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Does your brand’s messaging need refreshing?

Communicating with your customers is a cornerstone of marketing – and, in fact, business. 

If you’re not connecting with them through multiple channels, whether that’s via social media, emails, blogs, videos, eBooks and more, then they’re unaware of you or worse, they’re forgetting you. 

But it’s not just about communicating AT them. That’s just noise.

Your brand needs to engage them with your communications – and to do that, you need clear, consistent messaging that they enjoy, find inspiring and feel is aligned with their own goals. 

So, my question is: does your brand do this? 

If not, it may be time to evaluate the way your brand communicates. Here’s how to determine if your brand’s messaging needs updating. 

13 ways to know if your brand’s marketing messages need refreshing

1. Your overall marketing is feeling a little mediocre because your brand isn’t pulling its weight. So, you want greater customer engagement, penetration and lead generation from your marketing activities, particularly across your digital media channels.

2. Your customers and team are currently feeling blazé or confused by your brand. So, you need to establish a consistent core messaging (brand language) that your audience truly understands and your employees buy into.

3. You’re just not attracting the quality customer types you once did because your brand just isn’t staying relevant with current trends or their needs. 

4. Your business has evolved because you have a new product, mission or image, and you’re not sure if your current brand’s messaging suitably fits this shift. 

5. You have a logo, some colours and a name because when you started out you didn’t feel a full brand was necessary, however now, your brand is feeling incomplete. 

6. Your brand looks exactly like everyone else, and so you’re ready to stand out from your competitors in a genuine way. 

7. You’ve reached the next point of business growth and you need to refresh your brand’s communication style to adequately suit this next stage. 

8. You’re evolving alongside your target audience, but you want to reposition your brand to actually lead that alignment rather than just follow them. 

9. You’re just getting started, and you want to ensure that your brand’s launch has the best chance of success. 

10. All of your internal departments feel disjointed and scattered, so you want to identify and live your corporate identity to bring about more unity. 

11. Your public-facing presence is vague and so, you want a far more consistent brand message that people can easily recognise, appreciate and value. 

12. Your brand is feeling a little tired and dated, which is why you need a timely tune-up to reinvigorate your business without distancing your current customers. 

13. You feel that you’re holding the business back, and so you want to explore your brand’s full potential. 

Do any of these reasons resonate with you? If they do, then it’s time to review and refine your brand’s messaging. 

Look – I’ll be honest: when it all comes down to it, the question I’d ask you is this: 

Are you proud of what your brand is saying to the people who matter?

When you’re in a business every day, you develop a keen sense of whether your brand’s messaging is correct… or whether it’s a little off.

It’s from the reactions your customers give you, it’s how you feel when you’re presenting sales proposals and talking directly with people. Do you even confuse yourself?  

Does your brand make you feel a bit bored? 

So, if you consider your website or your sales pitch – are you proud of what your brand is saying? 

If it’s not a firm “YES”, then it’s time to work on your brand’s marketing messages so you are proud – and my team of marketing copywriters and message marketers can help you with this. 

Have a read of our free eBook: are you proud of what your brand is saying?  

Melotti Media offers a Core Brand Messaging Development service

If you’ve decided it’s time to give your brand’s communications a much-needed tune up to keep up with your customers, then we can help you. 

At Melotti Media, we work closely with brands like yours, across all industries, sizes and niches, to help develop or sharpen your messaging and build a core messaging brand document.  

To learn more, visit our Core Messaging Service page here for more information

Or, simply contact my team today. 

Our message marketing copywriters and branding specialists can help you develop your core messaging. Simply email us at or phone 1800 M MEDIA (1800 663 342)

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