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Marketing as a Service (MaaS)

It’s now possible to enjoy all the benefits of your very own Sydney marketing team, minus all the admin, costs and stress.

With MaaS by Melotti Media, you can harness the power of experienced marketing teams from consultation and ideation to implementation and optimisation – you can outsource your entire marketing department to trusted experts.

Optimise your marketing with Managed Marketing Services by Sydney professionals. We empower you to focus on your expertise while you benefit from ours.

Are you looking to:

have access to a team of marketing professionals?

build a proactive and strategic marketing approach?

improve your time and resource efficiencies?

gain marketing scalability and flexibility?

have your marketing “just sorted”?

…all while working on your business and doing what you do best?

You’ve come to the right place.

Focus on your expertise while you benefit from ours.

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Introducing Marketing as a Service (MaaS)

All the benefits of a professional marketing team in Sydney without all the admin, the costs and the stress of in-house marketing.

What is Marketing as a Service (MaaS)?​

MaaS allows you to outsource your entire marketing department.

Melotti Media pulls together experienced teams of marketers to provide a comprehensive and outsourced marketing solution from consultation and ideation to implementation and optimisation

We provide businesses with expertise, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and the tools necessary to achieve your marketing goals effectively.

What does Marketing as a Service (MaaS) involve?

We have a full suite of marketing solutions that you can use as you need – all backed by years of experience and expertise:

Depending on what your business needs, we work closely with you to design and execute results-driven marketing strategies that will help you stand out in a competitive market.

Although we offer a fully-managed marketing solution, we don't require our clients to engage with all of the services.

That’s what makes us different.

We take the time to understand your business, assess your marketing requirements and then provide you with bespoke packages and personalised approaches that suit your unique circumstances.

You can be as involved in your marketing as you want.

Get to know MaaS more – here’s what you’re getting from managed marketing solutions.

Through MaaS, Melotti Media works on your marketing to make marketing work for your business.

What are the benefits of Managed Marketing Services?​

This comprehensive service allows your business to enjoy these key benefits:​

Comprehensive marketing strategy

Access to marketing expertise and experience

Saved time and internal resources

Scalability and flexibility

Cost-effective marketing solutions

Data-driven marketing approach

Ongoing optimisation

Time to focus on your core competencies

MaaS is just like getting a Sydney marketing team of your own – plus all the expertise of an external marketing team and minus all the admin costs.

We’ve made a difference for these brands – yours could be next.

Holistic Managed Marketing Solutions

Business and Marketing Consultation

We start with a comprehensive consultation session with our teams of marketing professionals across copywriting, brand messaging, SEO, branding, design, digital, print and more.

We deep dive into your business to gain a thorough understanding of your goals and direction – and we can cover these marketing areas:

Idea Generation and Strategic Planning

From there, we develop a marketing strategy document based on your unique needs and goals – and this comprehensive document will kickstart the optimisation of your marketing.

Your bespoke strategy document includes the following: 

Development of Execution Plan

We then help build your business’ marketing foundations, guidelines and to-do list for effective marketing.

To achieve brand consistency, clarity and marketing solidity, we develop tailored foundational marketing materials for your business: 


Marketing Plan and Strategy

Content Creation

Once you’ve approved the marketing plan, our team and partner agencies will create your content for you.

We have a diverse team of marketing experts who can manage everything from creatives and designs to copywriting and website creation.

Here are just some of the projects that our managed marketing solutions include: 

… and so much more!

Implementation and Project Management

Once we’ve created and produced your content, you can still utilise Marketing as a Service whenever you need to.

We’re with you throughout the process, continuously empowering your brand by helping you implement, launch or amplify marketing campaigns through the following: 

Performance Monitoring

To ensure you’re earning the results you deserve, MaaS involves comprehensive performance monitoring steps after the project execution.

Our team help you track, analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of every marketing effort and campaign, assessing their performance and impact on your business.

We do: 

Continuous Optimisation

Melotti Media's Full Managed Marketing Services (MaaS) is designed to provide businesses with ongoing support and optimisation.

We help your business ensure continuous marketing success and adapt to the fast-paced marketing landscape and evolving preferences of customers through these: 

You can use any and all of these services as your business needs them – no worries.

Our end goal is to set up your marketing and make sure it empowers your business, so you can eventually thrive and succeed in your marketing, even on your own.

Our team of professional marketers aims to set your business up with a full marketing function that makes customers CHOOSE you.

Check out what our clients are saying about our work:

How we've helped our clients

Full-Managed Marketing Services FAQs ​

No. We are a non-retainer marketing agency. We work with your needs and aim to earn your business over and over. Speak to us for a bespoke package that suits your needs.

Melotti Media, Font & Swatch, Oddball Marketing, Soup Agency, The X/OVER Agency (and more) all collaborate and combine our expertise in achieving all of these services for you.

Yes, of course! Clients still have the final say before we implement any strategy. You have full control over your marketing and Melotti Media will always ask for approval.

Achieve the results your business deserves with Holistic Managed Marketing Solutions by Melotti Media.

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