5 Ways How to Break Through Your Customers’ Digital Fatigue

5 Ways How to Break Through Your Customers’ Digital Fatigue

Written by the The Melotti Media Team, checked by Christopher Melotti

Everyone assumes that “market noise” is the biggest challenge to our brands today.

Sure, our customers are bombarded, and so, yes we need to stand out in a world full of competition.

However, something else far worse has arisen…

This bombardment has taken a heavy toll on our customers.

As businesses, we’re too quick to try and outpace both our competitors and all of the clutter in our space that we’ve forgotten about the very people we’re trying to talk to!

They’re digitally fatigued. Exhausted. Over it.

Of course they are!

Everywhere they turn, customers are hit with something. Over and over again.

People love being online and are forever hungry for content (that hasn’t changed). BUT in between that endeavour, they’re getting sold to and fed unskippable ads. Pop-ups, pushed notifications and distracting clips that they absolutely HATE.

Worse! AI has now made it even easier for businesses to spam these poor people even faster. They’re getting hit harder than ever before.

What does this new digital fatigue challenge mean for you?

Your brand doesn’t just have to compete with noise to get their attention. You also need to pierce through their digital fatigue – and that’s super hard.

How? Simple.

1. Customer-Centricity-Obsessed

No, not just how we’ve always done it. REALLY THINK. Close your eyes and put yourself in your target customer’s shoes RIGHT NOW.

What’s going on in their life? Why are you relevant and worthy of their time?
Why should they pay attention?

Think deeper:

  • How will you save them embarrassment?
  • How will you reduce their frustration?
  • How will you give them back more time?
  • How will you make their convenience, king?
  • How will you make them feel more confident or less lonely?
  • How will you make them feel proud or successful?

Start there, build up.

2. Build a clear and concise brand from this

Now you’re insync with them and you’ve found their real deep emotional need, now build your brand messaging from this.

Think of two concentric circles. Their needs on the right. Your brand on the left. Ok great: where they overlap is your brand message.

What do you need to say in a frame that will make you hyper-compelling?

Think more abstractly:

  • “Give your children the best start in a world that will be different.”
  • “Future-proof your career so you’re set to be a leader.”
  • “Develop the confidence you need to succeed.”
  • “Generate demand in your sleep.”
  • “Live the life you deserve with smart investment decisions.”

See how they’re truly customer-centric?

PS: This is where you need a really smart copywriter… just saying.

3. Be everywhere and available

How do you break through customer digital fatigue? By making your RELEVANT SOLUTION their idea.

This means, stop bombarding them with frustrating ads and become what they’re actually interested in. Be available when THEY’RE searching for you.

For instance, the more content you create in an omnichannel way, the wider your net is cast. This means that, when they are hunting for a solution to the real pains from step 1 above, your:

… is all there, waiting for them.

When you’re there on their terms, they won’t find you exhausting!

4. Be clear and consistent

When they find you on their terms, now it’s time to make sure they recognise you.

Brands are remembered when they are TWO things:

  • clear (ie: they are distinct and not confusing to people) and
  • consistent (i.e.: there is a familiar uniformity to them).

If you want to be the hero in their story, you can’t be something they don’t understand.

Make sure that you and your whole team put on a clear and consistent front so customers get you when they come to you.

5. Make it super simple to convert

Lastly, provide a super-slick pathway straight to a conversion.

By that, I mean they shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to go ahead with you. Nothing adds to their frustration than this, especially if they’ve already made a decision.

How does that sound?

Remember – it’s not just about your competitors and the clutter around your customers.

It’s about providing a GREAT and REWARDING experience that doesn’t make them feel more digitally fatigued than they already are.

Be the refreshing brand they WANT to choose – rather than the brand that’s always just stock standard, complacent and bogus.

Do you need help breaking through your customers’ digital fatigue?

You’re not alone.

At Melotti Media, we help you build customer-centric content into your brand’s ecosystem so that you will be their brand of choice.


  • We coach you and consult with you to get all of the precious messaging gems out of your brain and
  • re-articulate it so that your customers see the true potential of what you have to offer them.

Let’s do it. Let’s chat.

Email us: enquire@melottimedia.com.au

Call us: 1800 663 342

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