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AI Prompt Development

Professional AI Prompt Engineering backed by years of marketing, content and copywriting experience

Can we ask you a few questions?

Do you want to take advantage of AI copywriting for your content marketing?

Are you not sure how to write prompts for ChatGPT, Bard and other AI Bots?

Do you want to use automated content creation but don’t want generic AI output?

Are you looking for a way to incorporate your brand’s tone with AI chatbots?

At Melotti Media, we solve all 4 of these for you.

We make it super simple too.   

Think of us as your local AI Prompt Developers and Prompt Engineers virtually next door.  

Let’s set the scene here – read on. 

Do you want to improve your prompts when using AI bots for your content marketing?

Everyone’s been talking about AI – but are you making the most out of it?

Artificial Intelligence tools and chatbots can support your business, but their AI output is only as great as the direction you provide. 

This means that you need smart, accurate and data-driven prompts to start with. It also helps if you have a clear-cut tone of voice that you can feed into your choice of AI writing software so you can get the content you need in just a few clicks. 

With the right prompts, you can unlock more of the power of AI

At Melotti Media, we help you make the most out of AI copywriting with our expert AI Prompt Development and Prompt Engineering services backed by years of human-to-human marketing. 

We inject that much-needed human touch into AI copywriting with expert prompt design.  

We can help you craft branded AI prompts for all your content needs

You can use natural language processing AI to generate general marketing content when you have accurate AI prompts

As your AI Prompt Engineers and marketing strategists, we take the time to do the grunt work and understand your brand’s tone of voice to give you a competitive advantage when using AI. 

We combine marketing experience and copywriting expertise to come up with concise, specific and clear prompt structures that you and your team can use to generate content that matches your brand’s voice. 

What Chris Says

“As advanced as AI gets, it still needs the prompts written by humans because the answers we get largely depend on the questions we ask.

This is why you need smart AI Prompt Development and Prompt Engineering backed by marketing, so you can use AI to get the marketing results you want (and deserve).

Through expert AI Prompt Engineering, we help you with clear prompts and help you feed your unique tone of voice onto your preferred chatbots. Whether you’re using ChatGPT, GPT-3, Jasper AI or Rytr – our goal is to make them sound like your brand, just for your brand.

AI Prompt Development Services

With AI Prompt Development and AI Prompt Engineering Services, we help you stay ahead of the competition, even and especially when all your competitors use AI copywriting for content marketing.

By strategising with your team to understand your content marketing goals, establishing your unique tone of voice and outlining your marketing strategy, Melotti Media provides you with strategic and data-driven AI prompts that will guide AI writing tools in writing all of your content.

What are AI Prompt Development Services?

Get the content you need out of AI on your first try.

Whether you’re generating a blog on ChatGPT, getting to write your website, using Rytr to write an email or getting Microsoft LUIS to write you a social media caption, you can depend on our team at Melotti Media to give you the prompts you need to create branded content using AI. 

As seasoned copywriters and message marketers for a wide range of businesses across various industries, you can rely on us to get your brand’s tone of voice accurately and use this to generate AI content that you can proudly publish. 

Freelance AI Prompt Engineering and Development that helps your content stand out

Our AI Prompt Writers and Strategists know exactly how to write clear, accurate and brand-compliant AI prompts that will guide AI toward creating your entire content marketing. 

At Melotti Media, we work closely with you to get your unique tone of voice and use this to prompt AI and get you AI-produced content that still stands out amongst all the noise in the market. 

As your AI Prompt Development partners, we work hard and do all the necessary grunt work so AI can have all the direction it needs to support your content marketing and copywriting. 

Why do you need AI Prompt Development and Prompt Engineering Services?

AI Copywriting Bots like ChatGPT are only as smart as their users. 

So, if you give it generic prompts, the output you’ll get will be stock-standard and generic too. Doing this will lead your customers to immediately dismiss your content as spam. 

At Melotti Media, our years of experience in marketing have given us a full understanding of marketing strategies that work – which gives us the skill to write prompts that will lead AI to produce content that actually generates results. 

We start by understanding your brand and finding your unique tone of voice – all so you can use AI without worrying that you’ll just be saying the same things that your competitors are. 

Our AI Prompt Engineering Services help you supercharge your content marketing with the combination of Artificial Intelligence and that of humans too. 

What are the benefits of AI Prompt Development and Prompt Engineering Services?

Increase Sales

AI content generated with the right prompts prepared by a human copywriter can have a big impact on both your business’ branding and sales success because it can be effective in influencing your audience and meeting their needs.

Drive Traffic

Your customers are forever digitally interviewing you by searching for your business online. This means that you need to present the best impression with human-prompted AI copywriting that makes a lasting impact amongst the noise.

Engage Your Audience

People are looking for content that piques their interest, answers their questions and nurtures genuine relationships. AI copy generated with the right AI prompts can entice them to learn more, which improves the value that your business offers them.

Gain Authority

Producing thought leadership content with AI copywriting created with professionally written prompts sets you apart as a leader within your industry and establishes your brand as the place to go for the latest information, relevant updates and answers.

Gather More Opportunities

Generic AI copywriting performs poorly in SEO. However, when you use unique AI prompts, it can be catered specifically to your audience to attract a greater number of people to your business, raise brand awareness and reach more leads.

Strengthen Your Brand

Brands are powerful assets when backed by strong marketing, consistent messaging and excellent copy behind them to position them in the market. A professional prompt developer can help you generate AI content that makes your brand strong and relevant.

How does an AI Prompt Developer help you create content using AI copywriting software?

AI Prompt Developers and AI Prompt Engineers know how to give AI Copywriting tools the exact direction that they need to generate responses that hit the mark on the first try. 

Couple AI Prompting skills with years of marketing experience and expertise and you get a reliable marketing strategist who will take the time to generate content ideas with you, capture your brand’s tone and come up with AI prompts that will help any AI chatbot like ChatGPT generate content that gets results. 

We add the human touch that AI desperately needs. Through smart human-written AI prompts, we empower your choice of AI copywriting tool to take your content marketing to the next level. 

From understanding your brand to coming up with a marketing strategy and prompting AI right so its output fits into your marketing needs, you can rely on our Professional AI Prompt Developers and AI Prompt Writers at Melotti Media. 

So, if you want AI prompts that get you content that you can truly be proud of, our AI prompting service is here to help you. 

How do we help your business?

Even if you’re using AI, you still don’t want to share generic content with your audience. This is why you need precise instructions that will help AI copywriting software in capturing your brand’s tone of voice.

How can Melotti Media help you?

To get the most out of AI content writing, you need AI to get you. However, we understand that this is easier said than done. 

You’re time-poor and spread thin, and AI prompt writing may not be your expertise. So, focus on what really matters, while we take care of all of your AI prompt development needs! 

For more information or to speak to a quality AI prompt writer (with a strong marketing background!) to get the results your business deserves, contact your trusted team at Melotti Media today:

Ok, you're interested. What happens next?

Fantastic! You’re making a great decision. So, here’s how we can work together.

We discuss your AI Prompting needs and propose a solution.

You love it and we begin the prompt writing.

We produce phenomenal AI prompts for you.

Approve, feed to AI and be proud!

Let's help you step up your content marketing with AI Prompt Development

Hear From A Client

"Chris and the Melotti Media team are absolute super stars!"

"Chris and the Melotti Media team are absolute super stars! We had set a crazy short deadline to have a large amount of copy completed for our new marketing strategy and website, and Chris and the team managed to deliver well within the deadline and excel in all aspects. Professional, prompt and an absolute dream to work with. Chris turned 'what we do' into something people are actually interested to read, not an easy task in the IT world. I have no hesitation recommending Melotti Media to any business struggling with their voice. Melotti Media will be able to help you in ways you had no idea were possible."

Bridget Costelloe - Relationship Manager at Red Rhombus

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We do AI Prompt Development right 

At Melotti Media Copywriting, we believe we are different... because we are different.

Because when your business succeeds, so does ours – and that’s a really nice thought! 

Christopher Melotti is a Sydney Copywriter, who can work locally or remotely to meet your content needs and support your business’ success with the help of AI. 

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