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How a copywriter helps your business: the 5 core benefits


All businesses must be able to communicate effectively with their audiences if they want to continue to survive, grow and be successful.

Because of this, a copywriter can make significant contributions to your overall Marketing strategy. However, not many people understand the true value a copywriter offers your organisation.

Sure, word choice is important – but there’s so much more you get from our service than just words.

Let’s discuss the 5 core benefits a copywriter provides for your business.


Yes, a marketing copywriter writes words for you.

This is the basis of the service. However, everyone can write.

So – what else does a professional copywriter provide you? What are you paying for? Why hire a copywriter at all?

Well, no matter what copywriting service you’re looking for, you get the following 5 benefits built-in every time you hire a quality copywriter.


(1) It’s hard to write about your own business

When you’re working internally within an organisation, you know it through and through. But the minute someone asks: “what does your business do?”, do you suddenly find yourself lost for words?
You’re not alone!
As a freelance marketing copywriter, I see this every day. It’s nothing to be overall worried about, but it’s common to find it tricky to be able to put your business into clear and concise words without it sounding like a technical blueprint.
How do you describe your products? What would you say your core vision is? Or, the most important of them all – what overall solution do you offer your customer?
A copywriter can take an external, overarching view of your entire offering and find wholistic ways of communicating it to a whole range of audiences, from new prospects to loyal customers.

(2) It’s difficult to think like your customer

Following on from the previous point, it’s not just tricky to explain your own business to yourself – are you able to communicate your core message in a way that your customer will understand?
Are you able to explain the value you offer them in an engaging and inspiring way?
Again, it’s very normal to find this a bit of a struggle. When you’re so busy working within the business day-in and day-out, what often happens is that you can get tunnel vision about your own products and services, and forget that your customer doesn’t live and breathe them like you do.
You may use lingo that only your colleagues would understand or talk about your product’s long list of features and technicalities, when your customer is only looking for the relevant benefits in their lives.

​A copywriter can help you translate your large wealth of knowledge into a finely tuned message that will resonate with your customers and inspire them to act.


For example, a Patent Lawyer usually has a brochure full of technical content about the legal system and what laws apply to a patent, whereas all the customer wants to know is “can I protect the gadget that I just created?” The customer is paying that lawyer to undertake all of the technical side- they just want to know if you can help them make money off an intention.
A customer wants to know that a plumber can fix their leak, not what government water standards they adhere too. A client wants to know that a real estate agent can sell their house for the best price, not how Open Homes and buyer negotiations work.
A copywriter can help you translate your large wealth of knowledge into a finely tuned message that will resonate with your customers and inspire them to act.

(3) Writing takes (a lot of) time

Everyone understands the comprehensive role writing plays in Marketing Strategy.
It’s not just producing written content; it’s also the scripts that go into your videos and podcasts, the strength behind your branding, or the power behind your campaigns.
Marketing and writing go hand-in-hand across many executions.
The challenge is that writing is very immersive and takes a lot of time. Your audience can tell the difference between good writing from poor, and with all of the choice today combined with a limited attention span, they won’t tolerate anything that’s substandard.
As a result, you must be producing quality content and you have to appreciate that this takes time.
A copywriter can take this burden completely away from you, so you’re still keeping your customer happy with well-written marketing executions, and it’s not draining the precious hours you need to spend on more important things.

(4) A copywriter brings experience with them, for your benefit

When you’re searching for the right copywriter, it’s important to select one with relevant and extensive portfolio experience. This is because another benefit that we offer you is years of Marketing, Sales and writing experience.
Just like anything, your skills increase when you focus on a particular craft every day, and copywriting is no exception. So, instead of having to train people internally to get up to speed over time, you can simply turn to a copywriter who has been through the hard yards already.
Suddenly, you realise that their copywriting fee isn’t just providing you with just a blog or a website – it’s also the experience of tried and tested methods through several different industries over their career that they’re now offering you.

(5) A new perspective

Building on from the previous benefit, an experienced copywriter can also offer you suggestions and advice on how to improve your marketing.
When you’re relying solely on your internal knowledge and resources, the approach tends to be fairly conservative, because people like to stick to the ways things have always been done.
However, hiring an external freelance copywriter is like having a marketing consultant on hand too. For example: you might ask for a plain job advert to hire a new staff member and find that your copywriter suggests writing a video script may be more effective.
This actually happened! I recommended this to my client rather than putting up a boring job ad, and they saw some phenomenal results from the video.
A quality copywriter is someone who you can lean on to push the boundaries and find new and more effective ways to communicate.

After all of these benefits, it sounds like a copywriter is exactly who you need

Have you considered using a copywriter to help you take your Marketing to the next level? We’re more than just wordsmiths that you pay to make sentences sound nice.

A quality copywriter offers you all of the above 5 benefits so you can achieve your business goals.

Whether you’re looking for blog and article writing, marketing campaign copy, digital website copywriting and more, a copywriter helps you sharpen your words to ensure your brand makes a strong impression at every touchpoint.


How do you know which copywriter to hire?

Good question! Not every copywriter was created equal and to get the most value, you have to find the right one.

Don’t worry – I’ve written a complete guide here: how to hire a copywriter – the 7 steps your business should take.

How Can Melotti Media Copywriting Help You?

To engage your customer and achieve ongoing business success today, you need quality copywriting and consistent content. However, we understand that this is easier said than done.

You’re time poor and spread thin, and writing isn’t your expertise. So, focus on what really matters, while we take care of all of your copywriting and content marketing needs!

For more information or to speak to a quality copywriter to get the results your business deserves, contact me now at

I can sharpen your words to achieve your goals, today!

Christopher Melotti

Melotti Media Copywriting and Message Marketing Bureau


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