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Copywriting Case Study: Lokahi Foundation


The Lokahi Foundation is an Australian charity focussed on supporting women and children who are or have been victims of domestic or family abuse. They provide support to enable and empower women to reclaim their lives, achieve a secure environment and assist in progressing down a path that will improve their situation.


Through Lokahi Foundation’s support workers, they also provide rehabilitation to help women victims get back on track.

Rachael Natoli – Lokahi Foundation

“Chris and Angela worked so hard to really understand the ethos of the Lokahi Foundation so that they were able to create a credentials document that truly reflected not only who we are and what we do, but why supporters would want to get on board. I was so impressed with not only the quality of the work, but the timeline in which it was produced! Thank you so much!”



The Lokahi Foundation needed to come up with compelling copywriting communications to approach investors. However, they were struggling to effectively pitch themselves to companies to secure funding and support.

They were very experienced with writing to the victim audience, but not to the corporate sponsor audience. That’s why they approached Melotti Media to help them develop their branding, slides and marketing collateral.


Melotti Media provided immediate assistance with creating a strategy and writing the collateral content around approaching and securing funding from more corporate clients. This involved content strategy sessions between Melotti Media and Lokahi to determine what kind of customers and what kind of messaging they needed. From there, Melotti Media was able to build out all of the materials needed through our expert copywriting services.


Melotti Media was able to produce all materials, allowing The Lokahi Foundation to communicate more clearly to corporate investors throughout the entire journey. This involved initial contact like emails and PDF attachments all the way to slide kit presentations and after-meeting documentation that helped them secure more support and funding. While these results are confidential due to the nature of their business, we can say that our content services had a great impact on their results. 

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