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8 Content Ideas To Keep Your Business Booming During Any Holiday Break

So, there’s a holiday break coming up. 

Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve or even just a school holiday break. It doesn’t matter – whatever the occasion, these kinds of events happen all year round. 

What also happens during this time? People go on break too. 

This means it’s not a regular hustle-bustle time. Clients go away, customers take a break and your team probably follow suit. 

Wait! Holidays are not an excuse to freeze your business!

That’s the point I’m making here. 

Sure, we all deserve a break ourselves. No arguments! However, today’s global, digitally connected world means that everything moves 24/7. If your business isn’t somewhat active (at the very least on social media), then you’re being forgotten during an incredibly opportune time. 


Because when people are taking a break, chances are they’ve got more time than ever to look for brands like yours, peruse your products and research your services.

This is a valuable content marketing opportunity for businesses. 

So, as I said – there’s no excuse.

In fact, it’s a smart idea to be more active with marketing than ever during school holidays, New Year’s breaks and long weekends – because people have more time and attention for you than they normally would. 

And what are they looking for while on holidays? Valuable, informative and entertaining content.

Think about how much time you spend searching for content while you’re sitting by the pool, hanging in a hotel, or sitting on a plane. Heaps! So do your customers. 

So, I’ve got everything you need to get started, below. 

Ok, so we both agree that your business needs to be “marketing active” during holidays and vacation time. 

But how, if you and your team are away? 

It’s easy, especially with all the latest digital marketing tech and platforms. You just “fake” it. Yeah, perhaps that wording is too sinister. Let’s try:  

You just need to be more proactive and plan ahead, so things roll out automatically while you’re away.

That’s a win/win! If you’re proactive with your marketing now before the holidays, you can have everything set up, so your business’ marketing hums along while you’re clinking glasses, sitting in a spa or exploring the global great outdoors. 

There are two ways to keep your business active during the holidays:

  1. Pre-build your content marketing library with holiday content beforehand – then post using simple automation while you’re away.

  2. Hire a trusted external content marketing agency that doesn’t take a break (like us!) who offers holiday content packages – see them all here

What is holiday content marketing?

Holiday content marketing is when a brand or business creates marketing content to share while their customers are away and therefore, have more time to consume it.  

By undertaking a holiday content marketing strategy, you’re keeping your brand active during what is typically seen as a “downtime” or slow sales period. This can keep your sales and marketing pipelines active and reduce the sales lag time right after a holiday. 

Why use a holiday content marketing strategy?

Implementing a proactive holiday content marketing strategy means that you can keep your business busy and attractive even while you’re away. If your brand is active at all times during the year, it allows you to get in front of your audience more readily while helping you increase demand and market share – all while your competitors pause. 

What marketing content to create during a holiday break

Holiday content marketing requires you to think more strategically about what kind of branded content people will be open to at specific times of the year. 

Here are my holiday content suggestions:

1. Thought leadership posts to mark a specific time of year

To create more demand and raise brand awareness, you need to create innovative, fresh and insightful content that inspires thought and provides inspiration. That’s what thought leadership content is and, when done right, it elevates you to a key opinion leader. 

Given that you’re heading into a holiday period, you can theme it around that holiday – as it will be more popular.  

For instance: 

  • author an article about how to kickstart the new year 
  • how to invest funds during the next quarter
  • script a video on a specific topic
  • record a podcast that discusses a subject niche 
  • write an article about a specialty area you are a master at.  

Learn more about thought leadership copywriting services here. 

2. Latest industry news and market trends

Nothing gets audiences more engaged than sharing your research and insights about your industry, especially if the holiday coming up begins a new era. 

For example,  

  • if it’s the near financial year, then write an article about what you’re expecting and why 
  • if it’s a new season, then create content about the latest fashion trends 
  • if it’s a different cycle, create topical videos about fluctuations in property markets. 

A holiday period is a wonderful opportunity to share great insights and raise brand awareness by coinciding with relevant times of the year. 

Learn more about article writing services here. 

3. Content that connects your brand with holiday themes

People love when brands are festive!  

It can really freshen up your approach and draw some creative interest around your marketing.  

How about: 

  • recording a video with a spooky Halloween theme
  • write a blog that covers Christmas in a neat little bow
  • create a website page that discusses school holiday hacks 

Piggyback off each holiday by creating holiday-themed content and you’ll draw more people to you who are in the spirit of the season. It’s also a wonderful way to exercise creativity and explore your brand’s potential. Your customers will love it!

If you need help with creativity, look at our conceptual copywriting services here. 

4. Tips and hacks for the coming year or period

Share what you’ve got! What do you think is coming up in your industry or space that your audience will be curious about? 

Producing a “listicle” article (like this very one!) shows that you know what you’re doing, shares your advice and gives potential leads valuable insights into how they can use your products or services.  

The classic tips and tricks that work are like these examples: 

  • 5 things to expect for Dentistry in 2026
  • Why you need to develop a marketing plan now for the next 12 months
  • 3 reasons that AI Automation is empowering your business next year 

People love foresight and turn to experts for certainty – be that brand they find and go to. 

Don’t stress – we can ghostwrite this content for you with white-label copywriting services. Just give us the instructions and our copywriters will do the rest.

5. Giving back to the community content

People feel great when on holidays – so why not share content marketing around your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives? 

If you’re donating to charity, supporting a school or giving gifts, these are ‘feel good’ posts that will go a long way to humanise your brand.  

You could post: 

  • photos of your team getting together to support an initiative 
  • create a PR article about your sustainability goals this year
  • write a website page about your CSR projects  

This is a gentler approach to content marketing during the holidays that audiences will appreciate as it matches the vibe of their mood! 

For more on Corporate Social Responsibility copywriting, check this out.

6. Holiday promotion emails

Have you got something special to promo? During the holidays is a great time. 

Remember, people have more time to browse, research and learn – so, if you have some kind of holiday sale or vacation special, now is an excellent time.  

Prepare to share: 

  • advertising billboards and well-written Google ads
  • landing website pages chock full of sales
  • social media content that showcases your deals  

People love shopping and a good promo during the year. So, get onto that and create holiday marketing content to launch when people are most open. 

Learn more about advert copywriting services here.

7. Thank you content!

Gratitude is always well received by an audience. So, what do you have to be thankful for? Your team? Your clients or customers? Communities? Stakeholders?   

It’s time to get crafting content like: 

  • Press Releases showing gratitude   
  • Blogs and articles that summarise some great results
  • Videos of your team thanking everyone for a successful year or quarter  

Whether you’re creating company-wide communications or you’re sending out engaging content marketing with a thankful theme, it’s time to get proactive for the holidays now. 

If you’re looking for some internal communications content, you can learn more here. 

8. eBooks for audiences looking for content during their break

Long weekends, Christmas breaks and holiday periods are perfect to give you some space to write your next eBook.  

It’s time to get all of those great insights out of your head and onto the page, for everyone else to marvel at. But it’s more than this. It’s best practise to create what’s called a periodic “big rock” content piece – which is a detailed resource based on a topic you want to own. This big rock content will form the basis of your content marketing plan over the next few months. 

Think of how many social media captions, articles and blogs can be taken from snippets of an eBook.  

So, over the holidays, it’s time to start crafting eBook content on topics like:

  • The evolving Australian legal landscape
  • The ultimate guide to eCommerce automation
  • 20 insights into business coaching and mentorship 

People find a lot of value in eBooks, and they form a cornerstone for your brand’s content marketing. So, invest the time in this (or ask me to do it for you!). 

Get some inspiration here! Have a read of some of the eBooks I created while on holidays. I can write them for you if you want. 

Holidays are on the horizon – it’s time to get that holiday content marketing cranking

So, now you’re inspired, it’s time to act. 

If Christmas, public holidays, or school holidays are around the corner, don’t let that be an excuse for halting your business.  

It’s not hard to be marketing content proactive now before holidays. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re away, knowing that your business is still reaching customers.

Ok, so if you need help, my team can help you write holiday content with our holiday copywriting services. 

The benefits of holiday content marketing

The main benefit of content marketing during the holidays is that you’re creating more awareness and demand by engaging the right people when they have more time. 

That means that when you and your team return to work, it will take less time to warm up the pipeline again.  

Additional benefits of publishing content during the holidays include: 

  • Your brand looks so active to customers
  • Your ongoing presence casts a wider net
  • You’re active while competitors are not
  • You’re providing more value
  • Your brand is more accessible  

How can Melotti Media help you write holiday content?

To engage your customer and achieve ongoing business success today, you need a powerful message, quality copywriting and consistent content. However, this is easier said than done. 

Perhaps you’re time-poor and spread thin, or writing may not be your expertise.  

So, let us take care of your message marketing, copywriting and content marketing needs!  

For more information or to speak to a quality marketing copywriter to get the results your business deserves, contact me now at enquire@melottimedia.com.au or phone 1800 663 342

Our Message Marketing services can sharpen your words to achieve your goals, today. 

Christopher Melotti
Melotti Media | Copywriting & Message Marketing Bureau 

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