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What to do if your marketing goes wrong



As marketers, we do research, we conduct tests, we utilise AI and machine learning, previous experience and intuition – all with the aim to execute marketing campaigns that produce results.

However, despite all of this, sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Why? Because our audiences are unpredictable humans – regardless of whether we’re targeting B2B, B2C or both.

So, assuming you did everything right in preparation, and your marketing campaign still fell short, what do you do now?

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It’s the same old story.
You spent weeks finding the right messaging, had the right people on your team, chosen the right images, video and colours. The product was ready, and this campaign was set to be one of the best you’ve ever launched.

You hit the “go” button and wait – only to find the results don’t meet your expectations.

Down and down it goes, until you face the facts that this is not going to be a campaign that reaches critical acclaim by any means.



You’re not alone!

Small businesses and global brands have all been there.

Marketing isn’t a precise science – there are so many factors involved and, despite all our best efforts, sometimes things don’t pan out.

Here are some tips to try when this happens.

1. Don’t get overly emotional

Yep, it’s hard. Frustrating even, not to mention embarrassing.

But I’ve found personally that if you rise to your emotions, it only leads to regret afterwards. You realise that your initial reactions just make it all worse. Instead, take a deep breath in, keep things professional and focus on the next steps.

2. Assess the outcomes

What went wrong? Don’t just assume – find out.

Was it something completely unpredictable? Or was there a factor you overlooked? Regardless of which, dig deep to see what the overall results were and take the time to discover how this all came about.

You’ll only make the situation worse if you ignore it and move on.



3. Address it

Stakeholders will want to know what happened. Don’t hide or sweep it under the rug, as this looks like you’re avoiding responsibility and hoping that no one notices.

Don’t let the information vacuum become a PR disaster.

After you’ve researched the shortfalls from the previous step, present your findings to Management or your client and explain the details. It will be tough at first, but honesty really is the best policy here.

4. Learn from the experience

As frustrating as it is, a marketing shortfall presents you with a unique opportunity to evaluate your assumptions and approach so that you can grow. People learn a lot through mistakes, and this is one of those times.
I had a mentor say: “it’s not feedback; it’s feedforward.” That’s a great way of thinking about it. If your efforts failed or didn’t go to plan, take this as a learning experience.
This means really considering things and deciding how this experience will change the way you think going forward. It’s only a true failure if you ignore this.

5. Seek help

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help.
There are so many qualified and experienced Marketing professionals out there that can provide assistance. It’s not about ego or weakness – it’s about seeking some extra guidance and support so that the next marketing campaign can be a success!


Just remember: Marketing is about the exchange of value

We produce informative content in exchange for people’s attention. We provide solutions in exchange for payment.
Our goals are always about creating something that is relevant, well-targeted and, therefore, successful. But, you’re not an experienced business professional if you’ve never had a marketing campaign not go as well as you’d hoped.
Take it as a learning experience and follow those above tips to keep moving forward.

How Can Melotti Media Help You?

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