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6 Ways To Make Your Web Pages Search Friendly Using SEO Copywriting

People today use search engines like Google, Bing and Safari so often that we can’t imagine the internet without them. They’re doing billions of searches every week across the globe, hunting pages for unique terms, phrases and questions.
The search results that come back are where most traffic gets funnelled into (especially on the first page!). 

What does this mean for businesses, then? 

It means your brand is sitting amongst fierce competition, all scrambling to become relevant. 

So, how do you get search engines to pick you over others? ​



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All search engines today use an algorithm to review a user’s request and return the best results. 

To get chosen, these search engines must classify your web pages as:  
  • informative and relevant 
  • something that provides a good experience  

Then, after a person clicks, visitors must find your website attractive and potential leads must have a compelling reason to convert. 

This all starts with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

SEO allows your business’ web pages to rank higher in various searches because you’re offering quality content and relevant value to an individual. 

To get the best results, you have to utilise SEO copywriting first. Here’s how. ​

What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s content to obtain organic (unpaid) traffic from search engines.  

How, you ask? 

There are many ways. However, when it comes to optimising your business’ website content, you must use relevant keywords that will allow search engines to understand what you provide and customers to find you when they are searching for solutions online. 

Always remember that the goal here is to craft website content that people will deem useful and engaging – encouraging them, then, to interact and convert as well as share it with their networks.  

The goal is to write website content that people will deem useful, relevant and engaging – encouraging them to interact and convert as well as share it with their own networks.  

By doing this, your business will be able to establish a strong authority online and your pages will start to rank well within your niche. 

For more, read: Search Engine Optimisation: Getting Started ​

What is the role of copywriting in SEO? ​

SEO is not as easy as it appears to be.  

You must create content Google and other search engines will understand, while providing information that will inspire your customers to take action. 

The problem is that people’s desires and search behaviours are always changing. 

Search engines’ algorithms keep on evolving too. In fact, they can now easily detect if you’re just throwing a bunch of keywords into your content that don’t make sense or are spamming your visitor, and drop your ranking. 

This is why you want to use proper SEO copywriting to get the balance right. 

SEO copywriting is all about delivering well-crafted content that is useful to audiences and understandable to search engines. It targets specific keywords that will draw attention, without overdoing the process to abide by search engine restrictions.

SEO copywriting is all about delivering well-crafted content that is useful to audiences and understandable to search engines.

When done properly, SEO copywriting can enable your business to: 

  • Gain higher rankings in various search engine results pages. 
  • Encourage more traffic to your website. 
  • Get more brand exposure. 
  • Present people with valuable information they care about. 
  • Obtain their respect through brand awareness (known as Key Opinion Leadership) 
  • Motivate your target audience to learn more about the products and services you provide through your website. 
  • Drive visitors to take your call to action (CTA) – that is, convert. 
  • Inspire audiences to share your content. 

If you’re wondering how – here are the secrets to making your web pages search friendly through SEO copywriting. 

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The 6 ways SEO copywriting makes your web pages search friendly 

By improving the quality of your web pages and entire website content, SEO copywriting provides benefits that allow your business to grow its online following and experience great results.  

It makes a HUGE difference when search engines notice your website and begin convincing people to visit your pages. 

Here’s how SEO copywriting takes your online content to the next level.

1. SEO copywriting revolves around the needs and interests of your audience. 

SEO copywriting is about delivering valuable content to your target audience. It’s not about the quantity of keywords, but rather about providing quality solutions. 

When writing SEO copy, it’s about understanding the pain points, interests and goals of your audience, and then creating content that perfectly answers your audience’s questions – making it easy for search engines and people to find your business online. 

For more, read: SEO is evolving: Here are 3 Steps You Need To Keep Up 

2. SEO copywriting uses alternative keywords in your website content. 

SEO copywriters are well-versed in researching keywords, including related terms that are relevant to your topic. This involves naturally weaving these keywords and their alternatives throughout the content in a natural way. 

As such, your chances of ranking higher even for relative search terms increases. Remember, more exposure means more traffic and conversions for your brand!

3. SEO copywriting focuses on evergreen topics. 

You should create evergreen content – that means content that doesn’t age fast.

SEO copywriters know how to create content that will pass the test of time by selecting the right topics. This means that your business can rank higher on search engines consistently, as the information you provide within your niche is useful and applicable both now and in the future. ​

4. SEO copywriting utilises internal links. 

Internal links serve multiple purposes. They allow search engines like Google and Safari to correctly comprehend your content and place greater weight on the value you provide. Internal hyperlinks also encourage people to spend more time on your website. 


What related pages on your website can you provide links to that will enrich your customer’s experience further?

5. SEO copywriting enables readability. 

Writing SEO compliant copy means that you’re taking advantage of titles, sub-headlines, spaces and bullet points to make your website content easier to read. 

SEO copywriting places a high emphasis on keywords, without losing sight of the goal to make your content engaging, interesting and punchy.  

See: Copywriting: SEO Or Your Reader 

6. SEO copywriting ensures there’s enough content. 

Search engines like Google focus on substantial and informative content.  

Why? Because people want this too!  

So, don’t deprive your audience of relevant insights. If they gain valuable solutions from your website, your business will become a respected thought leader in your field. 

SEO copywriters are experts in these things. For example, they know that at least 250 words of unique written content is a must for every web page. 

SEO copywriters can also meet the recommended minimum amount of 600 words for every blog you want to post.  ​


Now, it’s your business’ turn! 

SEO copywriting can make your web pages more search-friendly, allowing your brand to achieve more authority online, attract more traffic and gain more conversions. 

We understand, though, that you may not have the time or even enjoy SEO copywriting. 

Luckily, you can always rely on freelance copywriting experts to assist you if you’re finding it hard to do SEO copywriting on your own.  

Quality copywriters with Marketing backgrounds are professional content writers who can help you create the right types of content that are optimised for both search engines and your audience. 

Check: Web SEO Copywriting Services 

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