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Copywriting Case Study: Acredia Care

The Situation 

Acredia Care is an intuitive digital solutions platform designed to revolutionise aged care management. The complex nature of compliance requirements in healthcare can be intimidating, particularly in the provision of aged care.  


Their primary goal was to provide fully integrated software to have a single source of truth to ensure data in the aged care facility is not duplicated. Acredia Care offers a user-friendly platform that reduces the compliance burden and makes it easier to meet mandatory reporting requirements, specifically around the quality use of medicines (QUM).  


The Objective 

The team at Acredia Care approached Melotti Media to create effective messaging that clearly conveys the recent permanent updates to the National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program (NQIP). 

Using a well-written article, Acredia Care aimed to spread this update to aged care organisations and provide helpful information to help them comply with the new NQIP quality indicators. 

Their goal was to introduce their innovative solution to help aged care providers keep up with the ever-changing nature of Australian compliance requirements in the nursing home and aged care sector and educate providers about how their software is designed to help aged care facilities efficiently and accurately collect data for their NQIP report. 

Our Solution 

To achieve Acredia Care’s goal, the Melotti Media team wrote an article that clearly articulated the recent Australian NQIP updates. 

The blog was written to focus more on what aged care providers should do to meet the new changes given that the updates meant there would be more data to collect, paperwork to submit and hours spent working on the compliance admin tasks. 

Melotti Media ensured the article was able to capture readers’ attention by highlighting how aged care facilities can benefit from Acredia Care’s innovative digital solutions platform. 

The Outcome  

With a clear, well-thought-out article, Melotti Media was able to earn Acredia Care the exposure they deserved. 

After the content piece was uploaded onto their website and sent through an EDM, Acredia Care witnessed outstanding results within just a few days.  

Since working with Melotti Media, their website traffic has skyrocketed, and they’ve seen a significant increase in enquiries and engagement. 

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