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6 Predictions for Businesses After The Coronavirus


Yes, all we’re hearing and reading about at the moment is the current state of the coronavirus, and how it’s impacting our health and our economy right now.But – what about in a couple of months? A year?

What do you think will be left in the wake of COVID-19 for businesses?

Here are my predictions – and SPOILER – they’re not all bad.


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1. ​Working from home with be the new norm

Sure, the world was heading this way anyway but the rate was fairly slow – especially in Australia. However, in the space of about a week, all businesses around the world had to suddenly transition everyone to a home office and, despite the initial pains, it all seems to be working out.

This is making everyone (including Management) realise it’s actually possible for businesses to run with a home-bound workforce which is why I think you’re going to see organisations be more flexible with working from home options in the near future.

2. Businesses & customers will appreciate content more 

Recent studies have been showing that content consumption has been up by over 60%. That’s no surprise as everyone is at home.

With people scrolling all over the digital landscape, everyone is hungrier for valuable, entertaining and informing content than ever before. Is your business meeting this demand? Some brands were prepared for this, having libraries of content amassed over the years – but others weren’t so proactive and are now getting forgotten.

I think that this will set a new benchmark for how important content creation is for businesses and the focus will shift to placing more budget and resources into Content Marketing going forward.


3. The economy will take a while to recover

I’m not a Financial professional in any sense of the word, but even I know that the economy is going to take a big hit for a while. My Financial Advisor summed it up perfectly: “The coronavirus will leave a big scar.”

This may not all be bad. Perhaps the Australian property market may level out and be more affordable than ever before? Who knows.

But what we do know is, this coronavirus period has taken a toll and businesses are going to need a while to map out their course of direction towards recovery for a while. But that’s going to need lots of people and minds to make it happen.

4. Innovation will be more highly valued

Have you seen how creative businesses and brands are being now?

The ones that adapt are the ones that will survive, and this leads me to this prediction. You can either see COVID-19 as an opportunity or a threat. The organisations that choose opportunity are evolving every day by taking risks, making moves, brainstorming ideas and trying to do things better.

As terrible as this pandemic is, it has given businesses the hard push we need to make huge changes and I believe that we will see some interesting new ideas come to light because of it.

If anything, this experience has shown every organisation the power of innovation and the value of being flexible in the face of challenges.



5. ​More human unity everywhere

I’m hoping that humanity will come together and grow together from this.

We’re all in this as a world and there is something incredibly unifying about that – not just as people but also as businesses too. I believe that, after it’s all over, we will be much kinder to each other and the natural world around us.

If you don’t think so, then let’s try hard to make it so!​We should learn from this humbling experience.

6. The brands that do Marketing NOW will be far better off AFTER COVID-19

Are you increasing your Marketing efforts now? Or pulling back?Now is the ideal time to be communicating with customers because they’re actively searching for you.

People are looking to their favourite brands for reassurance and guidance. They’re also more open to new solutions that offer them the support they need. This requires marketing to connect you with them.

I have been practising what I preach myself because I know that my audience is more open to my messages and less distracted than ever before right now – why? Because we’re all in self-isolation at home.

The brands that are meeting this challenge and ramping up their content marketing campaigns will be the ones continuing to engage their audiences over the next few months so that, when COVID-19 is all over, they’ll have a stronger following than when it all started.

The businesses that slowdown will be back to square one after COVID-19 passes – which, after all of the devastation from the virus, is not where you want your business to be.


What are your predictions? 

Are there any I missed? Do you agree or disagree?
If you want to improve your marketing right now, I’m here to help you.

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