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How To Write The Perfect Elevator Pitch And Win More Sales in 8 Steps

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Can you sell yourself and your business, brand or product in the space of one breath? 

How about in a few sentences? Or perhaps during the time it takes to get in and out of an elevator with a colleague? 

That’s where the name ‘elevator pitch’ came from. It’s about communicating your core essence in a snappy, highly compelling way so that a person who, on the top floor is a stranger, will be an avid convert by the time you hear the ding and the doors open to the lobby. 

While we don’t have to literally be in an elevator, having your pitch prepared and ready can help you sell yourself successfully when the opportunity presents itself. 

Sure – it’s great to be able to ‘pitch on the fly’, however, you’ll often walk away thinking “I wish I had have said that.”  

So, let’s discuss how to write your elevator pitch and nail your sales spiel effectively. 

Why do you need an elevator pitch?

Long story short: you need to write an effective elevator pitch because your precious prospects are time-poor, bombarded and distracted. So, when you’re presented with a chance to talk to them, you need to make an impression if you want them to consider you. 

People remember an elevator pitch that succinctly explains how you’re relevant to their needs right now. If you get them thinking, “I must do something about this,” then you’ve nailed it. 

Picture the role reversed. Imagine being in a situation where you’re being pitched and sold to. It’s all ‘blah blah blah’ until they hit a point that resonates with relevance. Then you care.

Of course, after you perform your pitch, make sure you’ve also given them a way to take the next step, like giving them a card, your number, setting up an appointment or directing them to make a purchase, and you’ve aced it! 

When do you need an elevator pitch?

You need your elevator pitch every day – because those opportunities present themselves every day! I’ll explain. 

Networking is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing. 

Why? Simple – interacting directly with business colleagues, customers, partners and peers allows you to connect and build a deeper rapport in a way that is hard to replicate in any other marketing form.  

It works the same with a sales call, given the right context. When you’re talking to a prospective customer, especially when they’re a warmer lead (or a marketing qualified lead, for the advanced players here!), an engaging sales pitch can be a slick way to really delve into how you, your brand, product or service is relevant to them. 

Being prepared with a sharp, tight elevator pitch arms you with a much higher chance of converting a disinterested person into a convinced one. 

8 tips about how to write an effective elevator pitch

To write an elevator pitch that works, you need to cover the six fundamental marketing aspects: 

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • When you’re an ideal solution 
  • Where you can help 
  • Why you’re essential 
  • How you work 

However, it’s not just about rattling off this list like a robot. A well-written elevator pitch is crafted with character and context. I’m not going to lie – a pitch can be subjective and different for every business and customer type. 

Nevertheless, there are some elevator pitch development rules I apply, as a pitch copywriter, when I write a sales spiel for my clients. 

1. Know your customer 


Marketing 101 – know your customer. You don’t want to be selling in a vacuum, trying to talk to anyone who will listen – because they won’t! Every form of sales and marketing today must be underpinned by your customer’s needs, wants and desires. 

So, to write a good elevator pitch, start there. Get out a blank page and compile a list of customer attributes that correspond with your pitch. This list will help give your pitch gravitas when delivered to the right audience. 

2. Map out your flow 


Your flow is how you string together the different parts of your pitch in a logical way, so they make progressive sense to the person you’re talking to. 

When I write a client elevator pitch, I always apply my upside-down triangle method to arrange the perfect flow. What I mean by this is, pique their attention with a captivating start, capture their interest with a compelling purpose, raise their awareness with your relevance and then make an impression that lasts. 

3. Get to the point, fast 


That’s the point of an elevator pitch, after all! 

So, while every elevator pitch is different, I tend to recommend starting with announcing who you are and what you do – to set the scene. This is quite different to how I usually write, as I believe in benefits first. However, with an elevator pitch, your prospect needs to know your context first. 

If you start with something like, “do you find yourself lost for words?” – you may find they roll their eyes. Whereas, if you say, “Hi, I’m Chris and I’m the founder of Melotti Media. We’re a crew of marketing copywriters that make brands relevant with wordsmith services and message marketing solutions to connect you with clients and convert them into sales” – suddenly, they’ve got what they need, and I can open them up to a follow-up pitch.    

4. Align your call to action 

Once you’ve delivered your pitch and you see them nodding their head in interest, never just leave it there. Have a plan around what you’ll give them next to trigger an actual action. For instance, give them a business card (never underestimate the power of tangible in a digital world!), book in an appointment, send them a link, shoot them an email or something else that triggers the next step. 
A pitch that is super intriguing is great… but if there’s no follow up, you may miss sealing the deal. Establish that call to action as part of your pitch. 

5. Practise your pitch yourself 


Once you’ve drafted and polished your elevator pitch, it’s time to practise. Don’t underestimate this step, as when you need it, your elevator pitch will always be ready to recite and you’ll feel more confident doing it. 

For instance, I’ve been at networking events and conferences where I’ve been asked to stand up and introduce myself. Fortunately, I’m already ready, and as a result, people naturally came up to me after and want to know more. 

6. Try with a colleague or friend 


Give your elevator pitch a road test by getting someone to give you some hard truths. Brief them in, saying: “Ok, we’re at a conference and we’re meeting for the first time. You’ve asked me who I am,” and then let them have it. Hopefully, they can get into character, tell you when they got bored or lost and give you feedback so you can perfect your elevator pitch. 

7. Put your pitch into practise 


Right! You’re good to go. Now that you’ve put so much time and effort into writing your elevator pitch and polishing your sales spiel, it’s time to use it. Don’t be shy, as your brand’s pitch is what’s going to potentially earn you your next sale or conversion – so, make sure it’s part of your arsenal.  

8. Don’t forget to make updates 


Customers change. Brands change. You change. So must your elevator pitch. It’s always a good idea to give it a bit of a scrub every few months or when you sense it’s time for a refresh. 

For more on when to update your messaging, read my blog Does your brand’s messaging need refreshing?

People remember an elevator pitch that succinctly explains how you’re relevant to their needs right now. If you get them thinking, “I must do something about this,” then you’ve nailed it.

How’s your elevator pitch sounding?

An effective elevator pitch and sales spiel is your secret weapon to earning more conversions and educating the right people about your relevance.  

It’s worth investing the time to write your elevator pitch and sharpen your sales messaging, as a refined pitch goes a long way to making a memorable impression.  

If you need help writing an elevator pitch, contact my team at Melotti Media today at or call us on 1800 M MEDIA (1800 663 342).

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To learn more about how Melotti Media’s core messaging document service can help craft the perfect elevator pitch for your brand, visit: Let’s explain Core Messaging Development.  

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