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How To Craft Marketing Emails That Convert

Competition is fierce today.
Business Owners and Managers like you are looking to digital marketing initiatives like social media, influencer advertising, interactive content and even Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect with your audience. 
However, you shouldn’t overlook and underestimate one of the oldest yet effective marketing tools that exist – email. 
With over 3.9 billion daily email users in the world, email marketing (or Electronic Direct Mail – EDM) still offers results, can make a good impression and build lasting relationships with customers. In fact, marketers who utilise segmented email marketing campaigns enjoy an increase in revenue as much as 760%

Do you want to achieve the same success from email marketing? We know the secret! Here’s how. 


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What is email marketing? 

Have you recently received a newsletter from a retail business informing you of their initiatives to adapt to COVID-19?  

How about some exclusive deals from your go-to online shop? Or perhaps, some updates after you signed up to download a free eBook? 

If you encountered any of these, then you’re no stranger to email marketing. 

Email marketing enables businesses like yours to send promotional and informative emails (known as EDMs) to both potential and current customers. Email marketing allows you to communicate with your audience, build rapport with them and deliver value – if done well. 

Your brand can develop its own email marketing campaign by creating newsletters, sending transactional emails, setting up autoresponder emails or offering discounts and special deals. 


Why use email marketing? ​

Email marketing is a fantastic nurturing tool. 

After all, 5.6 billion people are active email users and your emails have a greater probability of being seen than the ads you post on social media or the blogs you upload on your website. 


Your emails have a greater probability of being seen than the ads you post on social media or the blogs you upload on your website. 

In addition, you can now utilise a complete array of marketing tools, such as your CRM platform or HubSpot, to segment customers and send targeted emails. This allows you to provide them with a more tailored experience from your brand. 
The most important purpose of email marketing, however, is its ability to help you develop lasting relationships with customers. Through emails, you can get more personal, relatable and closer to them – making it easy to build trust that will encourage people to view your products and services as valuable solutions to their pain points. 

A word of warning about emails 

Of course, just like any form of marketing, email marketing is also an art and science. You must first understand how to do it right before you can gain valuable conversions from it.  

To help you, we have compiled some helpful tips to help you craft marketing emails that earn results. 

How do you write marketing emails that convert? 

Writing direct emails or newsletters is one thing. Creating emails that convert people into paying customers is another.   
Encouraging people to take action through email marketing requires effort, time and a knack for using the right words. These tips will guide you. 


1. Build your own list of recipients. 

Avoid sending unsolicited emails because chances are, people HATE receiving 
messages they did not sign up for.
Instead, encourage potential clients or website visitors to subscribe to your emails either through a landing page, a website, a social media post or by providing a content lead magnet. 

2. Understand your audience – like REALLY understand them. 

Once you’ve built a reliable list of willing email recipients, you can now begin to segment them according to your preferred marketing strategy – usually, by their stage in the customer content journey works best. 

Just make sure you know each group’s pain points and needs, so it’s easy for you to tailor your email marketing in a way that will motivate them to open and convert. 

For more, read: How To Define Your Ideal Customers In 10 Steps 

3. Be clear with your goals. 

What’s your purpose for sending this email? Do you want to make a sale or just encourage people to book a consultation? Maybe you just want to give them updates?
Regardless of the reason, make sure to identify your goal first and foremost. This way, you can build your email marketing consistently from the subject and the content, all the way up to the call to action. ​

4. Write an impressive subject line and preview text. 

Your subject line and preview text both play a big part in making people click to open. You can craft compelling subject line and preview text by:

  1. highlighting the benefits  
  2. mentioning the things people could miss out on 
  3. suggesting topics they can relate to.

5. Ensure your email copy lives up to the subject line. 

It’s crucial in email marketing to inspire your customers to read the entire email. If not, why do it?
So, avoid disappointment or frustration by providing them content that lives up to their expectations. Remember that your email copy should always be aligned with your subject line – NEVER use clickbait. 

Never use clickbait in your email marketing campaigns. 

6. Use words that attract.
One of the purposes of email marketing is developing connections with your customers. So, make sure you address them like a real person (not a number). Converse in their language, keep it short and avoid using jargon that only you understand. 
You can also use sensory words (relating to the sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing) to help them visualise the benefits your products and services offer. 
7. Don’t be afraid to personalise your message.
How do you gain additional points from customers? Simple. Make them feel special! When they feel your email is made personally for them, it will be easier to motivate them towards your call to action.  
As such, add a recipient’s name to your email content at least twice and put it in the subject line too. There are automated tools that can also help you with this.

Personalise your marketing emails by adding a recipient’s name to the subject line and the content at least twice – one in the greeting and one at the end. 

8. Try sending different kinds of emails. 


Always sending promotions, ads or offers in your email marketing can bore your audience. They may leave your email unread, unsubscribe or just delete it entirely without even opening it. 

Instead, mix things up with value-adding content that will build meaningful relationships with them. You can do this through storytelling, giving tips or sharing useful insights. 


Perhaps even try telling them an engaging story over a series of emails. This email sequence, when written well, can draw their attention and take them on a journey.

9. Make sure your emails are optimised for mobile.


Since so many people are now reliant on their mobile devices, it’s best that your email marketing is also mobile-friendly.   

10. Emphasise your call to action (CTA).
This is the most important part of your email marketing, as it’s what gets results.  

So, make sure your call to action is mentioned more than once in your email. Use powerful action words that will appeal to customers’ emotions, but also ensure they offer solutions to your audience’s pain points. 


Never leave an email with a dead end. A Call To Action provides guidance as to what a person should do next. 

11. Seek the help of an email copywriting expert. 


Email marketing is not simple.  

It involves more than just sending promotions or delivering messages that describe your products. To achieve success, you need to write marketing emails that appeal to your target audience, nurture customer relationships and inspire action. 

Not everyone enjoys writing emails or has the time.  

To, seek the help of a professional email copywriter to help you create emails that will prompt your audience to open them and encourage them to respond.  

Email copywriters, through their ability to perform comprehensive research and their flair for writing, can allow your brand to stand out amongst the rest using email marketing. 

See: Why Do You Need A Copywriter For Your Email Marketing ​


Are you finding it hard to do email marketing on your own? 

Email marketing may help you boost conversions, but writing emails requires a great amount of time, skills and expertise.  
We understand it’s not always manageable, especially when you have other urgent matters to attend to. 
Luckily, you can always rely on freelance copywriting experts to assist you if you’re finding it hard to craft email marketing on your own. 

Quality copywriters with Marketing backgrounds are professional content writers who can help you create the right types of emails that draw more audience, engage more customers and earn more profitable sales. 

For more, read: Newsletter and Email Writing Services ​

How can Melotti Media help you?     

We understand that you want to achieve business success through email marketing. 

However, you may find that you’ll be using up too much of your precious time and spreading yourself out too thin if you add more things to your already overflowing to-do list. 

You don’t need to worry!     

At Melotti Media, we can assist with all your message marketing and copywriting needs while you focus on what matters most to you – growing your business.       

Let’s start earning the results your business deserves!    

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