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How Is Copywriting Relevant in the 2020s?


The twenty-twenties is a marvellous but VERY fastpaced age. 

We live in an era where people are always on their phones, customers await eagerly for the next-best-trend’ and consumers demand a wide range of options for their needs.  

For brands, keeping up with those expectations is already hard enough.  

Yet, we all still have to worry about the growing number of competitions, our customers’ lack of tolerance for traditional marketing and an ever-shortening attention span. 

Thankfully, there is still a way for your business to capture their interest and position yourself as the best solution: quality copywriting still connects you to your audience, delivers your message and helps your business get ahead of its competitors.  

For your brand to thrive and survive in this new decade, here’s what you need to consider.


A quick review of copywriting: 

Words are still at the heart and soul of marketing practise even today. 

They’re everywhere – packaging, website, adverts, behind every script, every teaching course, SEO, AI and so on; it’s all backed by words. 

This “copy” informs and entertains an audience which provides value that they care about. Copywriting (i.e.: the writing of copy) allows you to appeal to the right audience and motivate them to act.  

As a powerful marketing tool that earns trust and helps build profitable and lasting relationships with customers, copywriting is often utilised in: 

  • Product descriptions  
  • Adverts you pass in the street or see on different social media sites 
  • Brochures, catalogues, guides, eBooks and infographics 
  • Websites and Landing Pages 
  • Blogs, blogs and more blogs! 

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Why is copywriting still super relevant in 2020? 

The constant growth of technology and the evolving demands of B2B clients and B2C customers leaves businesses with no choice but to be creative and progressive with your marketing. 

Here are the common challenges in the 2020s: 

  • Is your audience demanding more in exchange for their attention and money? As time goes on, both B2B and B2C consumers have growing expectations. They demand value and they want to get it right and quick. 

    Copywriting allows you to provide quality content that equips them with the information they need, within their busy schedules and lifestyle. 


  • Do you want to attract a wide range of followers amongst the growing competition? 

    No matter what medium or channels people prefer, copywriting can help you communicate effectively with people on their own terms.  

    Whether through the emails they receive, the ads they see on social media, the videos they watch, the podcasts they listen to or the blogs they read – quality copywriting ensures you’re capturing more attention that lasts. 


  • And lastly, are you afraid of getting left behind with the latest trends? Copywriting is the backbone of new marketing technologies. The surgent of voice search, the growing reliance on AI and even the evolving SEO landscape can make or break your business. 

    With copywriting, adapting with these latest trends and taking advantage of them are possible. 

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There is one factor that will remain constant: people will always read text, even if their preferences and needs are always changing.



How can copywriting help with voice search? 

Due to its convenience, voice search via smart devices is a rising trend. 

However, making your content voice search optimised is not easy. 

People speak differently to how they type, making their search phrases or questions longer when verbalised. 

This is why it’s important to understand your target audience and the language they use when talking about your brand or industry. By knowing this, you’ll be able to predict the phrases or questions they are bound to ask – giving you the opportunity to align your content with it as well. 

Copywriting allows you to achieve voice-search exposure by making sure your content is optimised to this new form of search. It uses sentences and keywords that your target audience often utilise in their daily conversations to ensure a better match. 

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How can copywriting be utilised in AI? 

Businesses are embracing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Nowadays, they resort to AIpowered chatbots to cater to their audience’s needs. 

People, however, are still sceptical about it most of the time. They prefer a real person to talk to when discussing their concerns, especially with important matters like their account history or orders. 

As such, your AIpowered chatbots must offer responses that are simple, conversational and direct to the point.  

Copywriting ensures that questions and answers provided by AI or bots are accurate, straightforward and useful for your customers. It also uses the right tone and communicates in a friendly way to completely earn people’s trust. 

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How can copywriting improve SEO? 

A great way for people to discover your business is through a search engine’s results page.  

It’s the reason why your content must be created with target keywords in mind – helping you rank higher and be visible when the right people are looking for solutions to their pain points.  

In fact, Google chooses the most useful and relevant answer, then displays it at the top of the result’s page. This highly coveted spot called the ‘Featured Snippet or Position Zero is effective in attracting attention.  

Quality copywriting uses 5Ws (who, what, when, where and why) format, terminology definitions and simple how-to instructions to match your target audience’s searches. It also helps your content rank for several keywords. 

More so, optimised and well-created pieces of copy engage people to read further about your brand and compel them to follow your call to action. 

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In the 2020s, a lot of things will surely change 

The way businesses like yours do marketing will continue to change by relying on new technologies and adapting to the growing expectations of people. Even the development of voice search, AI and evolving SEO requires your brand to adapt and re-strategise the way it positions itself. 

Yet, there is one factor that will remain constant: people will always read text, even if their preferences and needs are changing. 

By allowing you to appeal to the right audience and deliver value using written words, copywriting can be your key to success today and into tomorrow. 

How can Melotti Media help you?   

We understand that you want to achieve business success through quality copywriting. 

We also know that you’re time-poor and spread thin, and it’s possible you still have a lot of unanswered questions.  

But you don’t have to worry!   

At Melotti Media, we can assist you with all your marketing needs while you focus on what matters most to you – growing your business.     

Let’s start getting the results your business deserves!  

For more information or to speak to a trusted copywriter, contact us now at  

We can sharpen your words to achieve your goals today! 

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