing in business.

Scroll down for the list of all of Christopher’s upcoming Marketing classes and top Copywriting courses.

Upcoming Classes and Events

Tuesday, 16th April 2024

Join Christopher Melotti, a fellow CUB member, as he explores standout brands’ strategies for success

Gain insights into elevating your brand and crafting a unique identity that resonates with your audience in a competitive market.

Tuesday, 30th April 2024

Join us at the Intrigue Summit for a deep dive into the ever-changing world of digital marketing. 

Whether you’re a seasoned marketing expert or a tech enthusiast, this summit is your chance to stay ahead, learn more and connect with a global community driving the future of marketing and tech!

Wednesday, 8th May 2024

Join us for an immersive workshop designed to help you craft a powerful personal brand narrative and unlock the full organic potential of LinkedIn.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career journey, this workshop offers UNMISSABLE insights and practical strategies to elevate your online presence and stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

Thursday, 9th May 2024

Join us for a business networking breakfast at BNI CBD Shine, where Chris will lead a dynamic discussion about ‘How to Drive Customer Demand’.

Connect with industry leaders, gain invaluable insights and foster meaningful connections to propel your business forward.

Tuesday, 14th May 2024

Join us for an exciting session led by renowned brand messaging expert, Christopher Melotti!

Discover the top 10 brand strategies that drive smart businesses to success and unlock the key to differentiation in a crowded digital marketplace.

Wednesday, 22nd May 12:30PM

Copywriting and content marketing are essential parts of Marketing in today’s world. That’s why this marketing writing workshop is so useful.

In this copywriting course and content marketing class, participants will gain knowledge through this hands-on and collaborative learning session, develop content ideas for their own business, share relevant marketing case studies, and most importantly, hone their copywriter skills to improve their copywriting and content marketing strategy.

Thursday, 30th May 2024

Explore the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing at the Intrigue Summit!

No matter your expertise—whether in marketing or tech—this event is your gateway to staying updated, broadening your knowledge and being part of a global force shaping the future of marketing and tech!

Friday, 25th October 2024

Join Christopher Melotti at one of the most prestigious Australian real estate events of the year.

In Chris’ presentation, he will break down how to balance real estate agency marketing versus real estate agent personal branding, and how the Australian property sector can get the balance right to perfect their marketing strategy.


A Marketing Plan is the basis of all Marketing Practise and Strategy. All businesses must set out their Marketing Plan for every brand and product and continually update it if they want to be successful.

This step-by-step workshop will help you gain foundational knowledge through its informative and collaborative session, develop ideas for your own business, share relevant experiences to take away, and most importantly, hone your skills to improve your Marketing Plan.


Winning awards offers so much value, PR and exposure, and while you can never guarantee success, there are many ways to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward to answer all of the questions, impress the judges and prove why you should be a winner.

This award writing class in Sydney is designed specifically for the AMI Marketing Excellence Awards, however the knowledge you gain will help you with all award applications. Come along and improve your award copywriting.


Your business’ Tone of Voice is just as important to your branding as your colours, your logo and your imagery. A Tone of Voice communicates style, personality and message, and it’s important to get this right if you want to stand out from the crowd.

This is your opportunity to learn from the award-winning marketing aficionado, Christopher Melotti.


Need to write a Marketing Plan or brush up your Marketing knowledge?

Designed for real-world applications, this Marketing Plan workshop will take you through how to build your own Marketing Plan for your business step-by-step.

What people say about our events

Kellie Painter - Marketing Manager

"Fantastic workshop! One of the best I've done and I have done quite a few with AMI. You are a really engaging speaker and excited through an online session when it's not F2F. You were super encouraging and made people feel comfortable to engage. I think that's really cool!"

Tanya Enright-Kynoch - Professional Writer

"THANK YOU! You brightened my night. Your presentation on Tone Of Voice through General Assembly was engaging and informative. It was fantastic to learn more about the craft of copywriting. Lots of tips and tricks to inspire captivating creation for all my clients. Stay safe and keep creating."

Amariah Berechiah - Digital Media Professional

"With Chris presenting, I enjoyed his welcoming, enthusiastic, articulate, and motivational coaching approach. His course catered well for all learning styles and career levels, using humour and examples together with the content!

As a brilliant communicator, Chris inspired me to think big, but keep it real and share quality content with others. It was great to meet someone with a wealth of copywriting experience and wisdom. As a copywriting thought leader, he encourages questions to propel one’s creativity, emotional connection, and logic to a higher level."

Meet your workshop Facilitator: Christopher Melotti

Christopher Melotti

Brand Comms Strategist, Marketing Advisor & Message Marketer. Founder of Melotti Media.

Christopher Melotti is a well-established and renowned Australian Marketing Professional who lives by the motto, “Continually challenge, consistently grow, constantly humbled, confidently show.”

Christopher founded, manages and is the Creative Director of Melotti Media Copywriting and Message Marketing Bureau, where he and his team work with a wide range of clients from Government, Medical and Education, to Marketing, Legal Firms, Finance and more.

Chris’ goal is not just to articulate brands and mastermind messaging strategy, but to demonstrate the potential that clear, consistent communications offer businesses. Everything Melotti Media does is about evolving marketing practise by providing superior, relevant value (entertainment and education) through proactive action.

Christopher Melotti is also a highly-sought Business Advisor and Marketing Consultant.

Christopher has won many prestigious awards for his work, the most notable being Australian Business Champion’s Copywriting Business Of The Year 2022, Australian Achiever Awards 2021 National Winner for Marketing Services and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the Year award in 2017 (Australian Marketing Institute), and teaches a range of professional business marketing classes across Australia.

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What people say about our events

Ashley Boreckyi - RSCPA Copywriter

"I attended the copywriting workshop Chris did on Thursday evening last week. I just wanted to say a very big thank you for his time and efforts in speaking with us and offering his insights. They were really valuable and I will be taking many of them on board including "Practice Practice Practice". Thank you again for an engaging and educational talk!"

Julia Hasselmann - Artist

"I just completed an online 'small business' course with Chris, from Melotti Media, as my tutor. I totally loved this course as it provided so much information. Chris was fantastic and was able to provide hands-on tips to boost my business. He is very clever, has great ideas and his classes were all fun. That makes a Tuesday night class even better. Thank you for all your help!"

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