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Going on holiday? Is the team taking a break?
What about your business?! We've got you!

It’s that time of the year. Are you and your business prepared?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you while you’re away so your content keeps moving.

Don’t let your break, break your business!

School holidays, public holidays, annual leave – we all need a well-deserved break. But your businesses can’t afford to suddenly stop creating content or go silent.

You need a practical “cover for me while I’m away” marketing solution for socials, blogs, emails and more.

Especially as your customers have more time than usual during their own time off to look at your website, your content and your marketing collateral. 

We’ve got you covered. Let Chris explain, below.

We can write your content while you're away!

With the holiday times coming up:

Don’t worry! Melotti Media is your trusted partner that can cover all of your content marketing while you’re away.

How good is that? Imagine exploring the world or being with your family, knowing things are still moving ahead!

Need content written while you're away?

Here are our holiday content packages to keep you top of mind while you’re out. Your customers will never know you’re gone. 

Maintain your momentum

Keep your content continuing while you're away
$ 1,900 plus GST
  • 2x Blogs (500 – 700 ​ words each)​
  • 4x Social Media Intros to promote your blogs (1 – 2 sentences each)​
  • 4x LinkedIn Key Opinion Leadership Posts (250 - 350 words each)
  • 2 rounds of on-brief changes​

Those back burner items

Build up that content library you've always wanted
$ 3,300 plus GST
  • 60-minute strategy workshop​
  • 4x Blogs (500 – 700 ​ words each)​
  • 8x Social Media Intros to promote your blogs (1 – 2 sentences each)​
  • 4x LinkedIn Key Opinion Leadership Posts (250 - 300 words each)
  • 2 rounds of on-brief changes​

The project

Got a long list of projects?
We've got you!
$ Ask Us
  • 60-minute strategy workshop
  • Discuss all the content projects you need to get done
  • We're your one-stop-shop content marketing and copywriting partner

Something more substantial in mind?


We can get some of your big content projects moving while you’re enjoying your break.

Imagine coming back to your desk after your holiday and having drafts of your website, eBook or marketing collateral, all ready for approval. You don’t need to imagine – we’ve got you.

Let Chris explain, below.

“Brief us and run!”

Some content pieces take weeks to write.
Why not brief us in and then take a break, while we keep things moving?
Your downtime is our ideal writing time!

Build your 24/7 marketing

Make your website work while you're away.
Price from:
$ 3,500 plus GST
  • 60-minute strategy workshop​
  • Update your website copy

    ◉ Home Page

    ◉ About Us Page

    ◉ Products and Services
  • 2 rounds of on-brief changes​

Be prominent in print​

Outline and articulate your brand's value
Price from:
$ 4,000 plus GST
  • 60-minute strategy workshop
  • The words for your Capability Statement:

    ◉ Cover page​

    ◉ Business Overview​

    ◉ Unique Selling Points​

    ◉ Services Overview​

    ◉ Who We Work With Overview​

    ◉ Back Page – Next Steps / Contact​
  • Content for a 2-Page Flyer
  • 2 rounds of on-brief changes

Need a more bespoke holiday quote?

Book in a Holiday Strategy Session and we’ll help you map out your plans and strategies for the next few weeks so we’re aligned, you’re excited and we’ve got this.

Let’s plan now so you can take a care-free holiday

Don’t risk your business’ momentum. 

We’re here to cover you and keep your content marketing moving while you’re enjoying your well-deserved time away. 

Contact us for a no-obligation chat to discuss what we can do for you. 

Want that one-off project ticked?

Perhaps a blog, a newsletter or a single web page?

No worries! We can help you tick that project off your list with prices starting from $500.

Achieve the results your business deserves with content copywriting services by Melotti Media.

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