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Retarget Marketing: A New Level Of Personalised Content


Have you visited a website and then seen their brand everywhere online?This is a Marketing Practise called Retargeting (or remarketing).

It’s a highly-effective way to raise brand awareness with prospective customers and a very cost-effective approach of getting people to return to learn more about you and hopefully make contact.

Retarget marketing is definitely something your business should be using to expand your digital marketing presence.

So here’s everything you need to know to get started.


Browsing the web today is quite a unique experience for us all.

That’s not a philosophical or poetic point: it’s the result of Marketing evolving to such a level that mass marketing spam has been discarded for far more tailored experience.Why?

Because customers today expect personalised content, and marketing has risen to the challenge to deliver just that!

Let’s be honest: no matter what platform, website or social media we’re on, we only want to see things that interest us and draw our attention. Otherwise we ignore it. The funny thing is, that’s what Marketing aims to do as well.

Business’ don’t want to waste budget on showing content to people who aren’t interested – that’s counter-productive.

This is where retarget marketing comes in, and it works (I know this from personal experience!).

​If you’re on my website right now, you’re about to experience retarget marketing first-hand.

You’re now going to see my logo and branding across the internet (sorry!). 

​This is retarget marketing.

There are no coincidences with Marketing today!

It’s not a coincidence anymore that, when browsing for that new sports watch, suddenly you’re seeing ads for FitBit everywhere.It’s not by chance that your research into real estate has triggered banner ads popping up all over your Facebook feed telling you to click to see the Commonwealth Bank’s new mortgage package.

​It’s not by change you’re seeing ads for ASOS beckoning you back after shopping on their online store after abandoning your cart before making a purchase.

These are all the result of a smart form of digital marketing called Retargeting.


What is Retargeting?

Retargeting (also sometimes referred to as retarget marketing or remarketing) is responsible for the phenomena mentioned above.Basically, it facilitates re-engagement from a customer after they’ve left your brand’s website.

Retargeting gathers a specific person’s buying preferences, and then shows them targeted online adverts as they surf the net, to keep those relevant brands in front of them.

When people visit your website, chances are they won’t make a decision straight away.

If you don’t reach out again, your brand will quickly fall off their radar and you’ve missed a potential lead.

Why use Retargeting?

​The majority of customers (around 98%) who visit a website will actually leave (known as “bounce”) before completing a purchase or performing a converting action.This means that, if they come across your website, chances are they won’t make a decision straight away. If you don’t reach out again, your brand will quickly fall off their radar and you’ve missed a potential lead.

​Retarget marketing addresses this by leveraging purchase intent data from that website (such as social media likes, shopping cart behaviour, history, time on site, clicks, and so on), and placing a small piece of code as a cookie on their browser, so that when they visit a retargeting provider page like Facebook, the individual is served ads tailored specifically for them.

This is a very effective marketing tool as it allows powerful, precisely targeted ads to be directed to each specific customer, encouraging them back to the original website to complete their transaction and convert.


Retarget Marketing is part of a larger campaign

Obviously, this works best as part of an overall digital Marketing campaign and not alone.​After all, you need customers to already know about your brand and visit your website for the first time as a result of an overarching promotional campaign before you can effectively utilise retargeting to nurture and make them feel comfortable about returning to your website and trusting your brand.

Retargeting is a good way to bolster your marketing.Retargeting is especially effective when combined with a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy.

Your customers want a personalised experience when searching the internet. Remarketing is a powerful way to keep your brand top of mind in a relevant way.

Warning: don’t frustrate your customers

Retargeting, however, requires a very delicate balance.​It should be a complementary execution to your marketing mix, not an endless annoyance to your customers.

Serving the wrong ad to the wrong person too many times (called “over bombardment”) is the negative side of retargeting, and must be avoided. Retargeting works most effectively when it’s a subtle, top-of-mind reminder – and not a hounding series of propaganda.  

The ideal point is when the individual views the retargeted ads as a convenience, where ads are catered to their specific needs, rather than harassment, with ads stalking them around the internet.

​It’s important to get this delicate balance correct.


Use an omnichannel approach

People love to be everywhere online today.So, an effective retargeting strategy must span across many platforms and channels – this is known as omnichannel content marketing.

​This include desktops, mobile devices and social media. Most customers own multiple devices and will research on one platform, only to complete their transaction and post feedback on another – so retargeting must be reaching them wherever they are.

How to get the most out of retarget marketing

Effectively using Retargeting requires four elements:

  1. segmentation
  2. creative design
  3. experimentation
  4. measurement

1. Segmentation

Know thy customer!Segmentation is about determining your ideal audience. This way, you can ensure the correct messages are delivered to the right consumer.

​For example, a loyal customer will require a different type of message to one who is still unsure about purchasing.

​Correct segmentation ensures that a converted customer receives loyalty campaigns and cross selling messages, whereas a non-converted customer receives discounts and reassuring messages to bring them back to the site.

2. Creative design

Creative design on retargeting adverts work best when they’re kept simple and bold, display the brand prominently, have a direct call to action, and present a personalised message.

​After all, if you’re going to all the trouble of individualising your Marketing massaging, don’t waste the opportunity to connect directly with your customer.


3. Experimentation

Experiment with different designs, frequencies, locations and landing pages to discover what gets the best result.

​As it is a specifically targeted campaign, it’s often difficult to determine what resonates best with an individual segment.

4. Measurement

Effective measurement is always key when determining the success of each marketing endeavour.Retargeting can meet customer retention, brand awareness and sales objectives, and the most commonly used statistics to track progress are “Cost Per Action” and “Cost Per Clicks”.

This was just an introduction into Retargeting. It’s a very vast area and worth exploring in more detail before setting out on your own campaign.

​But the results speak for themselves. Goodluck!

How Can Melotti Media Help You?

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