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Why Your Business Should Conduct a Marketing Audit


Prevention is always better than cure. 

And marketing is no exception. 

When we’re feeling a little under the weather, we check our symptoms and go to the doctor to prevent an underlying disease from getting worse. For companies, evaluations are done to review not only the accomplishments and milestones of the business, but also look at areas of improvement 

A Marketing Audit works in the same way. 

A Marketing Audit aims to help businesses like yours understand where things are going right, and more importantly, where things are going wrong.  

Getting thorough insights into how your Marketing is performing is the main purpose of a Marketing Audit.  

So – how does a Marketing Audit keep your business on track? 


What is a Marketing Audit? 

A Marketing Audit is a powerful Marketing evaluation service that aims to review your business’ overall Marketing plans, strategies, methods and activities. 

Generally speaking, an external Marketing consultant or Marketing professional is appointed to come in and review all of your marketing efforts. As part of the marketing audit, they will assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and then create a report that your Marketing team can then learn from and improve.   

A Marketing Audit is a powerful Marketing  
evaluation service that aims to review your business’ overall Marketing plans, strategies, methods and activities. 

What’s the goal of a Marketing Audit? 

The intention of a Marketing Audit is to analyse all of the internal and external issues and opportunities of your business to see their impact in fulfilling your Marketing goals. 

A Marketing Audit also equips you with valuable information to guide you in reconsidering and redefining your business’ decisions and plans. 

Your management can utilise this Marketing Audit to review all Marketing operations and look for areas that are not producing optimum results. Through it, you can also determine what campaigns and collaterals are working well, too. 


Are there different types of Marketing Audit services? 


  1. Sometimes, businesses want their entire Marketing efforts audited from top to bottom, to get a full picture of what’s working well and what needs improvements. 
  2. Then, on the other side of the Marketing Audit scale, some businesses may just focus on one area, such as Social Media Marketing or Content Marketing 
  3. However, sometimes an organisation will request a Marketing Audit service to help get an external creative professional, such as a Copywriter, up to speed with the business’ marketing so they can help them going forward.  All three can be very beneficial for businesses. 

What does a Marketing Audit focus on? ​

Having a thorough review of your Marketing Strategy will allow you to see how successful your brand is in communicating with your potential and current customers and converting them into loyal customers. This Marketing Audit will provide you with valuable insights into how you should position your brand in the market. 

However, there’s much more to it than this. 

As a Marketing Audit involves reviewing all of your Marketing operations, it is necessary to also consider Macro-environment and Micro-environment factors – in addition to your Marketing Strategy, of course. 


A Macro-environment Marketing Audit examines your business’ outside threats and opportunities to see how they can influence your Marketing performance. Meanwhile, the Micro-environment Marketing Audit will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your business to understand what internal factors can enhance your Marketing activities. 

Aside from these things, you must also remember that conducting a Marketing Audit is not a one-time activity. A Marketing Audit should be done regularly as a great preventive and strengthening measure. 

Furthermore, it is advisable that your Marketing Audit is conducted by an external expert or organisation to ensure that you receive an objective, fresh and organised report that will help you make significant improvements 

A review of your Marketing Strategy will allow
​you to see how successful your brand is in communicating with your potential and current customers and converting them into loyal customers.


Why should your business conduct a regular Marketing Audit? 

We live in a digital age where all results are constantly trackable. 

So, you would assume that you’re always performing a Marketing Audit on your activities. But a Marketing Audit takes data and conversations with the business, and interprets them on a more comprehensive scale. 

So, how do you know if your business needs to perform a Marketing Audit? Why must a Marketing Audit be a regular thing? 

Here are the reasons why: 

  • A Marketing Audit will assist Management. 

    It’s inevitable for businesses to have a change in leadership. Conducting a Marketing Audit will allow them to have a good overview of the business’ marketing resources, methods and performance.  

  • A Marketing Audit will help you with rebranding. 

    Sometimes, your business may encounter the need to rebrand. When that time comes, a Marketing Audit will be valuable in determining new perspectives and fresh ideas necessary for your business. 

  • A Marketing Audit will help you stay ahead of your competitors. 

    Performing a Marketing Audit involves implementing a SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis to understand your business when compared against your competitors.  

    By keeping up with your industry’s latest trends through a Marketing Audit, you’ll be able to easily adapt to changes and take advantage of new opportunities.  

  • A Marketing Audit will help you in overcoming poor performance. 

    To solve a problem, you should first understand what really caused it. A Marketing Audit provides your business with complete information about what areas must be improved and what is hindering your Marketing strategy from performing optimally. 

  • A Marketing Audit celebrates success! 

    Not everything is bad! Sometimes, a Marketing Audit will help identify the areas of your Marketing Strategy which are doing really well. It’s a nice pat on the back for you all and offers more confidence in what you and your team are doing. 

  • A Marketing Audit will support your business’ growth. 

    A Marketing Audit shouldn’t only be done when things are going wrong. For you to keep track of your progress and maintain your direction, it is also useful during times when your business is experiencing growth. 


What are the benefits of a Marketing Audit?  

A Marketing Audit allows you to perform an in-depth review of all your Marketing activities to ensure that they are executed to deliver quality results. 

As you’ve seen from the things mentioned above, there’s really no shortage of benefits when it comes to doing Marketing Audit. Performing it regularly allows your business to take a step back and determine how to manage your resources more effectively. 

There’s really no shortage of benefits  
when it comes to doing Marketing Audit. 

Most importantly, a Marketing Audit provides you with knowledge of what Marketing practises are generating positive returns and what methods should be replaced.  ​

This way, you’ll save more time, money and resources by investing only on effective Marketing campaigns and strategies. 


Who conducts a Marketing Audit? 

A Marketing Audit can be performed by someone from within your company. However, its advisable to find an independent Marketing expert to fulfil the job.  

This is because an external Marketing Auditor will provide you with unbiased insights and fresh perspectives when evaluating your business. 

An external Marketing Auditor will provide you with unbiased insights and fresh perspectives when evaluating your business.  

In addition, hiring someone to undertake your Marketing Audit saves you time and allows you to focus more on urgent matters of your business. 

Just remember to choose the right individual to conduct your Marketing Audit for you. 

How can Melotti Media help you? 

Every business wants to be successful. 

So, we’re glad that you’re taking the initiative to consider a Marketing Audit to help you achieve it. 

However, we know that you’re time-poor and spread thin, and it’s possible you still have a lot of questions regarding the Marketing Audit process.  

No need to worry! 

At Melotti Media Copywriting, we can assist you with your Marketing needs while you focus on what matters most to you – growing your business.    

Let’s have a chat and book a free, no-obligation consultation now! 

For more information or to speak to a trusted Marketing professional, contact me now at info@melottimedia.com.au.

Let’s work on getting you the Marketing results your business deserves! 



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