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8 Ways To Step Up Your Customer Service With Effective Marketing and Copywriting



Your customers really do determine the success (or failure) of your brand. 

That’s because their reaction to your marketing has such a profound influence on everything you do. So, communicating with them and giving them the best experience is obviously a top priority for any business.

Now, take time to think about this – how are you keeping up with your customers? What experience are you providing for them when they interact with you?

Whether at the front desk, over the phone or via your digital platforms, it’s important to make a great impression. Why? Besides their purchase and growing fondness of your brand, they’ll typically share their experience with friends, family and online – and suddenly, word about your brand spreads like wildfire.

You want this to be a super positive word!

Let’s discuss how to gear your marketing content and copywriting to ensure you’re providing excellent customer service. 




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Everything is marketing today! 

Marketing is no longer a department.  

It’s no longer just a function in your business or a team who creates content and a few pretty pictures.

  • When they see your ads – that’s marketing. 
  • When they see your social media – that’s marketing. 
  • When they interact with your Sales and Services team – that’s marketing. 
  • When they ask for after-sale support or hunt for FAQs – that’s marketing. 

That’s because all of these interactions create an impression about your brand in their minds, and this all links to how they perceive your level of service.

This means that your marketing goes hand-in-hand with the level of customer service your audience associates with your brand.


So, every touchpoint is an opportunity to make a really great impression.  

However, it can also go wrong too. For instance, when they read all the lovely messages on your website, and then call you, only to have a rude person answer – there will be a conflict, followed by confusion and probably frustration.

Instead, you want what they see online to match the chat they have with your customer service team and so on. You want the quality of your service to be consistent from start to finish.

This shows you how marketing and copywriting can help improve your business’ customer service levels. It all begins with the right way to communicate.



The role communication plays in customer service 

In every type of relationship, effective communication is essential, right? 

Business is exactly the same! To provide the best service, you must first be able to let your customers know about you, the value you offer and, most importantly, what’s in it for them.

But this doesn’t just happen at once. You can’t just shout something and hope people listen. It involves a full journey, from when they’re first introduced to your brand through, say, a social media post, to when they have a look through your website, all the way to when they call, make an order, speak to your team, make the purchase and come back to you afterwards.

The experience has to be smooth from start to finish.

You can see here how important communication is to encourage them along this journey.

How, then, can you make use of marketing and copywriting to improve customer service? 

The way your brand communicates is through your marketing messages and the copywriting you have across all of your channels. 

Effective marketing and copywriting can greatly improve your customer service by providing them with answers to their questions, knowledge for their interest and solutions to their problems.

Effective marketing and copywriting can greatly improve your customer service by providing them with answers to their questions, knowledge for their interest and solutions to their problems.​

To help, we’ve compiled 8 effective ways to improve the customer experience using marketing and copywriting.

8 ways to improve the customer experience using marketing and copywriting 


1. Know your customers 

Knowledge is power! Nothing is truer than when it comes to your customers. So, begin by understanding their needs, wants and pain points.  

When you have a clear idea of what they want, you can easily plan out your content and provide a great experience from the beginning. Communicating value is a lot easier when you know who you’re talking to and what makes them tick. 

So, take the first step towards great customer service by getting to know your customers. You can make use of the data available, ask your audience-facing team, gather your own or gauge your audience’s responses to your previous posts. 

With enough knowledge, you’ll have copy – and customer experience – that will give you an advantage.  

You can read more about getting to know your customers here: How To Learn About Your Customers: 8 Ways To Gain The Most Insight About Your Audience. 

2. Take control of the customer journey 

Did you know that your customers take an 8-step journey towards the purchase and beyond?  

Your goal is to provide a consistent, personalised and high-quality experience from the point that they do not know about you, all the way to purchase and after-sale support. 

How can copywriting help you do this? 

From website information and advertising copy to personalised EDMs, great copywriting can help you make a great impact on your customer at every stage.  

Read more about the customer journey here: What Are The 8 Stages Of The Customer Content Journey?  

3. Create marketing content that resonates with your target market 

Whether you’re crafting a social media post or preparing an email, the key is to make your customers feel that they are more than just a number. Instead, demonstrate your value by making them feel valued. 

Having personalised content will help your audience appreciate the materials that you share with them. You can share tips and tricks, questions that will make them think or videos that will keep them entertained. 

Just don’t forget that whatever you share, you must consider what you know about your audience and use that to your advantage. 

Learn more here: How Content Marketing Works: A Complete Guide 

4. Build and maintain relationships through words

Your customers demand a relationship with your brand. This means that words are more powerful than ever as you can communicate in ways that foster connections.

Make your audience feel that you understand them and that you’re dependable – even amidst all the problems.

Be a friend to your customers – because, well, everybody loves their friends!



5. Use the appropriate tone and language for your audience

Sometimes, it’s not just about what you say – how you say it also matters. So, take care with how you present your ideas to them. Phrase everything in a way that your audience will appreciate and understand.

If your market consists of young adults, then it would be great to be fun and conversational. If you’re more about B2B transactions, then it would be great to establish your credibility by adopting a professional tone that explains how you’re product or service is a smart investment.

And it doesn’t stop with the language – while you’re at it, you can also take a look at your entire brand identity and make sure that it’s aligned with your target audience.

Remember, if it’s easy for people to understand you, it’s more likely for them to relate to you and your brand.

For more branding techniques, check this blog: How To Build A Unique Brand Identity.

6. Make your content easy to find

Of course, all your efforts to boost your customer service will go to waste if your target audience cannot find you. So, be sure to be within their reach by making yourself searchable whenever they’re hunting for you.

For instance, promote yourself across social media channels and using the right hashtags.

Make your articles and blogs easy to find on your website so they don’t have to go hunting.

Also, take full advantage of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing, so you’ll be on the top of your customers’ Google Search results. Just don’t forget to make sure that you’ll make a good first impression when they find you!

For more SEO hacks, read 5 Ways to Help Your Business Succeed With SEO.

7. Keep up with the latest trends

As the business environment continuously evolves, your customers change as well. So, ensure that your brand stays up to date, otherwise you’ll risk being left behind. 

There are several factors affecting consumer behaviour and of course, you’ll succeed if you carefully take all of them into account. From your tone to your actual content, you must make sure that you’re in line with the trends and changes in the market.

With the new normal and the constancy of change, increasing customer satisfaction is an ever-evolving challenge. So, you must keep researching to keep up with your customers’ ever-changing needs and preferences.

We’ve listed some of the trends to take note of here: 10 Marketing Trends To Keep Up With. 

8. Ask for feedback and utilise it well

No one knows what your customers want more than themselves. So, listen to them.

Regularly ask for feedback and make sure to integrate all the information that you gather in improving your service. Every voice matters and it will help you make sure that you are constantly improving.

Making your customers feel that they are heard and valued is also the right step towards better customer satisfaction. So, take those surveys and ask questions. Your customers have the answers!



​How can you improve your customer service with copywriting?

Remember when we said that the customer journey begins when they start to learn about your brand, product and service? 

Well, what’s a better way to kick off that journey with quality copywriting that entices them to learn more? After welcoming them warmly, you can guarantee that they’ll have a great experience by providing them with everything they need to know to begin their journey on a good note.

Once you’ve finally won their hearts, make sure that your content marketing is something that they can be proud to share with their friends. Then, wow these new referrals with another welcome and the cycle will go on.

You might not realise it, but quality copywriting, great marketing and solid messaging will not only make you look good, but will also help you stay on the radar.

Take a look at this range of services that you can utilise in boosting your customers’ experience: What Are Copywriting Services For Businesses?



The benefits of improved customer service for your brand

We all know the value of great customer service.

It creates a ripple effect. People who have a good experience share these stories with others. So, make sure that the stories they tell are good!

Investing in your customer service is always a smart investment because they are the backbones of your businesses. Customers may not always be right, but they are the ones who bring value and profit to your brand – so making each and everyone’s experience worthwhile is a great step towards success.


How can Melotti Media help you?  

We understand that you want to achieve business success by developing a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy. We also know that you’re time-poor and spread thin, and it’s possible you still have a lot of unanswered questions.

But you don’t have to worry!

At Melotti Media, we can assist you with your content marketing needs while you focus on what matters most to you – growing your business.

Let’s start getting the results your business deserves by building a quality marketing strategy!

For more information or to speak to a trusted copywriter, contact us now at enquire@melottimedia.com.au  

We can sharpen your words to achieve your goals today!  



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