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Brand Refresh Case Study: Eternal Group Services

The Company 


Established by Nick, Irene and Bill Delimitros in 1996, Eternal Group Services (formerly known as Eternal Cleaning Services) remains one of the most trusted, sought-after and respected commercial cleaning service providers in Australia.    

The company has earned an excellent reputation for cleaning service quality, efficiency and work integrity, as well as for providing a genuine and personalised approach to corporate cleaning. 

Led by Bill and his wife Debbie, Eternal Group Services now boasts over 400 skilled and experienced cleaning staff who offer a wide range of cleaning services backed by cutting-edge equipment and technology. These services include contract cleaning, hygiene services, waste control, handyman services, pest control, garden maintenance and landscaping. 

Eternal Group Services is dedicated to assisting Australian organisations across multiple industries maintain healthy and hygienic spaces, ensuring they have a clean and safe environment that supports productivity and business growth. 

The Situation


As the business grew, Bill and Debbie realised that they were offering so much more than the original basic cleaning services, which meant that the previous name no longer encompassed the value offering of the company.

So, Eternal Group Services reached out to Melotti Media to fully create and embrace a new brand, including a new look, approach and feel that would leave a lasting impression on clients and capture the extent of their services.

“The goal was to modernise our brand to make it more relevant to the needs and expectations of today’s customers,” Debbie shared.

They aimed to refresh the brand messaging and overall brand positioning of Eternal Group Services, not only to effectively communicate the high-quality services their business offers but also to strategically compete with major brands in the commercial cleaning space in Sydney and the Sutherland Shire.

The team had some ideas on how they wanted to elevate the brand but found it challenging (and time-consuming!) to articulate and execute everything on their own. They understood that they needed to work alongside marketing experts who could help them enhance their brand and achieve their desired outcomes.

The Objective

Melotti Media committed to supporting Eternal Group Services in their efforts to reinvigorate and evolve their entire brand.

As Message Marketers and Brand Strategists, our objective was to assist Eternal Group Services in strengthening their presence in the market and driving more customer demand by rejuvenating their brand’s identity, design, positioning and most importantly – brand messaging.

Our goal was to improve how they communicate so that Eternal Group Services could evolve as a brand and remain at the forefront of their industry. We aimed to refine their complex ideas into captivating content that would engage and resonate with their target audience.

More than just words on a page, our focus was to provide them with brand strategy and message articulation that reflected their unique value as an evolving business.

The Solution

Melotti Media joined forces with Font & Swatch, a renowned branding and design agency in Sydney, to give the Eternal Group Services brand a timely tune-up.

Our teams collaborated to meticulously refine the messaging and branding of Eternal Group Services, providing them with a distinct communication style that not only captures attention but also compels their target audience to take positive action whilst staying true to the roots that the business has been built on.

Here’s how we worked on their brand refresh to help Eternal Group Services stand out for all the right reasons.


    Our dedicated teams at Melotti Media and Font & Swatch led a strategy session with Bill and Debbie from Eternal Group Services, delving deep into their business and its future direction.

    This synergy provided us with comprehensive insights into the company’s direction, history, culture, core values, market positioning, target customer base, preferred tone of voice and unique brand identity.

    Bill and Debbie also played an integral role throughout this brainstorming and strategy mapping process, actively sharing their branding preferences and envisioning how they wanted their business to be portrayed.


Having gained a complete understanding of their business, Melotti Media’s Message Marketers and Brand Strategists then developed the Brand Core Messaging for Eternal Group Services.

The purpose of this Brand Messaging document was to equip Eternal Group Services with central messaging guidelines, enabling their team members to communicate with confidence, clarity and consistency across all marketing channels.

Bringing their brand’s voice (and identity!) to life, this Core Messaging Document encompassed:

Hero Statements
Elevator Pitch
Core Messaging (Brand, Product and Service Key Statements)
Brand Values and Personality
Ideal Audience


Font & Swatch took charge of designing the brand logo, hand-picking colours and selecting fonts that would modernise the Eternal Group Services brand and help them connect better with their audience.

Similarly, our team at Melotti Media worked closely with Font & Swatch’s creative branding experts throughout this process.

We ensured that Eternal Group Services would have a brand visualisation that is not only unique and relevant but also aligned with the overall messaging and positioning of their business since we believe that both of these aspects play an equally important role in building and strengthening a brand.


At Melotti Media, we recognise that a brand refresh goes beyond changing visual components and messaging. To ensure success, it requires the buy-in and support of the entire team.

So, we also encouraged Bill and Debbie to invite everyone at Eternal Group Services to embrace their new branding and brand messaging, which would allow all team members to effectively communicate the appeal and relevance of their business to the target audience.

As an integral part of their brand refresh strategy, we collaborated with Bill and Debbie to empower and excite their employees to become brand advocates. In addition to the fresh new uniform and lanyards, our team at Melotti Media created an updated Brand Letter addressed to individuals and a Brand Card to familiarise staff with their business’ new focus and value propositions.

True to Eternal Group Services’ core, the entire team was involved both in the brand refresh and in building the business as a whole.


The next goal in the strategy was to reintroduce the Eternal Group Services brand to the right people (existing customer base, as well as new potential customers) and educate their ideal audience on what they do best.

Our teams at Melotti Media and Font & Swatch implemented their new brand across a range of commercial and corporate collateral – spanning from their website and marketing assets to tender documents, proposals and capability statements.

The results are a new website and brand collateral that Eternal Group Services is truly proud of, as it now represents their true value and identity, bolstering their reputation and driving more sales for the business.

The Outcome

With modern and more relevant messaging, strategic positioning and impressive branding, Eternal Group Services found it much easier to raise brand awareness, convey their unique value and convert their audience into loyal customers.

Guided by their Brand Core Messaging Document, they now successfully conceptualise marketing campaigns and create content that not only unleashes their brand’s authentic voice but also fosters trust with their audience.

Having a polished website with engaging brand visuals and well-targeted messaging, Eternal Group Services also have experienced a significant increase in website traffic and enquiries, contributing to their ongoing business growth and success.

In addition, their marketing collateral now plays a crucial role in piquing people’s interest, nurturing genuine relationships with clients and other stakeholders, as well as in keeping their brand at the forefront.

All of these outcomes are a testament to the successful collaboration between Melotti Media and Font & Swatch in revitalising and strengthening the Eternal Group Services brand, allowing the business to achieve the attention and excellent results it deserves.

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