How Corporate Identity Development Service Works

How Corporate Identity Development Service Works

Written by the The Melotti Media Team, checked by Christopher Melotti

Establishing a robust Corporate Identity is key to forming a company’s purpose and direction. Companies that adopt this approach have been shown to:

  • grow 3x faster
  • witness a higher market share
  • have higher staff and customer satisfaction.

The reason for these outstanding outcomes is that once established, a clear Corporate Identity works as the compass for your enterprise, guiding internal teams and external stakeholders through a cohesive brand experience.

When carried out by Corporate Identity specialists like Melotti Media and Font & Swatch, we can re-align your teams for improved productivity, and enhanced purpose and to help your organisation live up to its full potential.

In this article, we unpack our comprehensive Corporate Identity Development Services, and it all starts with a Corporate Identity Document.

Here’s how it works.

What is a Corporate Identity Document?

A Corporate Identity Document provides a communication framework that captures the intangible value of your business – your culture, mission, direction and purpose.

More than just a set of rules about how your company expresses itself, it becomes a foundational blueprint for everything that your organisation says and does across all of its business communications and marketing material.

Think of it as your company’s messaging and visual handbook, providing clarity on the language, look and feel of your business.

So, how does this help?

The benefits of a well-crafted Corporate Identity Document are plenty.

It serves as the bedrock of your corporate communications strategy and streamlines your communication processes offering high-level messaging and visuals that cover corporate values, social responsibility, and diversity.

It empowers your internal teams with a shared language and becomes a powerful tool to connect with stakeholders, investors, and the wider community.

Together, Melotti Media and Font & Swatch have helped organisations like yours:

  • Improve staff retention
  • Nurture unity and direction
  • Gain buy-in from their team
  • Foster comradery and a collegiate environment
  • Develop a visual communications framework
  • Guide all of their corporate comms

How Our Corporate Identity Development Services Work.

1. Workshops

The journey begins with a series of exploratory workshops which are designed to a deep dive into your business’ culture and values. It includes both a:

  • Senior Management Session: where we engage with top leadership to gain insights into the company’s core offer, value, and strategic direction.
  • Stakeholder Session: where we engage with key stakeholders from various departments to provide a nuanced understanding of the existing corporate culture and expression.

2. Corporate Identity Messaging

From here, the Messaging Marketing experts at Melotti Media will develop your Corporate Identity Messaging.

This step involves a meticulous approach to formalising the tone, language and voice of your organisation. It involves defining and expressing your:

a) Corporate Identity: This is who you are as an organisation, what you do, and why you exist. This section crystallises the personality type of your company and provides overarching statements to reflect this.

b) Mission, Vision, and Purpose: This reiterates your organisation’s purpose, vision for the future and underlying motivations for the work that you do.

c) Corporate Core Pillars: This establishes the guiding principles and fundamental beliefs of your organisation to unify your team toward common business goals.

d) Corporate Culture: Here, we succinctly articulate the set of internal beliefs and behaviours that guide your company’s internal management and employees.

(e) Corporate Differentiators: Then, we define what makes your enterprise distinctive in the corporate environment. Your customers will want to know, so this must be made clear internally as well.

(f) Unifying Central Position: This describes the fundamental message that your company intends to convey to the public to provide clarity and consistency in your communications.

(g) Associated Adjectives and Negative Associations: It’s important to identify the terms that define your corporation positively and negatively, guiding the language used within your organisation. This helps us determine who you are, and more importantly who you aren’t.

(h) Approach to Corporate Positioning: Here we develop actionable guidelines for your team so that everyone working in your company can proactively enact your central corporate message.

(i) Corporate Pride: In today’s business environment, purpose is everything. So, defining your corporate pride will help establish a clear list of all the perceivable benefits the staff, customers and stakeholders will gain from your enterprise.

(j) Corporate Social Responsibility: Finally, we’ll refine your overall approach to CSR, social justice, diversity, inclusion, social impact, and community contribution to make sure what you stand for is clear to those who matter.

This detailed process gathers a thorough understanding of your organisation’s DNA and turns this into comprehensive messaging guidelines that define how your business communicates. However,  your Corporate Identity Document doesn’t end there.

3. Visualisation of Your Corporate Identity

Building upon your messaging guidelines, the expert team at Font & Swatch will establish a consistent visual look and feel that aligns with your messaging and unifies your Corporate Identity. This process will consider:

(a) Colour, Font & Graphic Element Mood Boards: This involves identifying and presenting two colour and font combinations that align with your primary colour palette and logo. It also includes the creation of a graphic element that complements your corporate logo, if required.

(b) Corporate Imagery: Here, we illustrate your new Corporate Identity. After a review of your existing image library, we will collate a new library on your behalf which is to be applied to both your print and digital media for a consistent corporate image.

(c) Social Media Templates: Our team will apply your new visual Corporate Identity to standard-size social media tile templates for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This includes up to 2 templates per platform (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn).

(d) Final Artwork: Once we have identified your Corporate Identity, we will also produce and index Final Artwork Files for print and screen applications. These comprehensive files will ensure a seamless transition into your new Corporate Identity.

(e) Additional Collateral: Once your new Corporate Identity is developed, additional collateral may be required down the line. Whether it’s PowerPoint templates, flyers, brochures, or corporate marketing collateral we’ll be ready and equipped to meet your corporate communications needs.

The Final Product: Your Complete Corporate Identity Document

The culmination of the process results in a comprehensive Corporate Identity Document.

This manual encompasses instructions on how to apply your Corporate Identity, including visual elements, language, brand appearance, and culture. It serves as a go-to reference for maintaining consistency across all of your communication channels.

Your Corporate Identity should be used across everything – the only limit is your imagination!​

Are you looking to reinforce a united team, purpose and direction?

It all starts by expressing your organisation’s unique Corporate Identity.

At Melotti Media and Font & Swatch, we specialise in helping brands articulate their purpose and their value to the people who matter most.

Combining expert Corporate Messaging with Branding and Design we can help you form a united corporate culture, clarified organisational purpose, and a strong, differentiated identity in the corporate landscape.

Time to foster a sense of pride in your enterprise among the people who matter most. It’s time you benefited from our Corporate Identity Development Services.

If you would like to book a meeting with us, please reach out at:

Christopher Melotti
Message Marketer | Melotti Media
0415 522 521 

Kristin Hancock
Principal | Font & Swatch
0452 447 409  

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