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Copywriting Case Study: LTRENT


LTrent is a prominent and well-established driving school in Australia. Known as Australia’s number one choice for driving lessons, it is a reputable brand with over 50 years of expertise and experience in the field.


LTrent’s brand messaging and wording, which were innovative and unique ten years ago, have now become common amongst all of their competitors. As such, they approached Melotti Media to help them refresh their brand messaging and take it to the next level, differentiating themselves in the process and reconnecting with the next generations of customers.


Melotti Media conducted a core messaging exercise with the managers and CEO of LTrent to get to the bottom of the customer climate, the new brand and where to take it. Chris and the Melotti Media crafted more compelling messages given the research and insights provided by LTrent. We also developed a completely new, bold tone of voice and messaging for the brand to set LTrent apart and make the brand stand out.


Melotti Media developed a fresh brand message and positioning for LTrent that represented the new direction of the business and its customers. Now, LTrent is rolling this messaging out across the country – starting with their website and onto all marketing collateral.

Annette Cross – General Manager at Trent Driving School

“It was a pleasure to work with Chris and the team at Melotti Media. The passion and enthusiasm that Chris brings to projects is infectious and the copy is high quality and relevant. After one conversation, Chris and his team have been able to capture the essence of our brand and articulate it in a way that is fresh, relevant and high quality. The core messaging provided, is a touchstone that we will use across all our marketing and media. Thanks again Chris, Angela and team, I look forward to our next project together!” 

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