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How To Establish Your Brand Identity With Copywriting


Your brand is one of your business’ most valuable assets. 

That’s because it stands as a beacon that your audience can recognise, understand and relate to. But it only gains this value through its own strong identity.  

A brand identity is much more than just aesthetics like colours, prints and typography – it is how your brand defines itself. 

Here’s how to build a brand identity using copywriting.



What is a Brand Identity? ​

When you think of McDonald’s, what immediately comes to mind?

Well, aside from the burgers, we bet you see bright red with two golden arches. These are the visual elements that people associate together with the brand. This is known as a Brand Identity. 

Brand Identity is superficially made up of a name, logo, tone, colour scheme, tagline, typeface and shape. However, it’s more than this. A brand identity is your brand’s persona that you want to portray to the public, and your goal is to position the brand image, so it resonates on a deeper level than just a logo or colour. 

When people see famous brands like Apple, Microsoft or HubSpot, it means something to them. They have a strong brand identity – and so should yours. ​

Why build a Brand Identity? 

Your brand’s identity is the foundation upon which all your marketing campaigns and branding strategies will be based on. It’s also what makes attracts an audience and converts them into customers. 

How? Because a brand identity is what resonates with a person to make them want to act. 

That’s why it’s essential to take the time to build a brand identity so that it reflects a character that appeals to your audience. ​

It’s important to take the time to build a brand identity so that it reflects a character that appeals to your audience. 



How to establish a Brand Identity 

To build a strong brand position and image, you need to consider the following elements: 

1. Personality

Think of how people express their personality. 

It shows in the way they dress up – colours, patterns and styles. It’s expressed in how they speak – tone, speed and choice of words. It’s also in the way they act – behaviour patterns, processes and approach. 

It works exactly the same with a brand.  

Your brand’s personality can show through your logo’s shape, colours, typeface and the tone of your copywriting.  

Why does your brand need a unique personality? Because uniqueness makes a memorable impression.  ​

Why does your brand need a unique personality? Because uniqueness makes a memorable impression. 

2. Differentiation 

You want (or even need) your brand to always stand out from the rest.  

A strong brand identity helps your customers associate, easily recall and distinguish your business from all others. It also lets you highlight your competitive advantage among other competitors and target the most relevant market. 

3. Relevance 

You want people to be naturally familiar with your brand’s image and qualities. When they focus on their pain points or challenges, you want your brand to be the first relevant solution they think of – this is brand relevancy. ​

When people focus on their pain points or challenges, you want your brand to be the first relevant solution they think of.

By establishing and promoting a strong brand identity, you build awareness and increase brand engagement with your past, current and future customers. 

4. Consistency 

Brand identity comes from promoting a consistent, core message that people understand and associate with your brand. It doesn’t happen overnight – your audience needs to be exposed to it many times over time to ingrain it.  

This consistency allows your business to build trust since people will know what to expect when they purchase your product or use your service. 

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What is the role of Copywriting in a Brand’s Identity? 

You may think that when it comes to brand identity, words aren’t as important as the aesthetics. However, they are both crucial in building an effective identity for your brand.  

The words and visuals go hand in hand to establish your brand’s individuality. While visuals are there to illustrate, the words communicate. 

For example:  

1. Naming the Brand 

Name my own brand? Phew. Easy!

Or is it? The name of your brand will be the name that people will be saying and remembering forever (that is, if it’s a good name). So, you want it to be smart, catchy and resemblant of your brand’s personality and goals.  

​A copywriter can help you come up with a great name that perfectly suits your business that’s also clever and memorable. 

2. Tagline

The brand’s tagline can serve as a bite-sized summary for people. It should capture what you do and entice them to find out more about your brand offers.

You may think taglines are just short and quick to write but it’s actually very complex and time consuming to try to distil your brand down to a couple of words.

Copywriters know that with just a few words, there is a lot to be said.

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How to Establish Brand Identity with Copywriting 

Establishing your brand’s identity isn’t merely choosing the right combination of colours and designing the logo. Copywriting also has a lot to contribute to building an excellent brand identity.  

Here’s how: 

1. Determine your brand’s personality  

In order to determine the personality of your brand, you need to know what you’re selling and who you are selling it to. Personality will reflect not only through the colours but also in the words and their delivery.  

2. Set the tone 

Your copy sets the tone of the conversation. This is your opportunity to determine how your brand introduces itself to the public and communicates. 

You can be brief and formal, or you can be playful and creative – whatever works for you. Just remember that your tone of voice should feel inviting and allow people to trust your brand. 

3. Craft the language 

Copywriting deals with words – a whole lot of words.  

In building a brand’s identity, the precise choice of words is what makes the brand unique. These words speak for the whole of your business, so every one of them should count.  

How can Melotti Media Copywriting help you? 

To build and establish the perfect brand identity for your business, you need quality copywriting and consistent content. However, we understand that this is easier said than done. 

There’s a lot to do in a thriving business – so leave the copywriting and content marketing to the experts while you focus on the bigger picture. 

To speak to your trusted (and friendly) message marketing copywriters, email us at     

At Melotti Media, we make every word count! ​

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