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Social Media Captions Case Study: Bradshaw Concrete Designs

The Company 

Bradshaw Concrete Designs specialises in providing premium concrete finishes for both outdoor and indoor spaces through concrete grinding and concrete polishing. The team works on pools, sheds, home transformations and other concrete design work around Newcastle.

The Situation 

Being in the design and trades space, the Bradshaw Concrete Designs brand needs to be noticed by the right people. Because the business has no physical showroom, the team realised that having a strong social media presence would make a great digital brochure.

The goal was to curate an optimised social media feed that highlighted the quality of their work and gave the team more credibility. To do this, they needed to connect with their audiences in the most effective and efficient way possible.

The Challenge


Compelled by the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and accessibility that AI Copywriting offered, the initial solution that the Bradshaw Concrete Designs team adopted was using AI to generate social media captions.

This way, the team could create several captions and schedule the posts so the social media account could thrive without the manual work.

However, only after a number of attempts, the team realised that they just weren’t getting the quality of social media caption that they were looking for from the AI output.

Worse, it was also taking them a lot of time to polish each caption.

When I did the first caption, it was really easy,
Brett Bradshaw of Bradshaw Concrete Designs
shares, and then we did another one, it took multiple tries and about an hour to get one out and it still looked wrong.

That’s when I thought: this is neither easy nor time-saving.

This prompted them to look for another solution.

The Goal


This is where Melotti Media came in.

At Melotti Media, we certainly acknowledge the potential AI tools offer in making content marketing more efficient. However, we also recognise the fact that the efficiency of AI only works best when combined with human EQ and copywriting expertise.

So, we offered to help the Bradshaw team more directly.


To empower Bradshaw Concrete Designs with effective social media content, it was first important to understand the USPs of the business, their target audience and their goal for doing social media marketing.

The objective of the collaboration between Melotti Media and Bradshaw Concrete Design was then to efficiently craft audience-centric content that would drive engagement, and eventually, generate leads for the business.

The Solution


We now create these social media captions monthly by collaborating closely with the Bradshaw social media team in a regular strategy session, where both teams conceptualise the social media posts together.

It’s a lot more than the technology, Brett says, speaking with the Melotti Media team allows me to explore ideas and get the much-needed outside perspective that is important in communicating the value we offer to our audiences.

After each strategy session, the Melotti Media team writes the social media captions for Bradshaw Concrete Designs – with the unique tone of voice of the business and the audiences in mind.


So far, the Bradshaw Concrete Designs team is thrilled with the results.

The Outcome

Melotti Media helps me view the business from a customer’s point of view, Brett says.
Because I’m very focussed on the professional contractor view, the marketing perspective that Melotti Media offers is really helpful.

Our signature Melotti Media process combines a complete understanding of the client’s pain points with years of marketing expertise – allowing us to craft audience-centric copy that human readers can resonate with.


The process seems easy when I’m discussing the ideas with you, but I know that if I’m doing it alone, I’ll get stuck straight away,” Brett shares.


By working with Melotti Media, Bradshaw Concrete Designs can get as involved as they want in the process. They are also assured that our message marketing team can strategically craft the captions, reducing the tedious manual work while getting a guarantee on the quality of their social media content.

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