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The 5 Different Types Of Marketing Content


When it comes to content, there are five types, based on the impact they have on your audience.

This offers a great opportunity to mix things up, for both them and your brand.

Having a blend of all five also ensures that you’re engaging your customers in a balanced way which inspires them to take action.

So, let’s define the five types to check if your brand is creating everything your audience wants from you.




The Different Types of Marketing Content

As a corporate copywriter, I work with clients from all industries and sizes, all of whom request ‘content’.

“Can you write my content for me?”
“Sure, what type of content do you need?”
“Content. Write it.”

The thing is, it’s far more complex than simply putting words on a page.

​There’s solid, appealing content which acts as an extension and execution of your organisation’s goals and strategy, and then there’s space filler to simply tick that box. 

In an information era where ‘content is king’ , it’s vital to get this right, and that lies in the appreciation of matching the correct type of content with the target audience. Potential customers know the difference almost immediately between effective and poor executions, and it’s important that organisations do too.  

Below are the main categories of content, all of which perform different roles.


These 5 types of content correspond alongside the 8 stages of the customer journey.



1. Content which interests


Interest inducing content includes competitions, games, events, conferences and general branding reminders, all aimed toward those who have little to no interaction currently with your organisation, but are part of a demographic which your product could potentially appeal to.

They are the budding customers who would be interested if you were able to reach them, and this is done through entertaining them with easily shareable, highly interactive content which sparks their interest and draws them in.

Content that interests is all about using entertainment and general brand reminders to attract potential customers who are currently strangers to your brand.

2. Content which teaches


Teaching content is similar to interest sparking pieces, in the fact that it’s aimed at potential customers, however instead of entertaining them on an emotional level, it engages them in a more rational sense, introducing your business in a more mature, educational way.

This content, which again should be easily shareable, is aimed at more of an explanation of the solution on offer, such as informational videos, webinars, instructions, blogs, organisational reports and statistics.

​This content draws budding customers in with tangible facts and figures.

Content that educates is all about using facts, information and problem-solving solutions to attract potential customers who are strangers to your brand.



3. Content which influences


Influencing content is aimed at the audience who have accepted the existence of your brand and your product range, and now need that emotional nudge towards taking action.

This includes peer reviews, endorsements, ratings and case studies, all of which lower the customer’s hesitation barrier by serving them appealing content which makes them feel safe and secure, encouraging them to proceed.

Content that influences focuses around providing encouragement around an aware audience who are still deciding whether to choose you or not.

4. Content which converts


Conversion: that sweet Marketing buzzword that means we’re doing our job correctly.
Conversion content is that which closes the deal of the sale, and includes testimonials, product solution descriptions, demonstrations, Frequently Asked Questions, pricing guides, sales copy and strong calls to action.
This content serves as the final frontier, where the customer is almost convinced and requires that last piece of information in order to make a move to the sale.

Content that converts aims to close the deal by showing how relevant a brand, product or service is in their life, preventing buyer’s remors.


5. Content which nurtures



Once a customer has purchased or signed up, the journey doesn’t end there.

In fact, now is the best time to hold their interest, keep their loyalty and turn them into brand advocates. This is content that nurtures – it makes sure they never feel forgotten.

This includes content like ongoing newsletters, exclusive deals and other content that treats them as important, even though the sale is done. This is because customers that are happy will tell other people and also come back (if you look after them, that is!).

Nurturing content is all about delighting customers after the sale so that they become advocates who spread the word and come back.


Why this content mix is crucial


All customers and businesses are different.

Therefore, getting the right mix of interesting, teaching, influential, conversion and nurturing types of content is vital, as it can mean the difference between ineffective material versus compelling content which supports customers gently through the sales funnel.

In addition, the accessibility, arrangement and execution of all of this content is equally as important, so that the correct type is balanced and easily found by the intended recipient.



There’s no point in your content’s careful creation if its delivery is poor.

Most importantly, it’s crucial to ensure that, regardless of what type of content you are utilising, it all must stem from the organisation’s goals and marketing strategy. There’s nothing more frustrating and disheartening when investing in content to support your business, only to find it’s having no effect what-so-ever.

The content must be rooted in your goals and objectives, and stem tactically outward from there, so that the fruits of your effort are appealing and attractive and lead to success.


How Can Melotti Media Copywriting Help You?

To engage your customer and achieve ongoing business success today, you need quality copywriting and consistent content. However, we understand that this is easier said than done.

You’re time poor and spread thin, and writing isn’t your expertise. So, focus on what really matters, while we take care of all of your copywriting and content marketing needs!

For more information or to speak to a quality copywriter to get the results your business deserves, contact me now at

I can sharpen your words to achieve your goals, today!

Christopher Melotti
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