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Who needs a copywriter?



People love communication and businesses love to communicate.

Put a quality Copywriter in the middle, and suddenly, you have a connection that is beneficial for both. Why did I say a “copywriter” and not just anybody in the middle?

It’s because anyone can write, but a professional copywriter looks deeper. Connecting people with businesses is not a fluke or by any means easy (especially in today’s world).

It takes experience, practise, studying, practise, research, practise, practise, risk-taking, courses, practise, seminars… did I mention practise?

Let’s cut to the chase here: if you need text written for an important project, then you need a copywriter to help you communicate in a more effective way.

So, here’s why you need a copywriter!




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All business tasks and marketing campaigns rely on words

This is inevitable today, because words make up such a bit part of the way we communicate to our colleagues and our customers.

It means that a lot depends on how we write things. Do you put your ‘best word’ forward? 

People love communication and businesses love to communicate.
Put a quality Copywriter in the middle, and suddenly, you have a connection that is beneficial for both.



Why are marketing words so crucial?

As a professional Marketing Copywriter in Sydney, I spend a lot of time with businesses of all sizes working on a variety of communication projects designed to reach their customers in a more meaningful way.

Why? Because there’s a lot of noise out there that’s distracting your customers. So, just writing anything today won’t get you results.

I was checking Google recently, and realised that one of the top searches was “who needs copywriting?”, and I started to think: do people know what it is, or what we do? 

If people don’t know what a copywriter does, how would they know if they need one?



Words can be powerful. But it’s a lot of hard work.

Look around you.

Do you see every ad, every bus shelter, every shampoo bottle and coffee container? Every instruction manual, educational blog and investment document? Can you spot a warning sign, or a newsletter, an email or a Facebook post?

Everywhere you see a piece of Marketing text, a Copywriter was involved.

Everything from those three-word taglines to a 5,000 word eBook: a copywriter

It’s easy to take all of this copy for granted because you’re reading like you always do. However, even the shortest text requires a lot of strategy behind it if you want it to have an impact on an audience. A soft company could just put “drink this” or “this tastes good” on an advert – but they don’t. Why? Because it takes more than just simple language to truly be persuasive, especially with today’s audiences.

A professional marketing Copywriter takes everything in and finds the words that tick all of the boxes, from audience needs to compelling messages, language, tone, direction and more.

Copywriting is all about the benefits for you

There are a lot of advantages and benefits a Copywriter offers you.

First and foremost, their purpose is to add real power to your campaigns and projects – and they do this through a lot of hard work.

Think of it this way: if it’s your business and you’re running the show, do you really want to be writing, too?

It’s back to basics: focus on the bigger picture and give the specialities to the specialists. This frees your time to concentrate on what you love, while knowing that your content is in great hands.

After all, if you struggle to find the time or the words for your own copy, you need a copywriter.

If you struggle to find the time or writing really isn’t your thing, then you need a freelance copywriter.


Quality Copywriting is a real thing

Every single day, we are immersed in a world of copywriting written by writers, and all of them are different.

However, sharp and clever copy is extremely difficult to create, and not everyone can do it. It takes relentless passion, hours of dedication and days of brainstorming; and then it takes time to amend, cross-out and rewrite.

Remember – it’s not just words on a page.

A quality copywriter will analyse your campaign, your audience, your branding and your core messaging, and unite them all together to engage people in a way you never thought possible.

It’s a process that can take a lot of time, but the results will be worth it in the end.




The mistake of not using a copywriter

So, what happens if you don’t use a copywriter for, say, your website’s text? Sure, everyone can write! We’ve studied it since we were children, right?

What happens, though, is your website ends up being full of grammatical errors, poor spelling, and worse of all, it has no unified direction or strategic goal behind it. This is a huge problem that I see so many businesses make time and time again before they contact me and ask what’s wrong.

It’s because a non-copywriter will fill a website (or any content for that matter) full of words from a perspective that is too well-entrenched in their own business. As a result, you get the overuse of lingo, a misdirected intent and no logical flow.

Everyone can write. Sure.
But there’s difference between writing and copywriting – and that comes from experience focusing on how to make an audience listen and take action.

What happens when you don’t use a copywriter?

Most of the time, a non-experienced copywriter will forget their audience, which is the biggest backward step your business can make. THE BIGGEST!

See my blog, What’s The Trick To Effective Copywriting? for more information about this.

If you’re not seeing leads or traffic come to your website, or you’re finding your bounce rate is growing by the day, that’s probably why; your audience is confused by your content, or it doesn’t address them directly and offer them value, so they leave.

Simple as that!


Checklist: Do you need a copywriter?

Ok, everyone loves a good checklist! Answer the following questions to help you decide if you need a professional copywriter or not.

1. Do you know what a copywriter does?
If you answered ‘no’, chances are, you do.
Also, you should probably read this: Is a copywriter who you need?

2. Do you need content that will be found by your precious customers?
If ‘yes’, you definitely need a copywriter to produce it or at very least, check it over for you. Also, you should probably read this: 5 Ways To Create Captivating Content For Your Precious Audience

3. Do you want to improve the professional standing of your organisation?
If ‘yes’, a professional copywriter will be worth every dollar, as you can refresh and reinvent your customer-facing image.

4. Do you have the time or expertise to be writing to achieve your business’ goals?
Of course, answering ‘no’ means you need a copywriter. Let someone else do it for you, and focus on the bigger picture, where you know you’re valuable.


How did you go? What did your results say?

Let me guess.

That you probably need a copywriter, right? Don’t forget- you wouldn’t get just anyone to fix your phone lines, sell your products, or lead your customer-service team, would you?

Then don’t do the same with your writing in your communication campaigns. It will pay off and you’ll have a new level of appreciation for Copywriters.


How Can Melotti Media Copywriting Help You?

At Melotti Media, we understand that high quality copywriting is essential for business success, but it is easier said than done.

You’re time poor and spread thin, and writing isn’t your expertise. So, focus on what really matters, while we take care of all of your copywriting and marketing needs!

If you need further clarification about content, or if you need a quality copywriter to get the results you need, contact me now at enquire@melottimedia.com.au. Or leave a comment, below.

I can sharpen your words to achieve your goals, today!

Christopher Melotti

Melotti Media Copywriting and Message Marketing Bureau


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