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Why You Should Hire a Copywriter Who Knows Content Strategy



Have you seen all of your customers out there, hunting for content? 


They’re out there and their demand is growing every year, which means your business needs to produce content to meet their needs and become a relevant part of the world.

So, your business decides to hire a professional copywriter to help you as you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself.

However, you’ll quickly realise that not all copywriters are the same.

Here’s what you need to be looking out for and why!




Hiring a copywriter is definitely a great idea if your business is taking your content marketing seriously.

There are many advantages to using a freelance copywriter, which you can read about here: Why hire a copywriter? The 6 benefits we offer your business

However, that’s not what we’re discussing here

How do you choose the right copywriter? 

There are a lot of copywriters out there, and it’s critical to select the one you need. While you can search online and find writers all around Australia, you’re ideally looking for one who has a Marketing background and knows about content strategy.

Why should your copywriter know about content strategy?

Because simply writing piece by piece is one thing. 

But being able to understand the bigger picture, your branding, your customer, your objectives and overarching goals to help you craft the ideal suite of content is quite another.

When your copywriter offers you more than just basic writing services, you have someone who can make more of an impact with a more comprehensive approach because they understand the context of your content marketing plan.

So – you need to ask yourself:

Do I just need someone who can put words together? Or do I need someone who can help guide me, provide me with advice and expertise from years of their experience (and write too)?

Savvy businesses know it’s the latter.  




Why content strategy?

No matter what size your business is, you need to have a solid content strategy to map out your goals, objectives, needs and tactics to ensure all of your efforts are united and striving for the same thing.

This is because content doesn’t work in a vacuum. It works best when it’s part of an overall outcome.

You want a copywriter who understands this.

Think of individual pieces of content as bricks. Without a strategy, you’re throwing bricks randomly into a field.

With a content strategy, you are placing the bricks together strategically to build a house.





But it’s not just “an obligation”.

Your marketing, sales and customer service teams want to have a solid content strategy too because they know that the right approach will help them achieve their goals.

So, your challenge lies in finding a copywriter who understands, not just the importance of quality copywriting, but also about content strategy too.

Copywriting: the key element in content strategy success

Creating content that is guided by a content marketing strategy means that all of the elements fit together to form a synergy pointed towards a specific objective, rather than created in an ad hoc way and hoping for the best.

For example, your podcasts are an extension of your blogs, which support the sales team along with your printed collateral, all of which directs people to the videos and infographics on your website, where the banners collect information in exchange for an eBook… and so on.

The pieces all fit together.

This highlights the advantage of hiring a freelance copywriter who understands content strategy. It is one thing to create great content; it is another and far more beneficial thing to understand the journey that great content must take before, during and after it is created.



The 10 Benefits of a Content Strategy Copywriter

A copywriter who understands content strategy and has experience with content marketing offers your business the following benefits.


  1. Provide advice, guidance and outside perspective
  2. Offer more versatility with the types of content we can write for you
  3. Understand the bigger picture, which reflects in the content we create for you
  4. Build content that works as a whole, rather than just a single piece
  5. Be more in touch with your business’ intentions and understand your customer segments better
  6. Improve sales and drive more traffic through engaging copywriting
  7. Use a mixture of short-term and long-term content to cover all bases of growth
  8. Establish and convey thought leadership due to our overall perspective
  9. Understand the marketing side of content, such as ROI and Calls To Action
  10. Be a much more integrated part of your team

Long story short?

Hiring a freelance copywriter who knows content strategy and content marketing is able to meet your business’ needs to a much higher level and provide a better solution.

This is because we’re equipped with the knowledge to understand your goals, adapt the content as needed and earn you the results you’re looking for.

How Can Melotti Media Copywriting Help You?

To engage your customer and achieve ongoing business success today, you need quality copywriting and consistent content. However, we understand that this is easier said than done.

You’re time poor and spread thin, and writing isn’t your expertise. So, focus on what really matters, while we take care of all of your copywriting and content marketing needs!

For more information or to speak to a quality copywriter (who has a marketing background and understands content strategy), contact me now at enquire@melottimedia.com.au.

I can sharpen your words to achieve your goals, today!

Christopher Melotti
Melotti Media Copywriting and Marketing Solutions

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