Is organic content worth it? How Organic Content Earns an ROI

Is organic content worth it? How Organic Content Earns an ROI

Organic content is a marketing staple today.

In fact, this very article is a form of organic content, so if you’re reading this, you already have the answer to the question above.

But, in case you’re still not sure…

Organic content is definitely worth the effort (well… if executed correctly).

Let’s delve into this further and talk about how organic content can empower your brand, even and especially when:

  • the market is overly saturated and
  • your customers are digitally fatigued.

In this article

We’ll discuss how organic content works and how it achieves results, before ultimately answering the question: “Should you invest in organic marketing?”

Read on to learn more.

What is organic content and how does it work?

Organic content covers all types of branded content that your potential and existing customers can find themselves proactively as they go about their own lives. As opposed to paid ads, organic content allows your customers to interact with your brand on their own terms.

This means your organic content is readily available to anyone who searches for related content, visits your website or follows your social media profiles. Organic content marketing is not forced onto your audience through paid searches or pay-per-click ads – hence the name “organic”.

Examples of organic content marketing include:

You may already use some of these types of organic content in your business without really expecting them to deliver ROI results – but we’re here to tell you that they can, and they will – if executed correctly (we’ll explain).

How does organic content work?

How does organic content work?

Organic content operates on the principle of gradual, sustained growth. It’s not just about producing standalone pieces but creating a cohesive tapestry of cohesive content.

ROI-generating organic marketing should be created:

to ensure you achieve compounding results from your organic content.

In this video, Chris explains the nature of organic content and how it gets ROI:

Think of organic content as putting your eggs in multiple baskets. It’s a way of making your brand as accessible as possible without bombarding your customers.

With organic content, the people who are looking for answers within your expertise find you. This is one of the best ways to position your business, especially now that customers are digitally fatigued and constantly bombarded with countless ads every single day.

Oh, since we’re talking about ads…

Paid Ads vs Organic Content

Our stance? It’s not an either-or situation.

We highly encourage you to use both, based on your business’ unique goals and needs. You can have ads that cut through the noise while continuing to work on your content library as well.

But here’s something to think about:

The landscape of advertising has evolved: since ads are everywhere, customers have become more discerning, making them more challenging to reach.

And this shift calls for a fresher, more value-adding approach.

That’s where organic content comes in.

In a world where audiences frantically click the “Skip Ads” button, you want to ensure that you have content that they genuinely want to engage with. This means you can’t rely only on paid advertising to gain your customers’ trust (and ultimately, sell your products and services).

What are the benefits of organic content?

When done right, organic content offers a multitude of benefits that contribute to your brand growth and audience engagement:

1. A full content library establishes brand credibility and positions you as a thought leader.

Consistently providing valuable, informative content establishes trust and credibility amongst your customers. If they think of you as the industry leader who has all the answers to their most pressing questions, it’s easier for them to see the value you provide.

People choose brands that display their expertise in an accessible way because this builds credibility and trust.

This means that when the time comes for them to make a buying decision, your brand will always be top-of-mind.

2. Organic content marketing fosters authentic connections and enhances audience engagement.

Unlike advertising, which can be perceived as intrusive or annoying (admit it, you’ve skipped ads too!), organic content nurtures genuine interactions and enhanced audience engagement.

This means you’re less likely to leave a negative first impression of your brand in the same way that an intrusive ad may do.

Instead, when someone sees your brand’s article for the first time as the top Google result, the organic nature of this interaction will leave an overall better first impression.

3. With optimised organic content marketing, you earn long-term and compounding results.

Evergreen organic content remains relevant over time, continually providing value to both new and existing audiences. A video that you recorded today may reach a person looking into your services sometime next year, or a 5-year-old article that you’ve hyperlinked to a recent blog may help drive a lead to conversion.

The enduring nature of organic content is where its power truly lies. It’s a long-term strategy with a long-term impact on your business.

By consistently providing valuable insights and information, you can position yourself as a leader in your field, fostering trust and credibility among our audience. This, in turn, draws more loyal customers to your business and encourages new and repeat business for a long period of time.

However, let’s be real: organic content isn’t a quick fix. There’s a caveat to earning results from organic content marketing and experiencing all these great benefits.

How can you make organic content marketing work for your brand?

To earn ROI from organic content marketing, you have to consistently work on it across all your platforms and make sure that you’re monitoring the results as well.

The first step is to acknowledge that it’s a gradual, long-term process. The results are rarely instant, but the journey is just as enjoyable.

  • You can’t be the brand that bails out after a couple of months of trying because you’re not seeing results (trust us, they’ll come).
  • And you also can’t be that brand that’s guessing their way through every month – because then, your content will only be dismissed as spam (which is no different than an ad being skipped).

To help, here’s a quick organic content strategy step-by-step checklist that you can follow:

  1. Know your customers: What do they want? What are their problems?

  2. Choose the right platforms and try to be present wherever your customers are.

  3. Produce all types of content: videos, podcasts, articles, FAQ pages and more.

  4. Share and reshare your content across all available channels.

  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until you have an extensive content library.

Remember, organic content marketing isn’t just about getting leads. It’s almost as if you’re creating a legacy that will enable your customers to find you today and long into the future.

The more content you create, the more value you’re giving to customers. The more value you give, the more customers will trust you and choose your products and services.

In the end, your customers will typically gravitate towards a brand that is more proactive about demonstrating their relevant value to them – you do this by consistently creating organic content.

So, should you invest in building your organic content library?


If you’re looking for a sign to get started on creating (more) organic content, this is it. The sooner you start optimising your content, the sooner you will see the ROI of your organic content marketing strategy.

If you’ve been producing organic content for a while and are still not seeing results, DO NOT STOP!

Keep building your content library and the results will come. Your future self will thank you later.

How can Melotti Media help you with crafting organic content?

At Melotti Media, we understand that you want to get cut through in a competitive Australian market and naturally connect with your customers.

However, you may find that you’re time-poor and spread thin or you still have a lot of unanswered questions.    

But, you don’t need to worry.

If you’re looking for professional help with your organic content marketing, Melotti Media can assist you in building your organic content library while you focus on what matters most to you – growing your business.

Let’s start getting the results your business deserves!  

To speak to your trusted Australian Message Marketers and Sydney content marketers, email us at or phone 1800 663 342.

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