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What Is Voice Search Copywriting?


Using search engines has become a staple of our time. 

Everyone relies on the likes of Google, Bing, Safari, Amazon, eBay to be updated with the latest news, find answers to questions and obtain solutions to their problems.

But search engines have started to evolve passed just typed queries and into voice search.

How does your business adapt to this? Voice search optimised content. Here’s how.


Voice search is the new way to perform internet searches – especially because businesses and individuals have become more time-poor than ever. 

The spiking number of users who are highly dependent on using speech commands to hunt around the web is an indication that your brand’s digital content must also be optimised for voice search.

Voice search copywriting is the key to ensure you’ll still be able to reach an audience and deliver relevant information in this era of voice search. To guide you, here are important things you need to know about voice search copywriting.  ​

First, let’s talk about voice search. 

  • Have you ever asked Siri a question?  
  • Do you rely on Amazon Alexa to provide you with weather forecasts? 
  • You may have yelled out to Google Home for the next recipe step? 
  • Or perhaps, you’ve ordered takeout through Samsung’s Bixby before? 
  • The technology behind these voice assistants is called voice search AI. 

Voice search Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows people like you to use voice commands to instruct a smart device – either to ask questions, obtain information or request an action (example: play music, set an alarm or make a to-do list). 

There are 3 reasons why voice search is becoming more relevant and popular recently.

  1. Voice search is convenient. No need to type! Simply put, you use your voice to perform queries. Your voice searches are more conversational when using voice search technology, which means that content online must also be written to match this style. 
  2. Voice search is advancing to become more helpful and accurate for users. Advancements in the voice search ranking algorithms of search engines have adapted to the use of natural language processing to recognise voice text and other related patterns. 
  3. Voice search technology is growing. Today, voice search recognition is not limited to mobile devices only. Other smart devices, including the ones we used at home, have also been programmed to do voice search. These include Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Samsung Bixby. 

Voice search really is the new trend. 

To adapt to this modern approach of finding and accessing information, your online content must be recognisable, responsive and valuable to search assistants like Google, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. 

To do this, you must adopt voice search copywriting. 

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What is voice search copywriting? 

When AI search assistants respond to a voice query or spoken command, they scan the web for written content or webpage copy that will provide them with the results they’re looking for. 

Copywriting for voice search allows your brand’s website and marketing content to best match voice search engine queries.

Voice search copywriting optimises your digital content to ensure that it is relevant to voice searches – helping you communicate and deliver more value to your audience.

Voice search copywriting is when you publish written content online that is optimised for voice search queries so that when someone searches using a voice command, the voice search assistant scans this voice search content and returns it as the best match for the voice search request. 

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Voice search copywriting is when you publish written content online that is optimised for voice search queries so that when someone searches using a voice command, the voice search assistant scans this voice search content and returns it as the best match for the voice search request. 


How to do voice search copywriting 

Search results for a typed query and a voice search query differ significantly.

People tend to be chattier and more detailed when they are voice searching – so your content must work with long-tail keywords and full questions when you are copywriting for voice search. 

You also need to pay close attention to how your customers typically use natural speech and talk faster when performing voice queries.

For example, a typed search query will be something like: “movie times Saturday night Sydney”. Whereas a voice search query may be more like: “What are the list of movies on this Saturday after 6pm?”

Since marketing content supplies the results of all voice search activities, you need to optimise your content using voice search copywriting.

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Voice Search copywriter can help. Their marketing knowledge, flair for writing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) capabilities allow you to take full advantage of this voice search era. Here are the reasons why. ​


Why is a voice search copywriter important? 

Making your online content stand out has always been challenging in this competitive digital world. Voice search optimisation is no exception. 

As the demand for voice search-friendly devices continuously grows, your written content must also evolve to be voice search-friendly content.

Voice search copywriters can create or modify your content to improve customer experience, support your SEO strategies and make your brand relevant to your online audience.

Here are more reasons why it’s necessary to use a voice search copywriter

  • Voice search copywriters understand the need to use conversational tone. Copywriting for voice search must adapt to the way people speak. To match with what audience are looking for through AI voice search assistants, voice search copywriters utilise natural speech in the way they write your content.
  • Voice search copywriters can produce content that is snippet-rich and mobile-friendly. Every website aims to be featured on the snippet or the top spot of Google’s organic results (“position zero”). Voice search copywriters are focused on using list, bullets, and subheadings to make sure your content can reach a higher search engine ranking. Voice search queries also tend to be done via a smart device – so voice search copywriters work on enhancing your content to be mobile-friendly. ​

  • Voice search copywriters utilise the question-and-answer format effectively. People tend to ask complete questions when using voice search. Therefore, voice search copywriters create content for your website that provides direct solutions to the problems your audience have as a complete answer. For instance, people might ask Siri to search for “What are the trendy hairstyles this year?” Your website can then feature a blog with the same title – then you can give them a list of latest hair trends and inform people that your salon can assist them to achieve their preferred look.
  • Voice search copywriters are experts in using long-tail keywords. Audiences who perform voice enquiries use complete sentences. Voice search copywriters know how to adapt this to include long-tail search keywords. Long-tail keywords and full, well-constructed sentences to match people’s voice searches.  

With the popularity of voice search, your business needs to adapt using voice search copywriting to create content that is optimised for your audience. Copywriting for voice search can help you with this by utilising voice search technology to help your customers at all stages of their buying journey. ​

Do you want to optimise your voice search copywriting? 

Quality copywriters with Marketing backgrounds are professional voice content writers who can help you create the right types of content that will position you as a strong result for voice searches. 

If you’re finding it hard to do voice search copywriting on your own, you can always rely on freelance copywriting experts to assist you.

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