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Does blogging get results?


Writing a blog is not a new practise, but it has evolved quite a bit over the digital era.
What started off as an online diary has now become an active way people and businesses are using to communicate with their audiences.
Different blogs see different levels of success, and as a Blog Copywriter and Content Marketer, many ask me: is having a blog for my business worth it?
Here’s my answer along with how to create a successful blog that earns an ROI.
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Is having a blog for my business worth it?

There you have it!
My answer is an absolutely resounding YES, but it requires a lot of elements to make it work, and you have to decide if that fits your goals.
In the end, writing a business blog is an important execution of your Content strategy, and a part of your overarching Marketing Plan designed to communicate with your target audience to earn a Return On Investment (ROI) – just like any other business activity.
Let’s discuss more about business blogging and how it achieves results, so you can decide whether it’s a worthwhile marketing endeavour for you.  

Having a business blog works because it allows you to lead a conversation on a topic that’s relevant to both you and your audience.

Businesses that don’t blog tend to simply follow, rather than lead.

What is blogging today?

What is blogging? It’s an article based on a relevant topic that your ideal audience wants to read to gain value (which I define as entertainment and education).
What you’re reading right now is a blog!

Why should a business have a blog?

Let’s be honest right from the start: blogging requires a lot of time and effort.
Worse, it can often carry a stigma of being slow and dated when compared with the likes of TikTok, Facebook Live and Instagram stories, all of which are hugely popular today.

However, people are always on the hunt for more information.

There is an overwhelming demand for answers to questions, and your audience wants it immediately, when it’s convenient for them. That’s where your business can create the supply with your blog. Simple as that.

When they visit your blog, they learn about you and it raises your status as a key opinion leader.

There is an overwhelming demand for answers to questions, and your audience wants them immediately and conveniently.

Your business answers this demand and, in doing so, raises their awareness of you.

Blogging shouldn’t be seen as anything other than another way your organisation undertakes business. Just like all of your Social Media and EDM campaigns, blogging can be an effective communication tool if done right.
So, how do you decide if it’s the right execution for you?



Blogging depends on your business’ goals

Your business has objectives and KPIs that it needs to achieve, and your Marketing team looks to their toolbox to decide what to use to reach them. If regular blogging is an effective marketing choice, then fantastic! If not, then you use an alternative method.

For Melotti Media, blogging provides a really effective way to meet the needs of both my customer segment and my business’ goals – hence why I pursue it.

You need to ask yourself: does writing content on related topics provide value to my audience so they will visit my website, remember my brand and engage my organisation for work as a customer?

If yes, blogging is for you.



What benefits does blogging offer?

So, what are the benefits of business blogging?

When deciding on the right marketing activity, start with the advantages and benefits it offers.

Blogging helps your business in the following ways:

  • Keeps you relevant
  • Raises brand awareness
  • Maintains a connection with your audience
  • Offers your customers value
  • Attracts attention and deeper interest
  • Improves your SEO rating on Google
  • Draws quality interest from target customers
  • Builds your brand as a Key Opinion Leader
  • Gives people a reason to revisit your website
  • Supports your other marketing communications

All of these blog benefits are absolutely essential to my business and definitely make it worth the time. This list is also not exclusive to my business alone either- in fact, these reasons are why many businesses blog in the first place.

Do you think these benefits would help your business?

Your customers have high expectations and blogging ticks a lot of boxes that keep them happy, such as answering FAQs and providing insightful information they actually want. This is why an organisation decide to take up blogging: because it answers those requirements in a practical and worthwhile way.

However, I find that blogging alone is definitely not enough. But as a supportive method? Definitely.

Your customers have high expectations and blogging ticks a lot of boxes that keep them happy, such as answering FAQs and providing insightful information they actually want.



Blogging won’t stand up by itself

Now, I just mentioned that it’s not enough as a lone business activity – and that’s very true.

Generally speaking, blogging is not a “if I build it, they will come” approach most of the time. It works best as a component of a larger Marketing strategy, playing a role like a cog in a larger machine.

For example, using social media amplification to direct traffic to a blog is a fantastic way to drive customer engagement. Why? Because instead of rewarding their attention with a blatant advert that they will probably find intrusive and ignore, a blog provides an interesting and useful read that sends them through your sales funnel more effectively.

This means you have left them satisfied, and you have discovered a better conversion rate for a lower cost.

Blogging works best when it’s part of a larger content marketing strategy.

Attracting potential customers with relevant value is much better than a disruptive ad they will ignore.



What’s the purpose of blogging?

Of course, another factor in your consideration to blog is the purpose of blogging.

For me, blogging is a way I can demonstrate my expertise. After all, who wants to hire a copywriter who isn’t regularly writing. It would be the same if a business was advertising themselves as SEO experts, and not being on Page One of a Google Search.

Blogging is an excellent tool for me, and it fits my business’ needs perfectly. Hence why I do it.

Ask yourself: does it make sense for your business, too?

Yeah, but what results does blogging offer?

Good question!

Yes, blogging gets me a lot of leads. But I attribute that to many different factors:

  1. I write a new blog at least once a week
    That regular schedule is an absolute must if you want your blog to have an impact and see ROI. Firstly, customers want new information, so giving them something different and relevant every few days keeps them interested. Secondly, fresh new content makes Google happy which improves your SEO and relevance ranking. Third, publishing regularly gives you the opportunity to stay current with the latest topics and news- no one follows a stagnate brand.

  2. My blogs are focussed on providing customer value
    Everything I do starts with the “WHO”, followed by “WHY”. By this I mean, I begin with “who am I targeting this piece at?”, because effective marketing starts with target customer and works outward from there (I always say: make the product fit the customer, not the customer fit the product), and “why would they care?”. If you ask yourself these two questions and can be certain that your answer will achieve your business’ goals, you’re heading in the right direction.

    For example, this very blog! Who? It’s you! My target audience who are interested in business content and writing. Why? Because you want to know more, and in the end, I’m a writer who can do this service for your business, so I’m hoping that the end result will be a win-win for both of us.

  3. I select the right blog topics
    If people don’t care about your subject matter, they don’t care about your blog. Simple. So research what people are asking and answer these topics for them. Suddenly, your blog becomes their place to go to find answers, as opposed to your competitors!

  4. I amplify to the right marketing channels
    Again, blogging and hoping Google cares enough to rank you is such a hard endeavour. So, use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business and so-on to push it out to audiences so they can find it. The more people who see it, the better your chance at achieving your ROI.

  5. I’ve been blogging for years 
    Yes, it takes time. Blogging is deeply rooted in creditability, which is why huge blogs like are so popular- they’ve been around for years and are extremely well known. Audiences trust their content and find them useful, so they come back, and this creates a snowball effect.

    Blogging is not a fast method, but it’s a really important one none the less.  

Bringing all the blogging requirements together

These elements make my blog successful and I get contacted for work all of the time because of it. In other words, blogging works for me and it is effective.

So yes, to answer the original question, blogging IS effective.

What about you? What’s your decision on business blogging?

So, yes – blogging does earn business results. When done correctly.

Blogging really is worth the effort as your customers will appreciate the valuable information.



Why blog? Blogging attracts organic traffic

When I look at my Google Analytics, around 80% of my website’s visitors come from organic (non-paid) sources! 80%! This means that people are finding me in their normal search results, and I attribute that a lot to my blogging content campaign.

This is where blogging gets a lot of its marketing strength – organic traffic.

Just remember: visitors are one thing, but converting quality leads is quite another.

However, for me, I get a lot of potential customers come through as part of this channel who contact me for services- all from humble blogging. This is a significant win for my business, as it keeps me in business!

But again, blogging doesn’t stand alone. Blogging can bring people toward your business and raise brand awareness, but there are steps you need to take to turn them into customers, such as a lead magnet (e.g.: an eBook) or a follow-up emails strategy



How do businesses use blogs successfully?

I know of many organisations that use blogging effectively.

HubSpot, the content marketing giant, uses their blog in so many different ways to reach their audience and I’m certain that it achieves everything they set out for it to do.

Other industry leaders, like Deloitte, use their blog to post relevant news updates and leadership information, because they know their audience wants this information and blogs keeps them engaged.

And the list goes on and on… you have Young Upstarts by Daniel Goh, The Work At Home Woman by Holly Reisem Hanna, forEntrepreneurs by David Skok and even Richard Branson blogs every few days to share his wisdom with the world.

They all have one this in common: they blog for a purpose. There’s a method to the madness that makes it all relevant.

I have quite a few clients from different industries, ranging from medical to finance, logistics to real estate, and even tech to digital security, all of which utilise blogs to facilitate healthy relationships and nurturing campaigns with their customers- and in the end, that’s the tried and tested way to be successful: make your customer’s experience phenomenal.

Just remember- blogging is just one component of your content strategy and this is dependant on your goals. Blogging is still a valuable marketing activity, but just like any other, it has to play a relevant role and offer measurable results for your business.

How Can Melotti Media Copywriting Help You With Your blogging?

To engage your customer and achieve ongoing business success today, you need quality copywriting and consistent content. However, we understand that this is easier said than done.

You’re time poor and spread thin, and writing isn’t your expertise. So, focus on what really matters, while we take care of all of your copywriting and content marketing needs!

For more information or to speak to a quality copywriter to get the results your business deserves, contact me now at

I can sharpen your words to achieve your goals, today!

Christopher Melotti
Melotti Media Copywriting and Message Marketing Bureau

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