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6 Practical Reasons Why You Should Invest In Quality Copywriting


You always want the best for your business.  

Every manager, business owner and entrepreneur thinks the same way. This naturally involves making worthwhile investments in your people, hardware, software, marketing and more, all to help boost your brand and get results.

Of course!

But are you missing something? What about copywriting and messaging?
It’s commonly overlooked, and it’s easy to see why.

Most of your team can write and they know everything about your brand.

But are you actually producing quality copy? How do you know?

While most think that copywriting is just putting a bunch of nice words on a page, it’s so much more than that – and it can be the difference between a strong brand that customers understand and a poor brand that customers ignore.

So, here’s what copywriting can REALLY do for your business – and why you should invest in it just like other forms of marketing. 




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What is business copywriting? 

First, let’s talk about business copywriting.  

Commerce thrives on words. It’s quintessential. That’s why your business needs a lot of copy, from internal documents, promotional materials and marketing collateral to advertising, website content and more. All these pieces are necessary in keeping your business grounded and visible in the market. 

Commerce thrives on words. It’s quintessential.
So does your business and your customers. 

You may have team members writing these documents for you, but professional copywriting is not just about words on a page or pixels on a screen. A marketing copywriter provides you with a range of intrinsic and extrinsic services that you can make use of. 

But it’s not just about simply outsourcing someone to write for you.

Experienced copywriters will not only write clever phrases and paragraphs for your brand, but they also use human communication techniques and marketing messages to get results, identify and address the pain points of customers, put your brand on the radar and secure a strong Return On Investment (ROI).

Here’s the trick, though: investing in copywriting and a good copywriter will help your organisation. But, just like ANY other, it’s still a business decision and you must think this through carefully. 




But, just like ANY other, investing in copywriting is still a business decision and you must think this through carefully.​

So, to help you decide, we have compiled some important points for you to consider when looking to invest in professional copywriting services. 


So, here 6 reasons to invest in copywriting: 

1. Having a copywriter allows you to focus more on business matters  

Hiring a copywriting expert to write for your brand will free up your time and allow you to focus on running your business. Delegating to specialists is ALWAYS a smart investment decision. 

The copywriter will efficiently handle the production of the copy that will bolster your brand, while you attend to other urgent matters. Not only does this streamline the content marketing process, but it also saves you valuable time. And we all know that in business, time is money!  

A marketing copywriter will be able to do research and work on the copy that you need with their expertise– as they have a couple of tricks and years of experience up their sleeve to speed up the process. 

On top of this, having someone who specialises in a specific job means that your employees don’t have to undertake content writing that may be beyond their job descriptions. Instead, you’ll be able to allocate your resources more efficiently and reduce the risk of burnout among your team members. So, it’s a win-win situation! 

Delegating to specialists is ALWAYS a smart investment decision. Copywriting is the same.​

2. Copywriting provides better strategic direction 

As a business, it’s only natural for you to aim to get ahead of the game, gain a competitive edge and stand out. That’s exactly what strategy involves. And this is one of the benefits of employing a freelance copywriter that most people don’t know about. 

Having a copywriter means gaining an external, fresh perspective about your brand. As you already know a lot your brand, you might have challenges when presenting it to your target audience. It’s quite common for many businesses who find themselves heavy “in the trenches”.  

That’s what copywriting can do for you: help you build your branding through fresh eyes, experience and expertise. As you work hard on your business every single day, you might miss some of the most important details, and not even realise – and a copywriter can help you fill in those gaps (and more). 

As you work hard on your business every single day, you might miss some of the most important details, and not even realise.

 For more information, check this out: Corporate Strategy and Marketing



3. Great copy allows you to communicate and achieve your business goals 

No matter how long you’ve been in the industry or how big your business is, copywriting is necessary to keep your business grounded.  

This applies to both internal and external documents that you prepare for your organisation. After all, communicating your business goals within the team is just as important as spreading the word to your customers. 

Clearly communicating your business goals is the key to achieving them. If you want to increase your conversion rates and sales, strengthen your brand and widen your audience reach, effective copy can help you meet these targets. 

The combination of clear-cut smart goals and high-quality copy will put you on the path towards a great Return On Investment (ROI) for your business. 

Both internal and external communication is essential for every business. It’s difficult to connect, engage and persuade with obscure or convoluted messages. This will hold your business back.

4. A copywriter knows how to promote your business to your target audience 

Harnessing the power of a quality copywriter’s expertise, you can create marketing materials that convey the right message to the right audience at the right time.  

Sure, you make your own content – but a copywriter knows how to create content that will get in front of customers and have it resonate with them. If you want your business to succeed, you don’t want to be stuck on the second page of Google searches. This is where Search Engine Optimisation strategies come in. With the use of effective marketing and copywriting techniques, your copy can get within the reach of your target audience and have an impact. 

With the best copywriting practices, your chosen copywriter can identify pain points and offer solutions to your audiences using messages that you may not have considered. So, to reach out to your audience – which is the main goal of most businesses – producing quality copy is the key. 

A copywriter helps you create content that will get in front of customers and have it resonate with them. 



5. Effective copywriting will help you keep up with the competitive market 

The world moves super-fast today! 

Whether you’re just getting started or you wish to boost your brand, copywriting can help your business grow successfully. Having a marketing copywriter is like having eyes and ears outside your organisation. They naturally monitor the market for you and devise strategies that will help you keep one step ahead of your competitors – all through effective copywriting and content marketing strategy. 

Producing the right copy is crucial as most people today do research before choosing a service or a product. Once your customers search (or HUNT) the web for you, you want to make a great impression – great enough to make them decide to choose you over the wide range of competitive options out there. 

So, having great copywriting and messages consistently across your brand will attract more people. Consider your copywriting as your weapon in the competitive market – make it sharp and use it well

Having a professional copywriter is like having eyes and ears outside your organisation, scanning for inspiration and trends to bring back for your benefit.​

6. Copywriting can boost customer experience – one of the top priorities in business 

Customers do more than appreciate a good experience. They tell everyone about it. The reverse is also true. 

So, it’s important to take steps to make your CX (Customer Experience) work best.  

Smooth communication with your customers can be a powerful force when it comes to their experience with your organisation. And what is the best way to connect with them? Through effective copywriting, of course! From your website and your daily social media posts to your general business branding – a copywriter can really be your best friend. 

Even just to ask them: “is this messaging giving them the right impression and demonstrating the value we provide?” 

Investing in a good copywriter will give you those answers and more. 

Marketing copywriters help you get your message across to the people who matter the most. Everyone loves wording that they can clearly understand – and that’s what a copywriter provides for you. By understanding your market, copywriters produce the words that will make you look good. 

If your customers are satisfied, they’re more likely to stay with you and recommend your products and/or services to their peers.  

Consider your copy as your weapon in the competitive market. It’s important to make it sharp and use it well.



Is copywriting an investment? 


These 6 of many benefits prove this. BUT just like any other investment, you get what you paid for. If you go to a discount website, you get discount copy.

If you want serious help and messages that will serve your business for years to come, then you need to invest in a quality marketing copywriter who will do this for you.

It’s as simple as that. 

How can you integrate quality copywriting into your business? 

Do you need help with branding, marketing or advertising?  

You can ask for a copywriter’s help with all of these. With your knowledge of your brand and a copywriter’s expertise, you’ve got a powerful combination to produce quality content marketing that resonates with your audience.

With your knowledge of your brand and a copywriter’s expertise, you’ve got a powerful combination to produce quality content marketing that resonates with your audience.

Think of the way you see each of your business functions: you want each one to achieve their designated roles and contribute to the overall success of your business. So, you invest in them because you know that if they are achieving their purpose, your business will thrive and continuously grow.  

That’s exactly how you should look at copywriting.

Just like other forms of marketing, professional copywriting is a solid investment for the growth of your brand. You just need to figure out how exactly you can make use of it.

No one knows your business better than you do, so you know exactly what your business needs. To make copywriting work for your brand, it is important for you to identify the type of copywriting services you require. 



To help you out, here are some of our most-requested copywriting services for businesses: 

  • Core Messaging Guidelines – are used by businesses and organisations that need more creative and strategic direction for their brand’s messaging. The guidelines will help you understand how you will present your brand to your audience. 
  • Websites are the best way to help your audience find you online. And having one that is catchy, engaging, employs SEO strategies and has an accessible layout will attract your audience. 

  • Blogs can achieve great results for you as well. You don’t want your website to be empty and stagnant, so posting content regularly will help boost your digital presence. These blogs can contain updates about the industry, stories about your brand and everything else in between. 

Here are other business copywriting services that you can consider for your business: What Are Copywriting Services for Businesses?



How to hire the right marketing copywriter 

Ok, so we have established that a copywriter is a good investment for your business.  

But the thing is, not all copywriters are the same. You need someone who can help you communicate your organisation’s message effectively so you can get the maximum ROI.

Having the right copywriter is crucial to your business’ success. But we understand that this can feel like a tough decision.

To help, here’s a guide to choosing the right copywriter: How To Hire A Copywriter.

Copywriting is a worthwhile investment that will guide your brand towards the right direction. So, if you’re looking for a sign to take a leap for your business’ growth, this is it! 

How Can Melotti Media Help You?  

We understand that you want to achieve business success by developing a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy.  

We also know that you’re time-poor and spread thin, and it’s possible you still have a lot of unanswered questions.

But you don’t have to worry!

At Melotti Media, we can assist you with your content marketing needs while you focus on what matters most to you – growing your business.

Let’s start getting the results your business deserves by building a quality marketing strategy!

For more information or to speak to a trusted copywriter, contact us now at enquire@melottimedia.com.au  

We can sharpen your words to achieve your goals today!



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