7 Upcoming Medical Marketing Trends In The Australian Healthcare Industry

7 Upcoming Medical Marketing Trends In The Australian Healthcare Industry

Written by the The Melotti Media Team, checked by Christopher Melotti

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Given the complex nature of the medical practice, healthcare professionals, doctors, pharmaceutical professionals and wellness practitioners know how challenging it can be to connect with patients.

That’s because as the healthcare industry evolves, so does the way it reaches and engages with its audience.

What does that mean for your healthcare company?

Well, it just means that you have more opportunities to reach out to patients, highlight the value of healthcare and grow your practice at the same time.

So, we’ve gathered here the seven marketing trends set to redefine the Australian healthcare sector. We’ve also listed some ways that can help you capitalise on these trends and stand out in your space.

What are the latest medical marketing trends in Australia?

If your goal is to stand out in your field and be the medical practitioner, supplier or provider of choice (of course, who would say no to that, right?), then you need to look out for these marketing trends in the upcoming year.

7 Medical Marketing Trends In Australia’s Healthcare Industry

1. Proactive healthcare through early detection will be in demand.

Aussies are becoming increasingly health conscious – and for good reasons.

This means healthcare marketers can leverage this, highlighting the long-term benefits and cost savings of proactive health measures. Marketing will naturally pivot towards the promotion of wellness and early detection technologies.

So, healthcare clinics can tap into a whole new market: people looking to optimise their health and manage risks of disease early on.

2. Personalised precision medicine is on the rise.

Personalised precision medicine accounts for the uniqueness of each individual and big data analytics allows for unprecedented customisation in patient care, matching individuals with targeted therapies and medication combinations.

Personalisation is the new ‘watchword’ in healthcare – as in every other industry, of course.

In addition to a personalised approach to medicine, a personalised approach to medical marketing will also be a great tool in the arsenal of clinics, pharma companies and healthcare facilities as patients look for a more personalised experience.

3. Increasing demand for curative therapies will emerge.

With curative therapies, the promise will no longer be the management of long-term diseases, but (hopefully) a cure through specific courses of treatment.

This is a promising message that patients all over Australia would love to hear and learn more about.

So, marketing narratives will increasingly revolve around curative therapies that offer the promise of a permanent cure rather than temporary relief.

4. Digital Therapeutics will be even more popular.

With an 11.5-million-dollar projected market volume, Australian Digital Therapeutics (DTx) is a nonpharmaceutical revolution that is set to potentially change the landscape of the healthcare industry.

Digital therapeutics or app-based healthcare solutions that promise effective management of chronic conditions without pharmaceuticals are presenting alternatives to medication.

Given the attitude towards innovation today, Digital Therapeutics has a huge potential to be the go-to solution for Australian patients.

The novelty of the practice also presents numerous marketing opportunities to educate patients and offer more value through medical content.

5. Digital engagement will be an integral part of patient care.

Healthcare providers are now increasingly engaging with patients and professionals via digital channels.
This includes:

  • email campaigns
  • public health websites
  • sophisticated chatbots
  • health apps,
  • and social media engagements

Medical marketing will harness the power of digital engagement to build relationships, educate and provide value-added services.

This way, healthcare information and healthcare services can be more accessible to your patients.

6. Telehealth will be the new frontier of accessible care.

Since expanding in the wake of COVID-19, telehealth has established itself as a cornerstone of modern healthcare, breaking down geographical barriers and providing access to medical advice and consultations anywhere, anytime.

Marketing efforts will promote the convenience and accessibility of telehealth services, highlighting how they fit into the lives of busy Australians.

Since most patients still prefer face-to-face consultations out of habit, there are still a number of opportunities to promote telehealth to Australian patients.

7. Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) channels will open up.

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) strategies are disrupting traditional marketing channels, with healthcare service companies now directly communicating with potential patients.

With D2C strategies, healthcare professionals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies can increasingly leverage social media platforms and other digital marketing channels to connect with patients directly.

How can you capitalise on these medical marketing trends?

The best way forward for healthcare providers in Australia is to embrace these trends with open arms and innovative strategies.

Here are some short and sharp tips on how you can leverage the latest medical marketing trends to stand out:

• Educate and empower your patients.

Most of these trends are new to your patients so prioritise marketing content that educates consumers about the benefits of preventative care, digital therapeutics, telehealth and other innovations, thus empowering them to take charge of their health.

• Humanise the practise with personal stories.

You can tell your patients all about the latest technologies and practices, but it’s always easier to show them how it works. So, use testimonials and case studies to show them how these innovations made an actual difference.

• Embrace technology.

Invest in digital platforms that support telehealth and digital therapeutics, ensuring your brand is at the forefront of this digital wave. From there, can also use the latest technologies to market your new healthcare services.

• Always focus on outcomes.

Patients will always ask “What’s in it for me?” So, be sure to highlight the positive health outcomes and economic benefits associated with the latest advancements in healthcare.

• Build digital communities.

Health is a common denominator among people and starting conversations about the most common health concerns can immediately establish your credibility – it can also foster a sense of community among your audiences.

• And most importantly, be agile.

Stay flexible and ready to adapt marketing strategies as new technologies and patient behaviours emerge. This is the only way to keep thriving in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.

Stand out in the medical space with strategic medical marketing.

The trends we see today will shape a future that values prevention, personalisation and digital engagement.

By focusing on these areas, medical practices can not only stay ahead of the curve but also make a meaningful impact on the wellbeing of individuals and the broader healthcare landscape.

Is your healthcare company equipped with the medical marketing strategies to make a difference?

How can Melotti Media help you with medical marketing?

At Melotti Media, we understand that you want to get cut through in a competitive Australian healthcare market and connect with your patients.

However, you may find that you’re time-poor and spread thin or you still have a lot of unanswered questions.    

You don’t need to worry.

At Melotti Media, we can assist by developing distinct medical marketing content based on the latest trends so your brand can stand out while you focus on what matters to you – looking after your patients.

Let’s start earning the results your healthcare practice deserves!  

To speak to your trusted Australian Message Marketers and Sydney Medical copywriters, email us at enquire@melottimedia.com.au or phone 1800 663 342.

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