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Copywriting Case Study: SK Group OZ


SK Group is a local Sydney painting specialist team with a very thorough process, strong expertise and a great reputation for their work. They see themselves as a premium supplier with a premium service and a highly trained team.


Sasha Kerkmez – SK Group OZ

“Christopher and Angela have both been a pleasure to work with. They have helped us with our content for a few years and we look forward to many more.”



SK Group OZ approached Melotti Media because their marketing collateral and content marketing were not aligned with the quality of their services. In other words, their website and brochures didn’t effectively explain their level of service, their quality and their expertise that, as premium painting specialists, they knew they provided.



After several strategy sessions, Melotti Media devised an effective approach to rewrite their entire website and brochures with messaging that would resonate with their ideal clients (both B2B and B2X).

Melotti Media also helped solidify all of their marketing messages to effectively communicate the real benefits that SK Group OZ provides – which are above and beyond the usual painting services delivered by its competitors.



Through Melotti Media, SK Group OZ was able to revitalise all their collateral and online presence. They also secured significantly more leads as a result of clearer messaging and clearer copywriting. By providing intuitive website content that was optimised for SEO and explained why SK Group OZ was the ideal painter of choice, SK Group OZ achieved excellent results.

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