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The 8 Truths of Content Marketing (You Need To Know)

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Written by the The Melotti Media Team, checked by Christopher Melotti

Content marketing is essential for all modern businesses. 

That is among the truths of content marketingThere’s no denying it.

However, amidst all of the hype, businesses and marketing teams have fallen a bit out of touch with what content marketing truly is and how it works.

Yes, it is a powerful strategy which offers you (and your customer) a whole list of advantages, however it works best when you fully understand its strengths and its limitations.

So here’s a little reality check to realign the content marketing perceptions to help you get the most out of content marketing.

As marketing copywriters, we are involved with content marketing every single day. And we love it!

It’s a very hot topic because businesses are recognising its potential and your audiences have an insatiable appetite for it. 

In fact, the Content Marketing Institute’s recent report found that around 82% of marketers are now actively using content marketing.

With this growing number of traction for content marketing, it’s important to be realistic about what content marketing is and what it means.

Content marketing has recently earned a perception that it’s this ‘magic bullet’ that could earn businesses instant results, however this can blind managers with unrealistic expectations.

Don’t get us wrong - content creation and marketing are amazing tools, but you will get a much better result if you understand more about how it works.

Here are the 8 truths of content marketing:

While content marketing is now a widely-known concept, there are still some (hard) truths about content marketing that may get lost in the process of boosting organic content marketing efforts.

So, that’s what we’ll cover today.

Let’s talk about the 8 truths of content marketing that you NEED to know about.

Content Marketing Truth #1:

Content Marketing does not (and cannot) replace your sales team.

All businesses must be actively prospecting and closing sales if they want to continue to grow and be successful – this will never change, even with content marketing.

We understand that small to medium-sized businesses (just like ours) use content to get noticed and build credibility in the marketplace, which is what it does well.

However, if you’re pumping out content and then waiting by the phone, you may be waiting a while.

We use content marketing effectively and it gets a lot of attention every day, however the team are still out there networking, speaking to businesses and getting leads too.

The key: bridge the gap between your marketing and sales team – that’s how you earn results.

Content Marketing Truth #2:

Content Marketing should NOT be your only lead generation method.

It should be only one piece of your communication whole. 

This is marketing 101 – promotional strategy works best when you are using a combination of campaigns across several mediums where potential and current customers can be exposed to your message a few times.

For example, you want your audiences to see your Facebook posts, billboards and radio ads, then click on your website. They read your blog, watch your videos and download your eBooks. They may even see you at events, see your Google ads and so on.

Remember: content marketing shouldn’t be the only arrow in your quiver.

Content Marketing Truth #3:

Your sales and customer service teams MUST be involved in your Content Marketing.

This one!!! If you take one thing from this article, it’s this.

Marketing working alone on content is a wasted opportunity and will most likely lead to failure. In fact, there are 10 reasons why you need to involve your sales team in your Content Marketing efforts.

Let’s go through these 10 reasons:

  1. Marketing efforts always work best when everyone is aware and onboard.
  2. Collaborative Content Marketing keeps all teams in the loop about what communications are being released.
  3. Your sales and customer service teams are in direct contact with your customers – so they have first-hand insights on mapping the customer content journey.
  4. Sales teams hear the challenges and questions customers are actually asking.
  5. These teams can then pass on relevant topics to help generate new Content Marketing ideas.
  6. If you address these with content, you are providing real value to the right people.
  7. Your sales and customer service teams can amplify your content further and use them as sales collaterals.
  8. Content Marketing gives those teams an excuse to touch base with new and current customers.
  9. It helps your sales team build stronger relationships by offering useful information.
  10. Your sales and customer service teams know where the generated leads are actually coming from.

Even if you’re a small business and playing all three roles yourself, the above still applies. Use content marketing together with your sales and customer service efforts to see success.

This is an absolute must.

We have personally seen content marketing results more than triple when a business involves their sales and service teams, as opposed to businesses which don’t.

Content Marketing Truth #4:

There is a lot of noise even (and especially) in the Content Marketing space.

Content is king.

However, this has seen many organisations flood the market with it, creating a lot of clutter. As a result, your content needs to be fresh, unique and interesting to even get noticed.

That’s why we say that engagement is queen, and valuable, high-quality content must be the bricks that build your kingdom.

There’s no excuse for average content.

Content Marketing Truth #5:

Content Marketing takes time.

Exactly. And we’re talking about both the production of content and the time it takes to earn results here.

It’s not paid advertising that forces itself onto your target segment in large numbers to get leads through force. Content plays the subtler, long-term game by building goodwill on your customer’s terms

The reality is, content marketing is valued more by your audience than advertising, however it takes time to build trust and guide them on your journey.

Content Marketing Truth #6:

When doing Content Marketing, you need to be realistic about ROI.

Content marketing is relatively cheap compared to above-the-line marketing, which means that your return will also be relatively lower too

While content marketing can have phenomenal results, if you expect to see leads pouring in and landing them all, you may need to adjust your expectations. It works best as a support mechanism.

(Sorry, but these are truths after all).

Content Marketing Truth #7:

In Content Marketing, customers are in control.

In the digital age today, your customers are highly educated and empowered which means that they don’t suffer through poor content and will only take action when it suits them (not you).

Taking this into account, you must be patient.

Creating compelling and engaging content will capture their attention and increase their interest, but in the end, if they’re not ready or don’t want it, then they won’t act.

Your content aims to guide them along the buyer journey in a positive way that makes them feel comfortable.

Content is king, but engagement is queen, and valuable, high-quality content must be the bricks that build your kingdom.

Content Marketing Truth #8:

Content Marketing improves your customers' perception of your business.

What content marketing does well is boost your reputation, which is a huge plus. 

People view businesses which DON’T produce content as invisible, untrustworthy and out of touch.

If you do produce content, they will start to get to know your business. If you continue to do so, you will build a relationship, raise brand awareness and get on their radar which ensures they’re thinking of you when they need a relevant solution.

You made it!

Our discussion on the truths of content marketing is officially done. 

So, how did you go? Was your perception shattered or were you already on the right track?

The way to get the most out of content marketing is to understand the realistic nature of it. Once you do, you will create the right campaign that plays to its strengths, which will lead to content marketing success.

Did we miss any truths that you know of? Please share them with us!

How can Melotti Media help you with Content Marketing?

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However, this is easier said than done.

You may find that you’re time-poor and spread thin. Or you still have a lot of unanswered questions. No need to worry!

As your Sydney Copywriters, Message Marketers and Brand Strategists, we can assist you with your content marketing while you focus on what matters to you – growing your Australian business.

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