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The Best New Year’s Resolution for 2019


Right. I get it.

We’re all too busy today. And yes, no one actually sticks to their yearly resolutions after February (which is a shame). 

We all have that long list of goals, but many don’t even seem to get a look at… year after year. 

But what if I shared my ONE, single goal that I believe to be best of the lot?  Could you commit to ONE for the next 365 days like I plan to? Especially if it will help increase your work capacity this year?

Let’s give it a go. 

So… ‘what is it?’ I hear you asking!

The best New Year’s Resolution is…



It’s the approach where everything on your TO DO list is active and needs attention. More things will keep adding to it every day, so use the time you have right now to get things done.

​No more putting things off, as your time is finite.

This is the pivotal key to your success this year. By ‘smash it out’, I mean no waiting or procrastinating – just get it done.

Now, before you think that this is just a cliche, it really isn’t! Hear me out…  (and see my example below).

See, something I discovered while working on my business is that time is truly the only limiting and most precious resource we have.

It’s also not recoverable at all, which means that we have to make the best decisions on how to utilise these small amount of hours we have each day, to do the most we can.


In other words, what is the best possible use of your time that’s going to bring you closer to achieving your overall success?


But it’s even deeper than this

Opportunities (in both life and in business) come and pass us by every single day. Adding the limitation of time to this equation, we face an interesting decision to make: when do we act?

  • Do we jump at the first opportunity, and then forego the next because we cannot make time to pursue it?
  • Or do we wait for the next best thing?

Well, ‘smash it out’ is the mid-way compromise that I came up with for this year, that will give you as close to the best of both worlds as you can possibly get. All by removing procrastination. 

Putting this into practise

Ok, it’s easier to give you an example.

So, you have a list of ‘TO DO’s on a Monday, all of which have their own varying amount of urgency and importance. Some are short term, like a job task (filling out a form, starting a campaign, call a supplier, contact a customer, etc), with a quick deadline and high priority. Then you have your over-arching goals that you know are important, but they’re so in the long-run that you just know you’ll eventually get there.

Such as learning a language, writing a novel, researching an answer to that question, taking up a hobby, and so on.

Naturally, you gravitate to the more worthwhile projects and start chipping away at them first, and move onto the next to dwindle down the list, piece by piece. The day ends, and you move any that remain unfinished to the next day.


It’s a nice system

But no one is perfect. We all sit back and relax a little, especially when nothing is urgent.

​A bit of the day flows by, and those ‘less urgent but you’ll get to them’ tasks get delayed because… hey, you know you have more time, right?

You should plan out your novel, but there’s heaps of time for that, right? So you can wait an hour.

However, that’s when the phone rings or you phone buzzes, and a new opportunity presents itself; one that requires a more urgent investment of your precious time. Suddenly, you perk up and begin to chip away at this new task, all the while, the other ones get left to remain incomplete behind a veil of excuses.


Let’s bring Smash It Out back into the equation

Right, so consider the above scenario again. 

Imagine if you had have looked through your ‘To Do’ list, realised most projects weren’t urgent, and instead of procrastinating, you thought: ‘let’s smash out some of these other tasks while I wait for something more important to come.’

​Suddenly, you have made a bit of progress before that phone rings and your focus needs to change.


It’s the smallest difference, but that’s where time begins to work in your favour. A little bit over a long time amounts to a lot! 


Now, we realise its power!

Compare the first scenario with the second.

​How much more progress has the second person made over the first one after a day? A week? A month? Now, think of a whole year.

For that little bit of wasted time per day, the person in the second scenario has all of the achievements of the person in the first, but with many more added, simply by filling in the cracks in their schedule.

If you smash out your projects and stop procrastinating, you won’t have had an average year where you simply ‘got by’, covering all of the necessary tasks- you also would have made time for the less urgent projects too. Ones that morphed into finally getting to publish a book, speak that second language, perfect that skill, or enjoy that new hobby.


Life is too short, and we’re busy. So, stop wasting time and smash out the projects that are important to you while you still have the time. 


This is not an anti-relaxation practise!

No no no… this is not about saying “use every minute of your day to be productive”, as we all know that’s not healthy (and it’s unreasonable).

​What this IS saying is, if you’re “on” from 8am to 5pm, and you find yourself putting off things because they just aren’t important at that moment, and then you lose that opportunity to get ahead, you’re letting yourself down.

Go out there this year and SMASH IT OUT.

Your future self will love you for it.

All the best and goodluck! Your fellow SMASHING partner,
Christopher Melotti

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