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Website Copywriting Case Study: Emajin Golf

Emajin Golf, a networking business centred around golf in Australia, sought to reposition itself from a generic golf-centric platform to a premier destination for executive networking through golf.

Our comprehensive work on their brand messaging, marketing positioning and website content copywriting transformed their online presence, attracting the right audience and showcasing the true potential of their unique network offering.

Scroll to learn more about the journey towards Emajin Golf’s goal of reaching the right people and building a strong network with a “hole” new messaging and web content.

The Company

Emajin Golf, founded by Raj Narayan, is a networking business based in Australia that leverages the game of golf to facilitate connections among executives and C-suite business owners.

The vision for Emajin Golf: make the golf course a platform for improving traditional networking by recognising the long-standing history of business deals made by Australian business owners during a great game of golf.

The Situation

Emajin Golf has a distinctive approach to networking, seamlessly integrating the leisure and challenge of golf with high-level business interactions. 

This unique blend allows executives and C-suite business owners to connect in a relaxed yet dynamic environment, fostering genuine relationships and meaningful business opportunities.

For Emajin Golf to thrive and achieve its vision, this nuanced message needed to be clearly communicated. Potential members must understand that Emajin Golf offers more than a typical golfing experience – it provides a prestigious networking platform where business meets leisure.

The Challenge

Despite its potential, Emajin Golf’s original website was underwhelming and failed to capture the true essence of the golf brand’s unique vision. 

The site was heavily focused on golf itself, presenting a 2D perspective that did not reflect the broader networking opportunities that golf could offer. 

Raj felt that the website did not adequately communicate the full potential of Emajin Golf, especially in the context of post-COVID networking needs.

Their team realised that Emajin Golf needed to be repositioned not just as a platform for golfing enthusiasts but as a sophisticated networking hub where business leaders could connect. The challenge was to rebuild the website to highlight the high calibre of members and speakers involved, and to shift the focus from mere golfing to the powerful networking opportunities it provides.


See Emajin Golf's previous website home page:

The Goal

The primary goal was to revamp Emajin Golf’s website to clearly express its unique value proposition: an exclusive community where corporate specialists and business owners could network through the game of golf. 

The new branded website messaging was designed with the following key considerations:

  1. reflect the high calibre of members and speakers,
  2. showcase the networking potential of golf and
  3. attract the right audience: executives and C-suite business owners.

All these would reposition Emajin Golf as a leading business networking platform in Australia.

The Solution

To achieve these goals, we undertook a strategic transformation of Emajin Golf’s online presence.

We worked closely with Raj and her team to ensure the new positioning aligned with their vision. Through in-depth discussions, we refined the website’s content and structure to accurately represent Emajin Golf’s brand.

Our collaborative solution has three key aspects:

  1. Redefining Messaging
    We shifted the website’s focus from generic golf content to highlighting Emajin Golf as a premier networking venue. The new website copywriting and brand messaging emphasised the unique blend of leisure and business networking that Emajin Golf offers.

  2. Crafting Engaging Content
    Our team created online content that showcased the high calibre of members and speakers, using statistics and authentic stories to build credibility. We developed intriguing and sophisticated language that reflected the serious business networking aspect of Emajin Golf.

  3. Balancing Sophistication and Accessibility
    Using clever wording and wordplay, we struck a balance between sophistication and approachability, proving to visitors that Emajin Golf is a serious, yet accessible networking venue.


See Emajin Golf's current website home page, with updated messaging:

The Outcome

The transformation of Emajin Golf’s website yielded impressive results.

The refined messaging and engaging content attracted the desired audience of executives and business owners, along with other improvements that highlighted Emajin Golf’s unique vision.

  • Enhanced Brand Perception
    The new website effectively communicated the sophistication and high-level networking opportunities available, aligning with the brand’s vision.

  • Increased Engagement
    The interactive and well-structured website provided a better user experience, encouraging visitors to explore and engage with the platform.

  • Stronger Positioning
    Emajin Golf was successfully repositioned as a premier business networking destination, not just a golfing site.

Our collaboration with Emajin Golf demonstrates the impact of strategic messaging and website content in repositioning a brand. 

By transforming Emajin Golf’s website from a basic, golf-focused platform to a sophisticated networking hub, we helped Raj realise her vision and attract the right audience. 

This project underscores the importance of aligning online presence with business goals to effectively communicate a brand’s unique value proposition.

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