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Business Success: Is Passion Half The Battle?

How significantly does our passion impact our professional success?

A comment I hear all of the time on platforms such as LinkedIn is how passionate all of my activities are.

I didn’t realise I was doing it specifically, nor was I doing it intentionally; it was just happening naturally, and people were instinctively interpreting it as a real love for what I do. That is DEFINITELY a good thing, and definitely the truth (of course).

But it got me thinking: how much of a role does passion for our profession play in how well we perform?

Let’s explore this more and then I’ll go through how I turned my energy and love into building my career, so you can do it too!

We’ve all heard that saying, “If you do a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”, but how true is it? How much does marrying up our interests with our careers impact our lives? How much does your passion get you through?

Well, I’d definitely say a whole lot!

What do I mean by passion in business success?

There is a difference between someone slogging away each day because they have to, and someone who really cares. We see it every day:

  • It’s that Fast Food server that greets you with a big smile and a cheery welcome, as opposed to a grunt into the microphone
  • It’s that lawyer or plumber or painter who takes pride in each and every single job, because it presents them with a new challenge to exercise their skills
  • It’s that Copywriter or Marketer who endeavours to find new ways of innovating in their field because they get a thrill out of creating a fresh approach to an old problem
  • It’s that Real Estate agent or Sales Rep who gives you excellent customer service because they genuinely want to, as opposed to the one who craves your money, only to move on to the next person.

As a customer or an employer, I’d know who I’d prefer to interact with (and give my money to!).

If you truly enjoy what you do and it gives you a sense of fulfilment each and every day, then you’re much more likely to strive forward and work hard to achieve business success. That’s what I mean by half the battle. I certainly find that passion empowers me to get out of bed every day, and aspire for each day to be better than the last.

But first, you have to figure out how to balance what makes you excited with what gets you paid! Do you know what that activity, profession or industry is for you?

This venn diagram is a great visual representation of where that ideal ‘sweet spot’ is.

In this diagram, purpose it the goal, and it will bring with it a passion that will see you achieve success.

Doing something you enjoy for a living is the key to allowing your passion manifest into everything you do.

What is the advantage of passion in business?

Passion is an invisible fuel that will bet you to places you never thought were possible.

Look at my experience. I’d heard all of the stories: when starting your own business, times get tough. Very tough. And that is definitely true. But what gets me through? Passion. 

It’s so easy to give up when times get tough, and it’s even easier to become over-confident when the market is good, but it’s your deep seated passion that will give you the motivation you need to keep going in a positive way, no matter the challenges.

When you are passionate about everything you do, from meetings to social media posts, projects to telephone calls, your enthusiasm becomes obvious to everyone around you. That creates a great energy and draws people’s attention. I find that people warm up to me almost instantly because of how I am- passionate about copywriting. 

How do You Tap into this Powerful Emotional Asset?

A lot of it does come naturally when you stumble across a profession or career path that you instinctively enjoy. If that happens, you wont even know you’re doing it, until someone tells you (and they will!).

But here are some tips on how to bring your passion to the surface and experience the benefits it brings.

 (1) Your Mission: Discover what you Love

Fine, yes it sounds obvious and it’s easier said than done, but I want to add to this: don’t be afraid of self discovery and what you may find.

For me, I loved Marketing and earned a Tertiary Degree in it. Marketing was always what I was aiming for, until I stumbled across my unexpected passion for copywriting when working in a creative Agency. At first, I thought of writing as a secondary function, but I quickly found that, the more I did it, the more people preferred that service over my Marketing. In the end, I finally accepted that Copywriting was my primary offering to my clients, and Marketing played the support role!

Go figure! Just don’t be afraid to admit it to yourself, especially if you spent years studying something else, or you believe there is no future in it. 

A lot of people know what they really want to do, but have this ingrained notion that it won’t add up to a choice that others will approve of. Fear keeps them from pursuing their true passion, and if they let that win, they end up holding themselves back from achieving their full potential.   

Follow your passion and I guarantee it will feed you, even though it may not always appear that way from the beginning. It’s funny how things work out.

(2) Ask Yourself: What do you Value Most?

This is actually a significant key in unlocking your passion, as your answer will point you in the right direction. Do you value achievement, security or purpose? Power, gains or influence? Work-life balance or pure determination?

Choosing a career you love and living with passion begins with understanding what it is you actually value. It acts as a compass towards what you really want out of your life, and allows you to build a foundation upon this.

For example, I am passionate about what I do, because it gives me a fix on achievement and purpose. I get a rush out of each social media post, because I enjoy when people read and comment. I love teaching because I enjoy seeing that “ah huh” moment on a student’s face, and know what I helped them get there. I particularly enjoy celebrating in my clients’ successes when I know I’ve contributed to the project.

Those things make me passionate about striving to do it again and again, and again.

Once you’ve taken the time to understand your own priorities and talents, then do your research and have the courage to dive in. 

(3) Some Risks are Involved

One thing I learned from gaining the courage to go out on my own and start my own business was that some great opportunities require a level of risk. They require you to go out on a limb because when you’re no longer in your safety zone, you have to tap into your passion to survive.

So, give yourself that chance. Make things a little scary. If you wait until you feel ready to do something, it will be too late. It’s too easy to make excuses and waste time being comfortable… that is, until you miss your chance, and regret sets in.

You can lead an extraordinary life and be passionate about what you do, so long as you are willing to do the things that others are not. This path leads to a life of adventure, passion and empowerment. ​

(4) Remaining Positive Ignites Passion

Doing what you enjoy requires positivity, and this will actually manifest into enthusiam! 

If you go into work excited for another day, then you’ll naturally spur your passion to succeed. On the flip side, if you dread the day or drag your feet, your vigour goes down to zero and it’s an uphill climb from there.

I embrace each day because it brings new challenges and new experiences. By doing this, I’m creating my own passion, and it just snowballs from there. Optimism puts you on the right track for success because you clear your path and reach for the stars.

So, is Passion Half The Battle To Business Success?


Doing what you love and feeling passionate about it really is half way to true business success, because it creates so many opportunities for you to capitalise on. 

My passion helps me write, it helps me sell myself, it helps be teach and be confident in what I do. When you do what you love, people rally round you. Enthusiasm is contagious and you attract other people who are passionate too. 

How Can Melotti Media Copywriting Help You?

To engage your customer and achieve ongoing business success today, you need quality copywriting and consistent content. However, we understand that this is easier said than done.

You’re time poor and spread thin, and writing isn’t your expertise. So, focus on what really matters, while we take care of all of your copywriting and content marketing needs!

For more information or to speak to a quality copywriter to get the results your business deserves, contact me now at

I can sharpen your words to achieve your goals, today!

Christopher Melotti

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