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Core Brand Message Development Case Study: Kûdos Travel

The Situation

Kûdos Travel is a seamless and comprehensive travel tech platform that brings together traveller profiles, booking tools, trip details, unused credits, travel alerts, real-time flight information and more – all in one place. 


This reliable platform simplifies travel planning for Travel Agents, Travel Managers, Corporate Clients and Travellers alike, offering ease and convenience right at their fingertips.  


The people behind Kûdos Travel approached Melotti Media to gain more direction around their brand’s personality and messaging. They wanted to communicate more effectively so that Kûdos Travel would resonate with all of their customer types. 


The Objective 

The team of Kûdos Travel reached out to Melotti Media to create more clarity around their brand’s language, tone and style.  

They asked us to create the right words and craft a distinct set of marketing messages for each of their customer types, including an overarching message that best represented the Kûdos Travel brand and the value it provides. 

Their goal was to determine the best approach to connect with Travel Agents, Travel Managers, Corporations and Travellers across different marketing channels to make sure these key audiences care about what Kûdos Travel has to offer. 

Our Solution 

To equip Kûdos Travel with a strong foundation for all their marketing and content, we developed a Core Messaging Document to establish their brand’s unique character and help them effectively communicate with clients both now and in the future. 

We started by having a thorough strategy session with their team to discuss everything about the Kûdos Brand, then we created a brand message guidelines which contained the words, messages, tone, style and relevant concepts to use across all of their content and marketing channels. 

Melotti Media crafted a distinct set of hero statements, elevator pitches and core messages built around the needs and interests of each of their target audiences. We made it easy for them to highlight the value Kûdos Travel provides, so they can connect better, spark more engagement and earn more conversions. 

The Outcome  

Melotti Media’s Core Messaging Document enabled Kûdos Travel to reinforce their brand’s identity and consistently communicate their true value to motivate client action. 

With a Core Messaging Document, it has been easier for them to formulate marketing strategies, conceptualise relevant campaigns and produce consistent content that is relatable to their target audiences – from Travel Agents and Travel Managers to Corporations and Travellers themselves. 

Backed by a central brand language guide that offers key messages people care about, Kûdos Travel can now lead more conversations and stand out in the market. 

The Kûdos Travel team were thrilled with the final outcome and are using their messaging now across all of their marketing. 

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