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5 Ways To Improve Your Call To Action


What should people do after they’ve read, watched or listened to your content?
Are you providing them direction?
A “Call to Action”, or CTA, is the powerful (and essential) part of your content which guides your audience to proceed to the next step – whether that’s signing up, booking an appointment, contacting you or whatever else your goal is.

The success of your marketing conversion rates lie in your Call To Action’s effectiveness, so you must place the appropriate Call to Action to show your audience the way forward.

To help you craft the perfect Call to Action in your marketing, we prepared the essential CTA stuff you need to know about it. ​


What is a Call to Action? 

A Call to Action (or CTA) is an essential part of marketing which informs or instructs your target audience about what to do next by inspiring them to act.“Sign Up Now”, “Click to Purchase”, “Download Our Free eBook” and “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” are just some of the most common examples of CTAs that drive customers along the next step of their buying journey.

CTAs can be in the form of a single line of text, a button or an image, and a conversion occurs when a user responds to your CTA. ​

What makes a Call to Action important? 

A marketing Call to Action serves two essential purposes:  1) informing your audience about the necessary action they must follow, and  

If you don’t give people direction,
you give them no choice but to leave.

2) providing them with the motivation and reasons to do so. 

You can tell people to do something, but if there’s no value to them, chances are, they won’t do it!

Aside from these two main functions, CTAs are also beneficial to the marketing of any business because of the following factors:

  • CTAs attract customers’ attention CTAs are often highlighted in different content pieces because they are meant to lead audiences to the next logical step 
  • CTAs are exciting A good Call To Action should rouse people because it draws them in. 
  • CTAs trigger the need for your target audience to act  Whether it’s to subscribe, sign up, call or start a certain process, Call To Actions steer your potential and current customers to do something that may add value to them. For more information, read: Everything You Need To Know About Buyer Behaviour 
  • CTAs push people along your sales funnel  By telling customers the necessary action to continue their purchase, CTAs serve as transition towards the next stage of their buying journey.  See: How Content Marketing Helps Your Business Make Sales ​

What are the elements of Call to Action? 

A CTA is more than just a button with a few words. To be effective, your Call to Action must be placed in noticeable locations. It must also be designed in a way that will stand out amongst all the text in your content. Most importantly, Call to Action must have a concise but clear copy.

These are the three elements of a Call To Action:

  1. Placement 
  2. Design 
  3. Copy 

Let’s discuss them more thoroughly in the next sections.  ​

Where should Call to Action be located? 

“Placement” refers to the strategic location of your Call to Actions. Often, CTAs are placed in headers, pop-ups, slide-ins and side panels that can be found on your business’ website. They are also usually positioned during or at the end of each blog, social media post or any other type of content.

Just remember to place CTAs on every website page, so:

  •  your customers are always reminded about what to do, and  
  • it’s always there when they are ready to act. 

Having multiple CTA types is also advisable so that people can select what they prefer – so long as they don’t overlap and confuse your audience.  ​


What should Call to Action look like? 

To stand out from the rest of your content, make the overall design (the combination of colours, text and shapes) of your Call to Action eye-catching. If people look at it, whether it’s in the form of a button or an image, they must know instantly that it’s a CTA.

UI/UX copywriting professional can assist in creating appropriate CTAs for your website and content. There are UI/UX Copywriters who can guide you with both the necessary format and with the CTA’s copy.

For more, read: Why Is UX Copywriting Essential For Your Business? 

What must be written in a Call to Action? 

The copy or the written text that instructs people is the most important part of a Call to Action. Your CTA’s copy must:

  • communicate value by informing your audience about what to expect when they follow your desired response 
  • elicit enthusiasm to motivate your consumers to act – whether it’s to download something, submit information or pay for your products or services
  • be SEO compliant too. ​

As a vital feature of your CTA,
the copy must be clear compelling and straightforward. ​


Here are the top tips to help you improve your CTA.  

What are the ways to improve your Call to Action? 

A Call to Action is meant to create conversions that will boost your marketing and drive sales to your business.  The copy of your CTA can make or break a person’s decision to act. Therefore, it’s essential that you work on enhancing your CTAs for them to be persuasive and effective.

Here’s how.

  1. Begin your CTA with an action word. Starting your CTA with strong command, action word or verb provokes more emotion and can sound more convincing to follow. “Download our free eBook” sounds appealing compared to “Our eBook is available for you”. 
  2. Include a sense of urgency in your CTA. People have a fear of missing out. Get them to act immediately by using this to your advantage. For example, use words like “limited stock” or “this discount is only available now.” 
  3. Offer your audience value  It’s all about “what’s in it for me”. Provide your target audience with reasons as to why they must follow what you want them to do. What’s in it for them? What do they get out of it? For instance, you can create a CTA saying: “Call now to book a free 30-min consultation”, “Fill out the form to gain webinar access”, or “Subscribe to our newsletter to get monthly updates”. 
  4. Incorporate numbers or figures. Numbers in relation to pricing, incentives, discounts, offers or promotions can effectively trigger people Where possible, try to include them in your CTA.  – “Buy our latest style of shoes today to get a 10% discount on your next purchase.” 
    – “Order a minimum of 3 units for free delivery. 
  5. Be unique and creative If your usual CTAs don’t earn conversions, try to innovate and modify them in new ways. For example, “Press print” if you’re a print provider or “push this button for goodies”. 

    There are marketing professionals like a UX Copywriter who can write creative and compelling CTAs for your website and other content. You can ask for their guidance if you’re finding it hard to produce striking CTAs on your own.  

    See: UX Copywriting and UI Copywriting ​

A Call to Action is a crucial content piece that completes your marketing and promotions. But most importantly, it’s the part the earns sales! 

To improve your conversion rates, make sure to equip your content with the right CTAs to provide customers with direction and necessary motivation. 

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