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How To Get Into The Christmas Copywriting Spirit

Ho ho ho!

Christmas is an awesome time of the year – but it comes around REALLY fast.

You’ve probably noticed that your customers are all in the festive spirit already. But has their favourite brand (i.e.: you) done the same?

Whether you’re writing simple cards or launching a full Christmas-themed marketing campaign, you need the right festive copy to match.

Here are some Christmas copywriting pointers!

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‘Tis the season to be copywriting!

So, this is Christmas… again!

The decorated trees are up, the tinsel is hanging and the carols are playing. The end-of-the-year festive air has struck, where businesses and people alike wind down to enjoy time with family, reflecting on the year that was.

This changes people’s mindsets, especially when it comes to their purchasing and research behaviour – and the businesses that adapt to this are the ones that will find a greater success.



Because Seasonal Themes Make Brands Relevant To Customers


Remember that we’re in an age where our customers have much more power.

They’re calling the shots and ignoring anything that isn’t of interest to them.

Equally so, they’re looking for engaging content that is relevant in their lives right now.

Christmas (just like New Year, Birthdays, Holidays, Valentines Day, etc) is one of those times when people become far more receptive to messages that reflect the season.

In other words, people love when brands join in on the festivities, and this offers a great opportunity for your business to connect with people in a more emotional and meaningful way.

It all starts with Christmas Copywriting!

Christmas is one of those times when people become more open to messages that reflect the feeling of the season.



What is Christmas Copywriting?

Exactly what it sounds like!

Utilising words in their many forms to build content that merges with the season. So, are you making your brand relevant to your customers’ mindset right now?

Here are a few tips to ‘Chrissy-up’ your Copywriting this December. 

1. Jingle Bells, pain points sell

If you want to be successful over Christmas, start with your customer.

What are their pain points, specific to this season? Are they time poor? Trying to find a venue? Looking for the perfect gift? Frustrated with the crowds? Needing a holiday?

Well, how does your product or service answer these needs?
Direct your copywriting at solving their season-specific challenges, and you’ll win!




2. Bring on the cliche cheese!

At every other time of the year, I would advise against using cheesy statements in your copy – nothing makes your customers cringe more.

HOWEVER, during Christmas, you get a (deck the) hall-pass.

Customers love nostalgic uses of traditional phrases and lyrics that remind them of this cherished time of the year.

Look how many Christmas phrases I’ve used so far! You probably thought ‘aww’ not ‘staaaahp!’. It really ’tis the season for the cliches (and everyone loves it).

3. Visuals to match

Christmas is a very visual time!

So, whether you’re writing scripts for videos, email campaigns, blogs, websites or landing pages, make your content easy to identify, so that it triggers the right emotions.

Nothing warms people like seeing themed cards, brochures and pamphlets with a bit of Christmas cheer. 

4. Audio, too!

Don’t forget the about soundtracks.
Add sleigh-bells and carols to your copywritten media, and you’re set. 



5. Themed landing pages


Want to get into the spirit with your website but don’t want to change everything for the sake of a few weeks?

A themed landing page with relevant Christmas copywriting will help engage your customers better this season, and then you can easily remove it when January hits.

6. Christmas Call To Actions


A strong call to action is always key in all content pieces, but up the ante with something festive that they can only get now.

For example, you can throw in a Christmas bargain, a holiday discount or anything that gives people extra value during this  time of year.

And send them to the landing page (from Point 4)!

It will create a sense of urgency and make your campaign relevant to them now.

Just remember…


While people are more open to connecting with your brand on an emotional level due to the Christmas season, the marketing and copywriting rules still apply.

This means you still need to offer them entertainment and information that creates value.

When you’re crafting your Christmas Copywriting around your adverts, EDMs and other Christmas content, make sure you don’t forget who you’re speaking to and what they’re looking for from you, as a brand.

Doing so will increase brand recall since you’re establishing your business as a humane, relatable brand. 




How Can Melotti Media Copywriting Help You With Your Content? 


While Christmas is all about spreading love, joy and giving, creating relevant copywriting content can leave everyone stretched and pressed for time.

At Melotti Media, we understand that high quality copywriting is essential for business success, but it is easier said than done. You’re time poor and spread thin, and writing isn’t your expertise. So, focus on what really matters, while we take care of all of your copywriting and marketing needs!

For more information or to speak to a quality copywriter to get the results your business deserves, contact us now at

We can sharpen your words to achieve your goals today!

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